Are Sasquatch Supernatural?

Posted by: Christopher Noël on March 6th, 2017


To Woo or not to Woo?

Electric Sasquatch


Electric Sasquatch: How a Natural Force may Explain “Supernatural” Powers on Amazon Kindle

Christopher Noël About Christopher Noël
Christopher Noël is the author of Sasquatch Rising 2013 and editor of the newly released anthology How Sasquatch Matters: Writers Respond to the New Natural Order. Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale. Noël is a freelance editor ( and lives with his daughter in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

2 Responses to “Are Sasquatch Supernatural?”

  1. thescaly1 responds:

    I ask, “Can they not be supernatural?”

    Many question, fairly, since breeding populations of a primate of that size – in a number of locations in the most explored and researched country on the planet – are still resilient to discovery, despite the many believers looking for them and trying to gather good evidence, despite being so often reported to cross the road ahead of approaching vehicles, if being stealthy enough to avoid official discovery but lax enough to leave footprints, and so-on and so-forth, can the legend possibly be true without a good measure of supernatural explanation?

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate as much as anyone the magical abilities that can be endowed upon an unknown, unstudied species. Teleportation, telepathy, incredible unnatural stealth, invisibility, senses and natural wisdom beyond the dreaming and fantasies of our imagination.
    While I’m listing these … lets not forget the whole guardian of the natural world thing, the agents of the more natural-leaning gods (or goddesses) and the product of union between the gods and mortals.

    Holy Shit!

    Just as with the ever-growing and imaginative stories used in support of the theory of visiting alien space-craft, we can easily explain any fair sceptical questions of their existence with colourful and fantastic explanations which seek to remove the question completely and lay low the need for any further questions.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as soon as we begin explaining unknowns in terms of other unknowns, we are stretching and leaping and chasing our tails and cannot find rational conclusion thusly. I think that there is inherent danger in explaining un-shown, unstudied ideas with un-shown, unstudied theories.

    What say you?

  2. springheeledjack responds:

    I may be the last person on earth to not give in, but I’m not buying it.

    Everything I’ve read about the Big Guy, and I’ve read close to two thousand reports now, there doesn’t have to be anything supernatural about Bigfoot.

    It’s my personal pet peeve–when people can’t explain something or can’t find something (in this case sasquatch), well it just has to be something supernatural like telepathy, or bending light waves or electromagnetic because we superior humans can’t catch it.

    I’m not buying in. I think people like to fall back on the ‘supernatural” (or aliens…don’t even get me started), anytime they can’t explain something.

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