Part 3: Dr. Matt Johnson and Bigfoot in Oregon

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 12th, 2011

Part 3 of 3 from Friday, November 11.

“THE HUNT FOR BIGFOOT” airs Wednesday night (Nov 9th), Thursday night (Nov 10th), and Friday night (Nov 11th). You can watch it “Stream Live” on the KTVL website at 6pm and 11pm (PST).

Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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One Response to “Part 3: Dr. Matt Johnson and Bigfoot in Oregon”

  1. trapper9990 responds:

    Things like this are what truly gives sasquatch the stigma it has around it. First of all, in the second video, his recordings are most definitely owls. I have heard the same and they light up the woods. So unless he meant that that was sasquatch mimicking those owls, then he was mistaken to their identity, and he does mention that they mimick owls, but I believe what he has is just owls. But other than that, a good guy doing his own research so no big deal if he mistakes a sound.

    The thing that ticks me off so much is these moron anthropologists and scientists. If you are going to comment on the existence of this animal, then you owe it to your listeners to educate yourself about the topic. Everytime I hear some dumn @@@ saying that their has never been any feces, hair or DNA recovered, it just pisses me off. All of the above has been found, not just now wither Erickson and Ketchum, but for hundreds of years. People have been finding hairs that test unknown for decades upon decades. But those “scientists” forgot to mention that. Feces is also found all the time, but its very hard to draw DNA out of feces apparently. The only thing its known is that it is to big for any natural animal in that area. Again that is not mentioned. Then their is the subject of bones, which if “scientists” bother to look they would see where bones have been found throughout history of the very large human type, but people think that they are just human bones, or they disappear. The fact is though that DNA evidence has been found many times over, yet their is no known sasquatch DNA primer to compare it too, so it goes down as unknown. Well what they hell do you think left it, if its real unknown animal DNA coming from the US where we have a database of all known living animals. Someone didn’t make that hair up with DNA in it. Its preposterous.

    I sincerely hope that when Erickson and Ketchum come forward with results that this gets shoved the wrong way down alot of peoples throats. But they still wont listen. Some still will not except the DNA, even if the Sasquatch steak itself is thrown in front of them, they still would deny it and try and make something up instead of acknowledging the facts, and that they were wrong, they have always been wrong, and the people who taught them have been wrong.
    Ignorance is no excuse in this situation. These people need to open up their eyes and ears and do their research to see what has been found and what has been seen before they make claims they know nothing about, except what they’ve seen on TV. It just ticks me off everytime I hear some moron professor state the claim that nothing has ever been found beyond footprints. It just proves their ignorance to those of us who have took the time to understand the subject on some level before we speak. And as for the professor who says they don’t exist because they don’t travel in groups all the time. The dude obviously does believe their their or he wouldn’t have gone to Asia 3 times looking for them. And besides that they need to stop thinking of these animals as apes or primates. Yes they may have primate DNA, so do we, but these animals are people, although probably a distant cousin, they are a people, not an ape. We would have found a mere ape by now.

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