When Bigfoot Gets Violent and Deadly

Posted by: Nick Redfern on October 13th, 2016


In the latter part of December 1885, what sounds very much like a Bigfoot was allegedly encountered in the wilds of Oregon, United States. It fired up the media, and particularly so the Carson City, Nevada Morning Appeal. On December 31, the following was reported by the staff of the newspaper: “Much excitement has been created in the neighborhood of Lebanon, Oregon, recently over the discovery of a wild man in the mountains above that place, who is supposed to be the long lost John Mackentire. About four years ago Mackentire, of Lebanon, while out hunting in the mountains east of Albany with another man, mysteriously disappeared and no definite trace of him has ever yet been found. A few days ago a Mr. Fitzgerald and others, while hunting in the vicinity of the butte known as Bald Peter, situated in the Cascades, several miles above any settlement saw a man resembling the long-lost man, entirely destitute of clothing, who had grown as hairy as an animal, and was a complete wild man.”

The report continued: “He was eating the raw flesh of a deer when first seen, and they approached within a few yards before he saw them and fled. Isaac Banty saw this man in the same locality about two years ago. It is believed by many that the unfortunate man who was lost became deranged and has managed to find means of subsistence while wandering about in the mountains, probably finding shelter in some cave. A party of men is being organized to go in search of the man.”

The report is interesting, as it suggests a link between the mysterious beast and the odd disappearance of a couple of hunters. Of course, it’s absurd to imagine that either the vanished John Mackentire or his colleague could have sprouted a body of thick hair as a result of living wild in the woods for just a few years. Such as scenario is not just unlikely; it’s downright impossible.

Read the rest of this story at Mysterious Universe here.

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