Bigfoot, “Government Agents,” and “Giants”

Posted by: Nick Redfern on August 9th, 2016


Back in the mid-1950s, a highly unusual and brief account of a cryptozoological nature surfaced. It came from one C.S. Lambert. The subject matter? The world’s most famous man-beast. We’re talking about Bigfoot, of course. In 1954, Lambert commented on his knowledge of very strange activity not too far from the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was activity which reportedly occurred almost two decades earlier, in 1935. While Lambert’s account is brief, it contains a handful of intriguing nuggets of material that could still potentially be worth following up on – even decades after he told his story. Particularly so because it revolved around a band of violent and mysterious “giants.”

Lambert wrote: “After a series of alarming reports that these giants were prowling around Harrison Mills, 50 miles East of Vancouver, disturbing the residents by their weird wolf-like howls at night, and destroying property, a band of vigilantes was organized to track the marauders down. However, no specimen of the primitive tribe was captured, and many white people became openly skeptical of the existence of the giants.”

The term “primitive tribe” could be interpreted to mean a band of human giants. But, as we’ll now see, Lambert then turned his attention towards “hairy giants” and Sasquatch. He continued: “According to Allen Roy Evans, in the Montreal Standard (‘B.C.’s Hairy Giants’), the Indians are now very sensitive to any imputations cast upon their veracity in this matter. During the 19th century they were ready to tell enquirers all they knew about the Susquatch [sic] men; but today they have become more reserved, and talk only to Government agents about the matter. They maintain that the ‘Wild Indians’ are divided into two tribes, whose rivalry with each other keeps their number down and so prevents them becoming a serious menace to others.”

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