Help Save The Bigfoot Discovery Museum!

Posted by: Steven Streufert on June 11th, 2012

If a little over four grand isn’t raised by June 29th of this year the world-famous and much beloved Bigfoot Discovery Museum may be closed and sold off on auction. Michael Rugg, the museum proprietor is a very dedicated guy who has put not only his heart and soul into this project, but also his life savings, car and home. He has never charged a dime for admission to one of the best Bigfoot-related collections around, nor for the knowledge he freely dispenses. YOU CAN HELP by donating, buying something, or visiting the place. But do it now, before it is too late. If you ever thought of visiting there, donate something and think of it as an investment in the future.

One truly great feature on the website, is the three years’ worth of the Discovery Project Newsletter. It is much like Daniel Perez’ Bigfoot Times in form, and is well worth downloading in PDF and reading… again, for free. They are full of Bigfooting gems. On YouTube you may find over 200 really great and informative editorial and commentary videos that feature Mike Rugg talking about the latest Bigfooting issues of the day. Check it out…

There is not too much to buy in there right now, but the Museum does have an ONLINE STORE. Click the link. One thing we can highly recommend for kids and adults is Michael Rugg’s BIGFOOT DISCOVERY COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK, available in the store. It’s not only fun, but also educational. They have a great selection in their BIGFOOT T-SHIRT SHOP via CafePress. This is one of the easiest ways to help, sure to be popular with your entire Squatching familia. The shop also features mugs, posters, calendars, stationery, a wall clock, a teddy bear, fridge magnets, mouse pads and a journal book. The prices are a little high, but you can consider it a charitous purchase.

One good way to help out is to become a member. You can sign up HERE for that.

One of the shirts available through the online T-Shirt Store, this one featuring a very cool image Mike Rugg drew of Patty Bigfoot, with Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.

Here is an article on the matter which appeared recently in the Museum’s local paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel. Click the title to read the whole thing online.

Bigfoot Museum Founder, Behind on Taxes, Hopes Attendance Will Rise; County Sets June 29 Deadline

By JONDI GUMZ – Santa Cruz Sentinel

Posted: 06/09/2012 01:03:18 PM PDT

FELTON – Michael Rugg, owner of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum at 5497 Highway 9, was surprised to learn the county had set a deadline of June 29 for him to pay back taxes of $4,368 or see the property sold at auction.

He thought he had more time.

After seven years of operation and gaining local and international recognition, the museum sees 30 to 60 people a day in the summer.

Rugg says only now is he seeing revenue, and he had hoped a contact from a Hollywood producer could turn his Felton Bigfoot story into a reality television show. Meanwhile, a balloon payment on a loan he took out before the economy crashed will come due next year.

“Maybe people will rally and help us,” Rugg said, noting the museum is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day but Tuesday.

An Image of Mike at his Desk, from one of his online videos.

Here is a brief “Public Service Announcement” that I helped make (by being the guest on their show) on the EXTINCT Podcast with Ro Sahebi recently.

Here is another thing, from the Museum’s web site…

Seriously Seeking Sponsors

The Bigfoot Discovery Project is seeking help from a person or persons of means. We need additional funding to keep the Discovery Project operating at full speed.

Click here if interested but you need more convincing.

For more details…

call Michael Rugg at 831-335-4478

or email»

So, do what you can. Even just a visit to the spot and a few bucks in the pot will help. And you’ll get more than you give if you get into a conversation with Mr. Rugg.

This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by Bigfoot’s bLog, and Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek, CA.

View the full post here.

About Steven Streufert
Steven Streufert Explorer of hidden dimensions. VISIT: BIGFOOT BOOKS 40600 Highway 299, P.O. Box 1167 Willow Creek, CA 95573-1167, USA. Or on the web: Bigfoot Books is an all-purpose used and rare book shop located in the heart of Bigfoot Country, and specializing in Sasquatchiana, among many other interesting things. CALL: 530-629-3076 CONTACT:

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