First Pictures of ‘Bigfoot’! The SyFy movie

Posted by: Guy Edwards on February 14th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Cast of Syfy channel's "Bigfoot!", clockwise starting top left: Sherilyn Fenn, Andre Royo, Barry Williams, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Danny Bonaduce, Bruce Davison and Howard "Johnny Fever" Hesseman. Src:

At we updated our original post about SyFy’s movie simply titled Bigfoot!. This movie has quite the line up! Danny Partridge (Danny Bonaduce), Greg Brady (Barry Williams), Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, WKRP’s Johnny Fever (Howard Hessman), Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) from Twin Peaks, and the dad (Bruce Davison) from the TV version of Harry and the Hendersons!

Check out two of the pics from the set below.

Barry Williams 'n Danny Bonaduce AKA Greg Brady and Danny Partridge

Florence Henderson is mentioned on the set and Greg--er Barry goes nuts!

You can see the rest of the photographs at

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10 Responses to “First Pictures of ‘Bigfoot’! The SyFy movie”

  1. Jason Tyler Fox via Facebook responds:

    Just when you thought it was safe to turn on Syfy again………. Lol!!!!

  2. Ken McElreath via Facebook responds:

    I use to love Scifi…but they are making bad movies fast …and to many commercials

  3. Ken McElreath via Facebook responds:

    another throw together Syfy movie

  4. paul_r responds:

    SyFy bigfoot? Normally I would expect SyFy channel to make a “chop and maul” style bigfoot flick but with that cast I believe they are leaning towards a less serious theme.

    I’m sure it will be fun to watch.

  5. Guy Edwards responds:

    @Paul_r, I agree. This is purely for entertainment value of those nostalgics out there.

  6. paul_r responds:


    And if they do go chop and maul with the plot it will be interesting to wager who bigfoot takes out first in that cast.

  7. Ryan E Peck via Facebook responds:

    This is great news. We need something that can achieve the same level of wonder and gore as Abominable did.

  8. Guy Edwards responds:

    @paul_r Wagers on who goes first? I got dibs on Billy Idol.

  9. midwest mimi responds:

    Syfy…..setting the cryptozoology world back a hundred years, one lousy movie at a time. At our house, Saturday nite is known as “bad sci fi nite” and my husband knows that entails a good bottle of wine, popcorn and one of syfy’s made for tv crapfests. I find once I’m half lit, most of these things are really a comedy in a bad Squatch suit. I can’t wait for Brady bunch meets Son of Bigfoot. Where’s Alice when you really need her?

  10. DNS responds:

    How come them guys look so old? I mean, I’m about the same age as “Greg” and I haven’t changed much at all in 40 years…

    Good to see “Johnny Fever” back on the tube. He’s always funny. I wonder if the Phone Cops will make an appearance.

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