Sasquatch Chronicles: Show Notes with Shannon-Ian Weston Reminder

Posted by: Shannon LeGro on December 29th, 2014


Show Notes with Shannon-Ian Weston

Today, Monday Dec 29th at 10am PST:

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Today, I will be speaking with Ian Weston. He is a British-based researcher, who has had his own sighting of the also elusive, British version of our own, North American Sasquatch. He says the U.K. version is unique to that area, so we will be discussing this at length. We will also switch topics up completely on this edition, and discuss the very interesting and famous, Rendlesham Forest incident from 1980. Yes, we are going there. We will run a bit early, due to time differences. Show time is 10am PST, 1pm EST. Call in number is 646-716-8791

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Shannon LeGro About Shannon LeGro
My name is Shannon LeGro and I've been researching the paranormal since I was a teen, having had my own experience which started me on this path. And for the past several years, a focus on the phenomena that is Sasquatch. I strive to bring a fresh perspective and an open mind to the most intriguing mysteries in our little known universe. Visit my site for more information and the latest episodes of Into the Fray.

3 Responses to “Sasquatch Chronicles: Show Notes with Shannon-Ian Weston Reminder”

  1. Peter Von Berg responds:

    I don’t understand how you can have a Sasquatch in England. You need
    wliderness to have a Sasquatch.

  2. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL… a bigfoot in the UK?


    no way

    its not even remotely possible.

  3. stan responds:

    It seems silly that one could be in the UK because that would mean that MANY would have to be in the UK. I mean the UK does have forests but it’s still just a third the size of TX for gods sake with twice the population. It’s woodlands are recovering but at one point not even a century ago only 5% of it’s land mass was wooded. So either those dudes have insane survival and evasion skill, an underground cave system linking them to Europe, or this guy has a brain tumor…..or is lying. He sounds sincere to me but I don’t know if I trust his eyes.

    And another thing, why are all of Shannon’s shows RIDDLED with sound problems?! Either she’s too loud, the other guy is too quiet, or you get what this show had where it sounds like the FBI is pushing an “omit” button every other word.

    Also if you like sasquatch chronicles, check out a show called “, it’s awesome.

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