Nesski: Freeman’s Observations

Posted by: Nick Redfern on September 22nd, 2012

The Center for Fortean Zoology’s Richard Freeman digs deep into the Nesski affair and begins like this:

“The recent pictures from Lake Labynkyr are, like most lake monster photos, dim, far away and inconclusive. The shape of the ‘head’ actually looks more like the head and shoulders of a swimming human than anything else. The sonar readings are far more interesting.

“The suggestions of prehistoric reptiles in these cold northern lakes seems to hold little water. The landlocked killer whale idea is not much better, as the animals would been seen when breeching in order to breathe. However I heard another story of ‘fresh water killer whales’ whilst hunting the almasty in Russia back in 2008.

“Anatoly Sidorenkot, a Ukranian archeologist who was a member of our team old us some interesting cryptozoological snippets. Some years ago a friend of his was on a boat in the Lena River in Siberia when he encountered a strange creature. It had a black humped back and a 2 metre tall fin. It reminded him of a killer whale, but they were thousands of miles inland at the time. A man on the boat took two shots at the beast with a rifle. It turned and swam at speed towards the boat. The man pumped three more bullets into the creature and it dived under the boat and swam away. The description recalls creatures described from Lake Vorota in Siberia. The beasts here are up to ten metres long, have a dorsal fin and a wide head. Could they be some form of colossal fish?”

And here’s Richard’s full post.

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One Response to “Nesski: Freeman’s Observations”

  1. wuffing responds:

    “The recent pictures from Lake Labynkyr are, like most lake monster photos, dim, far away and inconclusive…”

    When I read the article I saw one view of the lake with a strikingly dark object having no interaction with the water, followed by some naive interpretations of a fish-finder screen.

    As a rule of thumb colours lose their contrast and intensity with distance so I would suggest that this object is more likely flying across the scene in the foreground. If it were a large object on the water I would also have expected more than one picture.

    The sonar traces are not consistent with a large solid object, but could be a variety of other, less exciting things.

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