Bigfoot in Eddington, Maine

Posted by: Bill Brock on August 3rd, 2015

Team Rogue just released this video where it seems a young man from Eddington, Maine experienced a class “A” Bigfoot sighting.

A class “A” sighting means that the Eyewitness had full view of a Cryptid such as a Bigfoot. This sighting was close range, about 100 meters. So this is truly a class “A” sighting.

The Eyewitness contacted me to come out and help figure out what is really going on. So Team Rogue set out to find out what this creature really is. Was it a Bear, a Moose or maybe a Sasquatch.

Follow along as Team Rogue investigates this sighting and a never before tried baiting station technique. The Bait is a Pig that Team Rogue picked up just for this trip. If this seems a bit extreme, you are right. Team Rogue is extreme! Extreme challenges call for extreme measures.

#TeamRogue #BigfootinMaine

Bill Brock About Bill Brock
Bill Brock is the host of Discovery Channel's Monsters Underground, where he and his team are hell-bent on proving the existence of monsters living beneath the earth's surface. During their underground investigations, one wrong move could turn the cave into their tomb. But the most dangerous threat of all is the pitch-black darkness and the risk of coming face to face with a cave creature - such as the shape-shifting Aswang or the bat-like Olitiau - and not seeing it until it's too late! Brock's Team in Maine are known as “Team Rogue”, they travel the Northeast in search of Cryptids and the Paranormal. Team Rogue investigated the Turner Bigfoot sighting where a young man filmed what some say is the best Video since the Patterson/Gimlin Footage! The team has investigated multiple sightings in Maine and New England.

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