Missing in Alaska: Thoughts on Hunted by the Hairy Man

Posted by: Ken Gerhard on August 7th, 2015

Once again, thanks to all of my friends who watched Missing in Alaska! I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate all of the likes, shares, positive feedback and support!

My only regret is that a lot of good information regarding Alaska’s Sasquatch (particularly from Robert Alley) did not make the final cut.

We used the name Hairy Man, because that is what most of the Natives up there refer to it as. Tribal names include Arulataq, Gagitt, Kushtaka, Nant’ina, Tornit and Urayuli. Some descriptions have estimated 15′ in height, though that is the exception, rather than the norm.

We did find some interesting things, smelled and heard things too. But, my researcher friends will agree that when you go into the woods (particularly in an active area) at night, that stuff happens sometimes. Doesn’t always mean it’s Sasquatch. The area we were camping has lots of grizzly bears and other wildlife around.

The producers obviously wanted to emphasize the action, rather than many of the good discussions we had while sitting around our tent.

Still, my bottom line is that I am convinced that giant, relict hominids roam the forests of North America… awaiting discovery.

What do you think?

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