2015: The Year of Pro-Proof

Posted by: Shelly Covington-Montana on January 8th, 2015

2015…This year I am rededicating myself to the goal of working my hardest in order to help make this year the year of “Pro-Proof!”. If the evidence you have is not definitive proof then it needs to go into the file of “Interesting!” We need to stop making opinions our focus and start being objective.

No disrespect to our friends that have solid opinions or firm beliefs, but facts are the only way to advance the subject we are all interested in. Unless you have “facts” you only have opinion or belief! Proof is just that, Proof!! And it is important to me and to our research to know we are working hard to at least try and discount all other wildlife and natural possibilities in what we call evidence before any other claim is made.

This is why last year I decided to start creating my own sterile DNA collection kits. I even went so far as creating and bringing extra kits with me on my research trips around the U.S. to present them to the folks as a “Thank You” for inviting me to their locations.


I also immediately presented to those people exactly what my views were and what I was all about. And to my surprise they then in turn showed me what they were all about. This reaction revealed to me a lot more than I originally realized which tended to be those that had lots of questions seemed to be more fact motivated and those that just said “Thanks” and simply threw it in their bag were usually the “Bigfoot is everywhere type”.

This is the reason why I don’t call my kit a Bigfoot DNA Collection Kit, it’s called a Wildlife DNA Collection Kit. When doing research, we shouldn’t assume the evidence we find is Bigfoot, Bigfoot should be the very last thing we assume.

I firmly believe that a sample of DNA is most likely not going to prove the existence of Bigfoot, I believe we need a body for that. But just maybe we can help folks start following the path of solid science and giving them the tools and resources for collecting and testing samples in a scientific manner.

Example: I would like to see hair identification be first line of testing before one tries to go straight into DNA testing on that hair. To more thoroughly vet the evidence before jumping the gun. I know none of this is going to be an easy task and I am sure it won’t be a perfect process right away. But as someone who takes the possible existence of the potential bipedal creature that we call Sasquatch very seriously, I feel it is my duty and responsibility as an explorer of unknown knowledge to only put forth facts as evidence…

Shelly Covington-Montana About Shelly Covington-Montana
Shelly describes herself as "just a hardworking, simple girl from Texas". She loves the wilderness and is always seeking to learn about wildlife and the great mysteries that exist in nature. Shelly has traveled extensively around the U.S. working to see what the differences and comparisons are from region to region and to collect data contributing to patterns of possible Bigfoot activity. She is currently a host on the Blogtalk Radio show CryptoLogic Radio as well as co-host on the podcast CryptoCast. She is a team member of The Olympic Project and also works closely with many other Bigfoot research Groups across the country. "Never allow the quest for new knowledge and truth to be led by assumptions. At best assumptions will only lead you down the path of fallacies." Pro-proof = truth!" -- Shelly Covington-Montana

One Response to “2015: The Year of Pro-Proof”

  1. springheeledjack responds:

    woohoo! ABout time 🙂

    Enough with the crappy videos, pics and other nonsense. Go into the field with everything you may need and be ready all of the time, because it’s when you don’t expect anything to happen that it does…Murphy’s Law or some such thing…

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