No Takers on $80,000 Bigfoot, Price Goes Up to $85,000

Posted by: Guy Edwards on July 30th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Clifford LaBrecque next to his $85,000 Bigfoot Replica

“Any business man could build a museum for it and make his money back. If I don’t sell it, that’s exactly what I’ll do”–Clifford LaBrecque

Fans, when we first briefed you on this Bigfoot ebay item we were certain Clifford LaBrecque was trying to cash in on a 30 year investment, and we doubted if Clifford knew how auctions worked. When we saw the item has recently been re-listed for $5000 more, upping the price to $85,000, we knew we had to call Mr. LaBrecque to get the details.

“You can’t make a replica like that today for less than $85,000.” LaBrecque said over the phone. Based on what we know about costumes he may be correct. The Hairy and the Hendersons costume cost several million in 1985, adjusted for inflation it is about $3.9M in today’s dollars. Granted, Hairy Henderson had remote control animatronics, but even a Hollywood costume without fancy electronic moving parts would run a quarter to a million dollars today, if it were made by a special effects studio.

As we continued to speak to Clifford Labrecque we realized there really wasn’t a price too big for this statue.  Read the rest at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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7 Responses to “No Takers on $80,000 Bigfoot, Price Goes Up to $85,000”

  1. Robert Schneck via Facebook responds:

    I’m waiting till it hits a hundred thousand to not buy it.

  2. Pat Mccray via Facebook responds:

    Hey, thought I would put the house up for sale, then I thought id kinda live in the statue, be kinda stuffy, but id get over it, but going to the bathroom would be a drag…..

  3. Pat Mccray via Facebook responds:

    Do ya think I could even sell me house?

  4. David-Australia responds:

    I think you guys should all chip in some money each and buy it for the ICM…..

  5. springheeledjack responds:

    I might if it looked more like a sasquatch…the body looks good, but the head looks too much like a gorilla…

  6. David-Australia responds:

    SHJ: “I might if it looked more like a sasquatch…the body looks good, but the head looks too much like a gorilla…”

    But does anyone know definitely and unequivocally what a sasquatch’s head is supposed to “look like” (just my probably worthless AU$0.05 worth)?

  7. AcidLamp responds:

    I do a lot of fantasy taxidermy art and I will state firmly that I could produce that piece for under 10k. 85K is absurd. There is huge difference between producing a static prop, and a complicated animatronic costume that must hold up to movement. On a static piece there is no need to hand layer or punch hair, which drives up the payroll hours on suitwork. The facial sculpting is basically obscured by the hairwork, though I’ll grant the hands are rather nice.

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