You Can’t Tell Me That Bigfoot Doesn’t Exist

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 14th, 2017

Last week, a woman in Idaho reported that she crashed her car into a deer because she was too busy looking in her side-view mirrors at a Sasquatch. As funny and unrealistic as that may sound, the story hit several big news outlets, including the Huffington Post and the New York Times.

Although many believe that there is no such thing as a Sasquatch or Bigfoot, I’m not afraid to say that I do believe.

Raised out in what we refer to as “the boondocks” of Pennsylvania, my father would scare my siblings and I with stories of a monstrous being, a six foot tall giant with hair all over its body. When we would camp out in the front yard, Dad would sneak outside in the middle of the night, make a bunch of horrific grunting and moaning sounds and walk around the tent swinging his arms wide and elongating his steps to look like the Bigfoot in the infamous Patterson-Gimlin video, effectively scaring us half to death.

I grew up with a father that didn’t shoot any myth down. He was the first to begin watching television shows that hunted down mythical beings, and would point us to any news story that had such a being mentioned in it. In our front yard, both year-round but especially at Christmas time, we have a collection of Bigfoot silhouettes that now count five strong.

You might be tempted to tell me that there is no “real” proof of a Bigfoot being, and I would have to agree with you; IF I didn’t believe that these beings were just as intelligent, if not more so, than us.

With sightings across the globe, Sasquatches have to be intelligent beings if they have been able to avoid human interaction for hundreds of years. In the Patterson-Gimlin film, the being has elongated arms and a stride far too long for that of a man, making it virtually impossible for us to be able to track down this massive beast.

With these sightings, it appears that most sightings happen in rural areas, making the chase even more cumbersome and unlikely, leaving us far behind the trained being that has roamed the earth for decades.

I must admit, however, that shows like “Mountain Monsters” and “Finding Bigfoot” fake most of its sounds and “sightings,” making it hard for a non-believer to understand that there might possibly be a beast out there with similarities to the ones described in the shows.

I will also admit that the lack of proof is a little daunting to try to explain my side of the story to others, as I cannot fully say that there is not a Bigfoot being out there. The same goes for stories of the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabra. There isn’t any proof that there’s not a being by these names, so why should I believe that they don’t exist?

So go ahead, laugh. From doing projects on Bigfoot in middle school to discussing the evidence at parties, I’m never going to believe that there isn’t a Bigfoot. Sure, I might have my dad to blame for getting laughed at when I stumble over the theories as others look at me with a bewildered face, but someday, there is going to be proof, and I’ll be the one saying “I told you so” to everyone who didn’t believe me.


About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

One Response to “You Can’t Tell Me That Bigfoot Doesn’t Exist”

  1. thescaly1 responds:

    I believe that this creature, in whichever form that it may exist, unknown primate, relic hominid, ghosts of extinct species or spiritual, eldrich guardian of the wilderness, is not entirely impossible.

    Just like a number of other crytids claimed or the newer, less spread theory of a naked dwarf which dances upon the mountains of Mars. While I feel that the balance of good evidence is against them, their existence is not impossible.

    All the best

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