Bigfoot: A Witness Speaks

Posted by: Nick Redfern on September 14th, 2012

“When the flashlight hit his eyes he immediately turned his head and moved his body and turned the opposite direction we were in,” she said.

The eight-foot-tall creature quickly ran away, deep into the forest, Teresa said, with her chasing him.

“I wanted to talk to him,” she said.Teresa

Bigfoot has been seen in the Daniel Boone National Forest, and a witness speaks…

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2 Responses to “Bigfoot: A Witness Speaks”

  1. Ed W. responds:

    I’ll never understand why bigfooters don’t understand why so few scientist take them seriously and why there are so many “scoftics” among the general public. When I hear about somebody collecting nearly $4,500 hundred dollars to cover $150 in expenses the first word that comes to mind is ….. When I hear about a woman who claims that she can talk to dead people and animals, the first word that comes to mind is …. There are an awful lot of people making money off bigfoot believers, not so many making money off of the skeptics. Some of those people are making their money honestly, reporting on sightings, detailing the evidence that’s available etc., unfortunately more and more of these people are creating their own evidence, making unverifiable claims about non-existent proof that is almost always turns out to be either total hogwash like the costume in the freezer (and all of the other monkey suits) or perpetually “just around the corner” like the bigfoot steak DNA. As time goes by, every John Green and Loren Coleman is matched by at least three of the other, less reputable “researchers”, and the disparity between the number of reporters and the number of fabricators is growing at an alarming rate.

  2. DWA responds:

    Ed W:

    The problem really isn’t one. I just ignore stuff like this, other than to roll my eyes and move on.

    Meldrum, Bindernagel, Mionczynski, the TBRC, and the BFRO (in its more lucid moments; that database is an evidence linchpin, while “Finding Bigfoot” shows they don’t know what exactly to do with it). That’s the core of the field, pretty much.

    Folks like this kind of announce themselves by the…well, smell.

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