Bigfoot Shot or Killed Every 4 Years?

Posted by: Guy Edwards on May 17th, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Some bigfooters feel the only way (or at least the best way) to prove Bigfoot is real is a dead body. Many skeptics think so too, which leads to the often asked question, “Why hasn’t anybody killed or shot Bigfoot?!”

Lo and behold, Robert Lindsey with his same-named blog answers that very question. His finding? There have been at least 30 incidents totaling up top 32 shootings/killings in the last 125 years. The list sites sources like, Ray Crowe, Grover Krantz, and Peter Byrne.

For you long-time fans, you know Bigfoot Lunch Club does not condone the shooting or killing of Bigfoot. We have covered those that claim they have proof of Bigfoot shootings. We have also covered interviews of those that would kill Bigfoot. As for us? Although unlikely, we would prefer Bigfoot to let us swab his inner cheek with a Q-Tip and pluck a few rooted hairs–oh and a video would be nice.

Check out a list of all 30 incidents of Bigfoot shootings/killings and other Bigfoot News at Bigfoot Lunch Club!

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10 Responses to “Bigfoot Shot or Killed Every 4 Years?”

  1. Kimble responds:

    Haven’t two of the incidents listed, “Jacko” and Ape Canyon, been proved to be hoaxes?

  2. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    I don’t recall either of those two ever being proven hoaxes. Anyone else know if those two cases were proven hoaxes?

  3. graybear responds:

    So where are the preserved skins, the unfossilized bones, the hair samples, blood samples, eyes in a jar, preserved hands, etc., etc.? If there have been 32 killings over a span of 125 years, there is only a very, very, very tiny chance that NO ONE kept ANY sort of remains. Humans like trophies; someone would have preserved SOMETHING! And there would have been talk, since having a trophy that you can’t show off is no fun. That would be true now and would have been especially true during the Teddy Roosevelt “Let’s shoot one of everything” era.
    So I, for one, don’t believe this. Not without material evidence. Show me the hairy.

  4. Weezy responds:

    It’s an interesting read, but like others will ask, if so many have been shot where is the evidence? I get that he says people buried some, left others, were afraid of getting in trouble, etc, but that can’t account for ALL of them. At least one of these people would have realized how important what they shot was, or would have tried to cash in on it at least. He lost me at the government coverup thing. I get people that believe in aliens saying the government covers that stuff up, but what possible reason would the government have for covering up bigfoot? I highly doubt the US government would want to suppress historic scientific findings like this, seems ridiculous to me.

  5. DWA responds:

    It is an unwarranted presumption that someone having shot a sasquatch would automatically collect the evidence. Or that it “has to” have happened.

    One thing my review of the literature has made plain to me: not even bringing in fragmentary remains would bring much money – perhaps not so much as a cent – to anyone bringing them in.

    You want another “unwarranted” presumption? Here is mine, and it’s as good as any:

    If it were such a gold mine to confirm these animals, THEY WOULD BE CONFIRMED. One “unwarranted” presumption that I consider way warranted: if there’s a lot of money in something that’s been up for cashing in for this long…well, nothing like this stays up for cashing long. Someone has cashed in.

    Somebody confronting the remains of the one he just shot might suddenly understand that taking a “trophy” from something like this is not as easy as he thought it would be. Given the number of shootings postulated here, that could easily account for every single one.

    “Shoot, shovel and shut up” responses from private interests who don’t want to see their mine, cut, weed patch or whatever suddenly corralled and yanked from them as critical habitat for an endangered species accounts for all the others we haven’t heard of.

    Unwarranted? Oh, bet on it.

  6. semillama responds:

    One problem is stating there have been “at least 30 incidents” – not quite. There may have been 30 or more reports of such incidents, but that doesn’t translate into 30 or more actual incidents. Assuming all are true accounts gives you the number that is being discussed, but that’s a mighty big assumption to make, given that we know people can and will make up stories for attention. Without corroborating evidence, one cannot assess the validity of any of the reports.

  7. DWA responds:

    semillama: correct.

    Unless there are clear markers pointing to a mistake or a hoax, there is no more reason to believe one report than another. Or not to believe, while we’re on it.

    The reports are just what they are. Some of them I’ve read I have little reason not to believe. But could all of them be lies? Sure.

    The only thing one can do with reports is ask three questions:

    1. Are there a lot of them?

    2. Are they consistent, i.e., do they hold together, and seem to be describing the same thing, or very similar things, e.g., individuals in a species?

    3. Do they seem to be coming from people who are reasonably reliable (or exceptionally so), with no apparent reason to be making this up, and little likelihood they were deceived?

    Even then, you don’t have proof. But if the answer to all those questions is “yes,” now you have something you might want to look for, and maybe clues for how to look. In other words, evidence.

  8. prioris responds:

    >I highly doubt the US government would want to suppress historic scientific findings like this, seems ridiculous to me.

    your mind hasn’t comprehended the scale of the government and institutions lying to you every day.

    For instance, the Theory of Relativity is a massive scientific fraud with complicity of government. Sciences is riddled with gigantic lies across whole spectrum of scientific subjects.

    Look at 911 event, there is a mountain of evidence that the government carried it out. the families of 911 victims are also pointing the finger at the government as the perpetrator.

    People take the Iraq War for granted. Superficially it is a war but in actuality it is an artificially created war

    There is more than enough anecdotal evidence over a long period of time to confirm that primate like animals exists big foot, sasquatch etc do exists all over the world. even the paterson, foot prints, dna evidence and film has confirmed this.

    most of the public really doesn’t care about the truth. they will usually go with which ever way the wind is blowing or whatever makes them feel good. if they have been groomed on lies, the lies will comfort them. the truth will be deemed unpleasant.

    This big foot denial by government is about two things

    1) keep you focused and entertained on frivolous mysteries

    2) conditioning people to believe what the institutions anoint as the truth and not rely on their own observation about the world. if they don’t anoint it as true then it is deemed unproven. so for you to prove that a door is open, a covert or overt sponsored government will tell you what the answer is.

    Whether it is the gigantic scientific or political lies, very few people can fathom the depth and scale of the lying. most either don’t care or want to know.

    of course this will never be enough evidence for the sheep who haven’t did any investigation themselves.

    You have to decide whether you want to live in the matrix or not.

  9. prioris responds:

    Also you will see stories which have the code words “controversy” or “controversial” in it. This usually indicates that something true is is being denied by the government major institutions.

  10. parafoot responds:

    Most of the shooting cases have turned out the same way that the Honobia incident have, bigfoot is shot and it just takes off and run. The creature has never been killed and will never be, so they can forget about trying to kill one to prove their existence.

    Bigfoot isn’t a physical creature.

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