Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site Rediscovered!

Posted by: Steven Streufert on November 19th, 2011

The Bluff Creek Film Site Project has found and documented what we now feel with great certainty is the long-lost Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Filmsite.

After four years of investigation, two seasons of serious on-site research and filming, having looked into this mystery of geography and history since 2001, I am quite convinced that we have finally found and documented the site of the filming of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film in Bluff Creek. This summer Bob Gimlin again identified what he strongly felt was the spot where he and Patterson first saw the creature. From that spot we found that a north-south axis line led directly to the biggest tree on the sandbar, one we had considered the clear top candidate for the one seen in the film itself. A site survey grid was done with compass and flags, and all old feature were noted on the resultant site map produced by Ranger Robert Leiterman. Though the proof is not “officially” final and professionally analyzed yet, we have found enough correspondence to offer this to the world with very high certainty that we have indeed found the site and are able to show it. PGF researcher and film expert, Bill Munns, has offered his own preliminary confirmation of our data. Soon we will be able to show exactly where Bigfoot walked, and where Roger Patterson stood as he filmed her way back in 1967.

Here are the results of our site survey, with comparisons made to the 1971 Rene Dahinden “aerial” photo of the known site.

Images presented for research purposes only. Copyright Robert Leiterman and the Bluff Creek Film Site Project.

Click to enlarge.

Read more here, the full preliminary report with numerous photos.

This is the “Big Tree.”

Your comments and professional analysis would be greatly appreciated.

We have dozens of high-resolution images and data sets we will make available (selectively) to those who might be able to bring helpful insight to this issue that has confounded Bigfoot researchers for decades now.

Best, Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek

Prior Bluff Creek Film Site Project videos (all 45 of them) may be viewed on the BFRO YouTube page, or else under “Favorites, See All” on.

Bigfoot Book’s youtube page.

About Steven Streufert
Steven Streufert Explorer of hidden dimensions. VISIT: BIGFOOT BOOKS 40600 Highway 299, P.O. Box 1167 Willow Creek, CA 95573-1167, USA. Or on the web: Bigfoot Books is an all-purpose used and rare book shop located in the heart of Bigfoot Country, and specializing in Sasquatchiana, among many other interesting things. CALL: 530-629-3076 CONTACT:

13 Responses to “Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site Rediscovered!”

  1. Loren Coleman responds:

    Ccngratulaions! Excellent work!
    ~ Loren

  2. ETxArtist responds:

    Excellent work. From this brief description of your procedures, it sounds like a thorough job. I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. bobhelferstay responds:

    I never knew the original site was lost.

  4. kittalia responds:

    Is it possible to compare height better now that we can put someone in the actual site? I’ve heard estimates from six and a half to nine feet.

  5. Clark responds:

    Daniel Perez has long known the exact spot. If you have not checked with him, you do not know it’s the right place.

  6. Zilla responds:

    That’s a very good point, kittalia. If the location is down pat, there are a number of evaluations that can be done with it.

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    One simple question: Does this final discovery answer the age old question – Is the filmsite in Humboldt County or Del Norte County, California?

  8. Loren Coleman responds:

    Oh, yes, one addition inquiry: What is the distance in miles or feet (no pun intended) between the location of the 1958 Jerry Crew track finds and the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage filmsite?

    Just curious.

  9. marcmyrsell responds:

    The Bluff Creek write up above was GREAT!!!! Thanks for posting it.

  10. keefer responds:

    Umm… what? It was ‘re-discovered’ in a documentary a couple years ago, with Patterson present and a re-enactment study taking place. How out of the loop is Cryptomundo, anyway?

  11. zpf responds:

    Hard to believe Patterson was “present” for a documentary a couple years ago, since he passed away in ’72.

  12. wuffing responds:

    @keefer – I just rewatched a recording of “Bigfoot – Legend meets Science” from a couple of years ago which featured Drs Meldrum, Samiento and Swindler. It included John Green’s re-enactment of the PG film made in 1968, and a LiDAR mapping experiment done at the site of the Memorial Day footage.

    But I recall seeing another documentary which used LiDAR mapping at Bluff Creek – I can’t lay hands on the disk just now – and there seemed no doubt that the makers were in the right place. They also had a biomechanics expert commenting on the material.

    Is there a chance you have also seen the same shows and are maybe getting them mixed up?

  13. wuffing responds:

    @keefer again

    I still haven’t found the second disk, but I have found a 2007 Monsterquest show on Bigfoot, featuring Bob Gimlin interviewed in 2004, Owen Caddy and Drs Sarmiento and Swindler. This one has a reconstruction with actors portraying P & G riding their horses and making the film. There’s plenty of shows to get confused.

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