Skeptics are Listening to Claims that Proof of Bigfoot is Nigh

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on November 18th, 2011

"The stage is set for Big Bigfoot news. Now produce it." - Sharon Hill

With the recent rumors regarding Dr. Melba Ketchum and her Bigfoot DNA study currently under peer review, skeptics are keeping a watchful eye on the type of evidence some Bigfoot groups claimed to have. Sharon Hill of DoubtfulNews has written an article raising questions about some of these claims…

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11 Responses to “Skeptics are Listening to Claims that Proof of Bigfoot is Nigh”

  1. shill responds:

    I feel a bit more welcome here now… Hi Shawn.

  2. DWA responds:

    Blahblahblah. More yammering between the skeptic and proponent fringes.

    Meanwhile, on the frontiers of real science, the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy seems actually to be making some headway…without making any noise. Maybe that’s how you do it.

  3. BOOTYMONSTER responds:

    I do appreciate good science, but an intact fresh live specimen will be the very best indisputable evidence. A relatively fresh intact dead one would also work. IMO with the amazing things that can be done in photoshop and CGI video manipulation a pic or video no matter how clear or close just will not seal the deal. DNA evidence is still susceptible to human error and contamination. I do believe in them though. My gut has told me for decades that all the folks that have had clear, close sightings of them can’t all be mistaken or straight up lying.

  4. diogenes responds:

    So, an intact specimen of a Homo sapien hirsutii is needed, or even desired?

    Okay, you don’t trust that as yet unrevealed ‘science”….and yet, would it matter if it were Homo erectus? Still think we need a good voucher specimen?

    I don’t think Ketchum (or the past scientists that have looked at purported DNA) are so off on their abilities/conclusions that we are looking for a hidden “great ape” (and I guess one could argue a “specimen is OK from that genus? not in today’s world..perhaps)

    Perhaps you prefer Ed Smith’s take…but again we are just talking about sub-species of human!

    So, guys, time to put away the beasts boy field techniques…get some Anthropology books and study..then go back out.

    I can say this with confidence becauce I have been out there and I read… I am totally OK with a human sub-species because it fits my data and perceptions (although as yet unfinished or shared…who exactly do we share this with..that won’t try and bury you?)

    So…the first to change their methods…and go out and listen! and think! and leave the gun behind…. will understand where I am coming from.

    PS – I noticed a poster saying they weren’t comfortable in Shawn’s forum? I didn’t think those were so rough? Perhaps I missed something.

    Don’t be offended if I don’t come back and respond directly..nothing I can argue about really – one just has to figure it out themselves or accept what others with more direct experience tell you.

    And it seems the Native Americans or long term witnesses descriptions haven’t had much impact…so again there is heavy bias in the field on the part of amateurs…they are still looking for beasts one can shoot and stuff!

    If you thought Bigfoot “researchers” looked foolish in the prior decades, then you shall be “hooting” along with the rest of the world if they can’t adjust…
    and hopefully will be outlawed!

    Yea Guys..there are ways to study without being cowboys!

  5. diogenes responds:

    Just one more thought…

    To me it is a much more interesting future for Bigfoot research..because we will employ more modern anthro techniques and the information from that is infinitely more interesting than the endless comparisons of foot tracks and tree twists!

  6. responds:

    It seems skeptics always have the upper hand in most crypto cases. They just sit around acting pompous, waiting for the Tom Biscardis to come out of the woodwork. One day a Bubba somewhere will drive down mainstreet with a Bigfoot strapped to his hood, and the blowhards will have to start circling another unproven mystery.

  7. Vane responds:

    I’m really hoping that this turns out to be legit… but I’m not gonna bet the farm on it. and even if she does reveal a complete Sasquatch genome I don’t think that mainstream science is going to want to admit they were wrong all these years. They’ll want a body, alive or dead. And I don’t think the media is going to be happy until there’s a better video of one from a “trusted” source.

  8. diogenes responds:

    hey guys – I am apehuman in other forums…signing up here I felt need for more important name!

    BUT this is interesting post and if owners of site please consider my concern:
    I see now the ball is rolling…we can get on “band wagon” for Humane methods as FB recent vid in this post…BUT

    I see REAL danger in this eagerness to “SHUN” My goodness, it will be the flip of what perhaps are the “BF are humans” group felt occurred when the “ape” group held sway!

    You guys here are powerful…and I feel is really a perfect time for the BF community – across now so very many groups and individuals begin an important GROWN up dialogue about how to create a type of standards committee for amateur evidence/ that these endless rounds of who is in and whose is out become focused on what types of evidence are in or out and to what quality..and who will guest edit the first years Journal? Annual dues to get the organizational help and quality standards..etc? 64$/year? LOL

    we CAN do something like this!

    ! thanks again for kind forum!

  9. bobhelferstay responds:

    I think it’s only a matter of time before a body is brought it. Maybe not this year, maybe not this decade. But it’s going to happen sooner or later. Better to have them proven by their DNA than a body.

    I’ve never understood why mainstream science is so put off investigating these creatures. I always thought that science was to study and discover the unknown.

    DNA evidence that has been verified will be more than enough to shut most skeptics up. The ones who still deny it have other issues, and to me are not credible scientists.

  10. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    I have had serious doubts about these so called proof groups from the beginning and have commented about it here. From the beginning I have put forth my opinion of the Erickson project. Just because I am not buying these groups collective BS doesn’t make me a skeptic it just makes me a guy with a good BS filter.

    I agree with several of the folks here on how Bigfoot will be proven to exist if they exist. I think it will be a skilled hunter in the wrong place at the right time that gets the proof in the form of a body. I also think that groups like the TBFC stand a good chance getting more quality evidence using their trail cam techniques and logical thinking. These are the folks I’ll be keeping my eyes on for possible proof not the ones claiming they have film of Bigfoot and Bambi playing in a babbling creek together while whistling camp town races and wearing Erickson project T shirts as protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

  11. Vane responds:

    Youre probably right Bob, but with all the ridicule towards scientists who have devoted their lives to studying bigfoot, I don’t think it’s realistic not to expect any backlash.

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