Alaskan Cadborosaurus Footage on Global BC News

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 27th, 2011

Jason Walton and John Kirk discuss Kelly Nash’s Alaskan Marine Cryptid footage on Global BC News on July 26, 2011.

Tue, Jul 26: A giant serpent-like creature, akin to Scotland’s Loch Ness monster, may exist in the open water off the B.C. Coast.

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23 Responses to “Alaskan Cadborosaurus Footage on Global BC News”

  1. NiceGuyJon responds:

    This was a nice story and everything, but when is John Kirk going to offer an explanation as to why his version of the video differed so much from what was shown on Discovery?

  2. Cryptoraptor responds:

    The only problem with wider or more prestigious news coverage is that it doesn’t make the totally indiscernible footage more discernible.

  3. Redrose999 responds:

    Very nice report! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to see the BBC not mocking John for his work.

  4. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Woah! How come when you google Cadborosaurus there is no mention of the 60’s underwater photo of Caddy? Does anyone have any details on the underwater photos taken in the 60’s? Why are those photos not considered evidence?

  5. scaryeyes responds:

    I’ve never seen that underwater pic before, and google is not being forthcoming. Does anyone know any more details?

    As for the story… same ten seconds of footage. Still waiting for the rest.

  6. Greg102 responds:

    umm i’m still waiting to see the “full” footage. as much as john kirk talked about this footage, if this is all that he saw, then we were severely mislead and letdown. please tell me there is way more footage? I’m sick of seeing the same 4 seconds and that’s it……

  7. sasquatch responds:

    The thing I want to see is how the humps move behind it…I don’t care about a little splash in the front-could be anything….But when you can see that all the humps are connected and not several otters or seals then you’ve got something…unfortunately this footage follows the head and the full length is not reallly seen for a long enough time to get a feel for the connectedness of it…hopefully more footage will be released…Is it really Black and white? or was it just a gray overcast day…I didn’y even think video cameras shot in B&W!

  8. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    Wow! Underwater photo of caddy? I never knew that existed!

  9. MysteriousPlanet responds:

    Cool the Global BC News used my YouTube video about Cadborosaurus, here’s the the full video:

  10. watn6789 responds:

    Quality reporting

  11. Craig Woolheater responds:

    This was a nice story and everything, but when is John Kirk going to offer an explanation as to why his version of the video differed so much from what was shown on Discovery?NiceGuyJon

    NiceGuyJon & Greg102,

    That’s an easy one.

    John Kirk has seen the entire approximately three minutes in length video.

    I believe a total of ten seconds of the video was shown on Alaskan Monster Hunt.

    So we apparently have 2:50 or so of the video that was NOT shown on the program.

    Got it?

  12. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Yep 99.5% that was a lone long slender thing blowing from the back of its head.
    In the exact plane of its head with no parallel disturbance behind it.

  13. dabode responds:

    Yeah Craig we ‘got it’ funny but what else I’m getting is when it comes to someone else not associated with C its okay to say what gives but someone on the masthead says one unbelievable thing and we get something entirely different we dare not question.

    I don’t know after the disappointing show I’ve noticed very little mention being made.

    Seems BC news is as impressed.

    And while I haven’t seen what Mr Kirk claims he saw. I also have absolutely no reason to doubt him and can think of a lot of reasons why it wasn’t what we expected.

    It just seems weird concerning lack of posts after this big event aired.

    Maybe I’m getting cynical in my old age.

    I do hope we get to see what Mr Kirk saw, it must have been mindblowing, you’re a lucky fellow, (and a good measure of hard work to I imagine), cheers!!!

  14. HulkSmashNow responds:

    Why do they always say “far-fetched?” I suppose the gorilla and the coelacanth were “far-fetched,” too, at one time.

  15. THE REAL CMAC responds:

    @Redrose999 that is BC, Canada, not BBC London 🙂

  16. dabode responds:

    got it again Craig, are you going to delete this post also because I asked why we can’t critique someone who’s a staff writer here???
    I got my answer you deleted my post, I delete this site from my desktop…pity but the way this supposed video is being swept under the rug well I’ve lost my trust in this site and can no longer take what is presented here as anything more than “Big Fish’ stories.
    Goodbye, somewhere out there is an honest site, it ain’t here and this probably doesn’t get posted either, these tactics just don’t work for me.

    Editorial comment: Normally this comment wouldn’t be posted.

    I would like to point out that I came to this comment AFTER approving the comment that dabode claims was deleted.

    Contrary to apparent popular opinion, there is not a moderator standing by constantly to approve comments.

    Loren and I do have real jobs ya know…

    And just to expound on my original comment that apparently pushed dabode over the deep end;

    John Kirk has seen the entire video that was shot by the Alaskan fisherman.

    This video, to my knowledge, is/was approximately three minutes in length.

    There was only a ten second or so clip that was shown on the Discovery program.

    Therefore, there is quite a bit of the video that John Kirk has seen that was not shown on the program.

    John has no control over the video and whether it will ever be shown in its entirety.

    And further, your accusations of this video being swept under the rug are ludicrous.

    It has been discussed both before and after the Discovery program aired.

    I don’t know what you expect John Kirk or Cryptomundo to do to satisfy you.

    Sorry to hear that you no longer trust the site dabode and you deleted it from your desktop.

  17. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    So does anyone out there have background info on that underwater still photo shown that was supposedly taken in the 60’s? That is probably the most impressive picture of a supposed unknown water creature that I have seen anyway.

  18. springheeledjack responds:

    Yeah on the underwater photo. What’s the skinny on that? Never even heard of that before.

    And double yeah…when are we going to get to see the full footage? Do I have to go back to Animal Planet and Discovery and start badgering them? I understood there was three ful minutes of footage…and we got 15 seconds?

    I’m not going to say what I’m thinking…

  19. adpotts responds:

    My 1st comment:

    A seal IS a mammal.

  20. John Kirk responds:

    First let me clarify what that underwater photo shows. It is an image captured from a Shell oil drilling film shot in either 1963 or 1966 depending on the source. The locations where it was shot was either off Santa Barbara, CA or off the Oregon coast. They dubbed the creature Marvin the monster for no plausible reason. That photo was in Ivan T. Sanderson’s repository at SITU. I came across it recently and it just so happened that Global came calling and I showed it to them. As far as I know those are the only stills that exist and I have no idea where the film is. Ask Shell.

    Now regarding the Alaskan Cadborosaurus footage ….. Craig has been a gentleman and spoken on my behalf for a few days. I have a life outside cryptozoology so am currently very busy. I will respond to the debacle of the Alaskan Monster Hunt program in due course. They have all the other footage I spoke of, so why don’t the naysayers here just go and ask them? I’m not hiding anything. It’s not my footage, I don’t have it. They do. Ask them.

    I am mad as hell that some readers on this site are patently falsely accusing me of hiding something. That is ludicrous. Making false claims is not part of my personality and I informed the readership of what I saw – nothing more, nothing less – so take it or leave it, but don’t impugn my name with nonsense. Have you done your due diligence by asking Discovery about the footage yourself? Obviously not as you would have known the answer. Don’t come on this forum and hide behind cute little nicknames and impugn people. That is cowardice.

    By the way I am not a staff writer, don’t get paid for anything I write for Cryptomundo, but do it for the good of cryptozoological researchers who deserve to know what is going on. I am here because I want to share. I shared honestly here with you, but am now ready to pack it in after the response I got from those who point fingers when they don’t have all the facts.

    There will be more on this shortly. Suffice it to say all requests to see the footage should be directed to Discovery.

  21. twas brillig responds:

    “Cryptoraptor responds”

    “The only problem with wider or more prestigious news coverage is that it doesn’t make the totally indiscernible footage more discernible.”

    The only problem with this comment other than being EXTREMELY annoying, is the commenter needs to open his/her eyes a bit more, as it IS CLEARLY discernible ENOUGH to know it IS NOT anything KNOWN.

  22. The_Renaissance responds:

    Hi Craig,

    My first post, not meaning to have a go but I echo the same feelings as most on here……what I don’t understand is, the description of the video given by Mr Kirk (who I’m a fan of, have some reading of his) mentioned things like ‘you can clearly see dozens of animals’, ‘nothing we’ve seen before’ and most importantly the comment about one creature raising its head out of the water alongside the boat, when it can be clearly seen to look horse-like.

    Why would the TV channel, or the Hillstrands, not air what by all accounts were the highlights of the video?

    Surely, that’s like a sports highlights programme showing fouls and off-the-ball incidents, but refusing to show the goals themselves?

    That’s why I think a lot of people doubt that these ‘highlights’ exist. Personally, I feel it seems to be an exaggeration on the part of Mr Kirk – for example, when mentioning the part of the vid where the animal’s head is clearly visible, is he talking about the split-second ‘blow-hole’ incident where something exits the water briefly accompanied by a spurt?

    I was anticipating this so much and while the video is interesting, I find it incredibly hard to swallow that a TV channel would discard 2mins+ of video footage that is, by all accounts, BETTER than what they chose to air.

  23. sasquatch responds:

    Well, I have never seen better crypto-sea monster footage.

    Maybe they’ll air the rest at some point. Could be they are saving it for a big special/DVD thing-more like “Science Meets Sasquatch”

    At least this is what I’m hoping for.

    I don’t think Mr. Kirk is lying.

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