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Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 22nd, 2015


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Cryptid month comes to a close as Fred Kracke is our last contestant in the BTE Radio Search For A New Co-Host Contest.

Fred and Eric welcome three well recognized ladies of Bigfoot Research, Kathy Strain, Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey-Larsen to the program this week.

Kathy Strain is the Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest in Sonora, California. She has a M.A. in Anthropology and is conducts research on native cultures and their traditional bigfoot beliefs. Her book, Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture covers this subject in depth, including 154 stories from 57 tribes from throughout North America. Kathy is also the on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers.

Kathy has been featured on multiple television and radio programs about bigfoot including the 2007 MonsterQuest Episode featuring the all female research team.

Monica Rawlins is known as one of the original women bigfoot researchers. Monica is one of the Co-Founders of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. Monica has been investigating for over 13 years now. Growing up in Northern California and spending most of her summer vacations in a remote part of South West Oregon, Monica grew up around the Bigfoot legend. She moved to Texas in the Spring of 1992, Monica has been straight forward steadfast on the path of truth, and keeps a skeptical eye on so called evidence. Monica has also appeared on television programs such as the History Channel’s MonsterQuest.

Melissa Hovey Larsen is the president of the American Bigfoot Society and a member of the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters. She has hosted and co-hosted several internet radio programs on Bigfoot. Melissa began her research in Dallas, Texas, she then moved to Ohio in 2008. Melissa owns and writes a blog and website forum titled The Search for Bigfoot. In 2007. Melissa began co-hosting an Internet radio show, “Let’s Talk Bigfoot,” on Talkshoe. Then joined Sean Forker and “The Sasquatch Experience” in February 2008. In June of 2008 she began co-hosting a new program with friend and Field Researcher Monica Rawlins, called “The Grey Area”

Melissa was also featured on the all-female expedition episode of the History Channels “MonsterQuest” titled “Bigfoot”.

Kathy, Monica and Melissa bring with them years of experience and knowledge in the Bigfoot field and we’re thrilled to have them as our special guests this Sunday night for our first ever Ladies of Bigfoot Research night.

Tune in live this Sunday night from 8 to 10 pm Est.

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

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