Bigfoot, Big Poop

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 16th, 2016

Big turd from a Bigfoot?

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson (“Dr J”) shares his discovery regarding a recent find of some Bigfoot………………. Big Poop.

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11 Responses to “Bigfoot, Big Poop”

  1. airforce47 responds:

    Hi Matt,

    Nice find and first time I’ve seen one that big. However, the lab gave you the wrong info. There’s a forensic DNA test developed in Germany to extract the DNA. The lab would have the protocols for the test being who they are and the specimen must be less than 2 hours old and then be frozen upon finding. A cooler with CO2 does a very good job. The test is not considered as evidentiary in a court of law but is considered scientifically viable for species identification. Good luck in the future with any more specimens and my best,

  2. David-Australia responds:

    “Does Sasquatch S**t In The Woods?”

  3. dconstrukt responds:

    so let me get this one straight…. theres no evidence or proof of these things…. and yet this guy has a NAME for one of them… describing it… even tho theres no evidence of it… other than a pile of crap?

    LOL…. yeah…. okay… are people THAT dumb to believe this nonsense?

    first, maybe show the proof of this thing, then you can show the turds and have someone believe it… just seems ass backwards showing turds and calling it names without proving its real….

    i’d say I’m shocked but after reading posts here, its the same useless drivel… I’m cracking up laughing over the sheer stupidity of this stuff….

  4. airforce47 responds:

    Greetings Dconstrukt,

    I would suggest that before you make reckless statements here about the species existence you sit down and read Professor Meldrum’s book, Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science cover to cover. Then talk to one of the couple hundred people who have had a Class A close encounter. Seeing is believing and they’ve seen them up close and personal. Better yet, look up and go visit one of the areas where they’re seen and look yourself for evidence of existence. It’s there but you have to hunt for it. Then you’ll have a much better idea of what humans face looking for this species.

    Your attitude reminds me of those who deny the existence of UFOs until they’ve seen one. The best evidence for them is the surveillance radar operators and they’ve seen move across their screens doing all type of movements unlike our aviation craft. Have a good one and my best,

  5. dconstrukt responds:

    hi airforce47 – thanks for your reply (and book recco)… sorry my man, there’s no “reckless statements” being made…

    I’m just sitting here saying you need proof to support these extraordinary claims.

    All the while you guys keep bashing me for it…refusing to post your links and proof…. telling me to go search for it myself… obviously because you have no proof.

    you can’t sit here and claim there’s 10k large unidentified primates roaming around north america that can conceal itself without showing proof.

    sorry my man, not on this planet ….or any other planet.

    reckless statements are ones like that claiming this to be true, without having the proof to support it. THAT is reckless… and comical.

    Now… If you think its normal to go running around talking about a name for this thing in the video but show zero proof of it… sorry my man.. to the rest of us people who live in the real world, that WREAKS of BS.

    show the proof.

    show the photos (not of a wookie like that shmuck was showing last year or so)

    show the videos.

    no one can, cuz no one has it.

    its ALL speculation.

    Remember extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of this statement before.

    This qualifies…. so where is the proof to support such an outlandish claim?

    There is none.

    You have none.

    You guys can tell me to go out in the woods… great thats real proof you have there…

    you guys can tell me to read a book …. might be a great read, but thats going to show you proof?

    you guys can call me crazy or whatever names you want… all good.

    you guys are the ones claiming this thing is real, not me…. SHOW THE PROOF!

    as Ric Flair used to say…. “put up or shut up”

    if you don’t have it, then you have nothing to show…

    I know none of you guys have it.

    You know none of you guys have it.

    so what are you really talking about here?

    state your position and show the proof to support it.

    Thanks for the recco. on the book…. I’ll order it from amazon, however, until I see real video and photos of the thing, or there’s REAL DNA testing and proof from it… hearing someones story is just that.. a story.

    Reading a book about an animal that they have no evidence of, and I mean REAL evidence… not footprints, or stories (which can EASILY be fabricated) is the same.

    here’s the other disconnect none of you guys want to acknowledge:

    the experts you refer to claim a population of 10k…. ok…

    we have crystal clear video and photos of the rare sumatran rhino with less than 100 alive in the world… and same for florida panther with less than 300 in the world….

    if there’s a large unidentified primate who can conceal every ounce of its existence, you need some real solid evidence there… footprints can be hoaxed… they’ve proven that already.

    as they say in jerry macGuire… “Show me the money!”


  6. mandors responds:

    After all these years I’m moving closer to dconstrukt. Lord help me, he’s right.

    I have been very concerned that for the past few years, the number of documented sightings seems to have dropped. Just go to BFRO, there’s nothing, except rehashed memory reports from the 1970s. Yay.

    There have been virtually NO videos, blobsquatch or otherwise for years. Okay, maybe one in the last 18 months. But with all this attention, with all the people traipsing around the woods, with all the cellphone cameras, NOTHING. Why?

    Now, here we literally have crap. How ironic. Were there footprints by the crap? Were there hair samples near the crap? Or was there just crap? You be the judge.

    Remember the old military industrial complex? We now have the Sasquatch Business Complex. It’s a business that keeps itself going. Despite utter lack of recent evidence, despite countless “investigations” and “expeditions,” there has be nothing but Sasquat.

  7. IFC responds:

    You guys need to stop being so hard on Dr Johnson.Once he figures out how to use that inter-dimensional portal in his backyard I’m sure we will have all the proof we need.

  8. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Perhaps he’ll find a portal-potty?

  9. dconstrukt responds:

    @Mandors – thank you. I want this thing to be real but the more stuff I see here and elsewhere, the more doubts I have.

    I really don’t mean to come off so cynical or “angry” to anyone here, but i mean the stuff thats out there is mindbogglingly awfully crappy (no pun intended LOL)

    and when you push people to find out their “proof”… there is none… no one can come forth and say HERE… here’s a link, here’s a photo, here’s a video, here’s DNA, they’ll tell you to dig it up yourself… etc. (which is a lame excuse for them not having anything)

    yet we have those for some of the rarest animals on earth.

    not saying bigfoot isn’t real, but until we see the proof, you can’t just run around claiming its real without sufficient proof.

    THAT is reckless.

  10. airforce47 responds:


    This will be my final post on this thread. To the skeptics realize you’re on a site that specializes in in cryptozoology and paranormal experiences. Your skeptic comments really aren’t welcome but since the site isn’t mine and they aren’t flaming or personal attacks they’ll be allowed to be made.

    However, to those who have researched the subject or become an encounteree (CW is included) Bigfoot is real. I really am awed by the species as they try to survive in our world living just beyond our normal activities and environment. We will get a specimen and the only question is when and how. Photos and video while indicative aren’t evidentiary proof and neither is DNA without a repeatable source. Solid proof is a body either living or deceased and we must have one to prove the species exists (Dr. Grover Krantz 1998).

    So continue to be a skeptic if you wish but please find another site to post your drivel. I won’t be coming back to this thread to read any more so don’t bother. My best,

  11. dconstrukt responds:

    First, airforce1…newsflash for ya… this is a blog… the blogger makes blog posts… and people leave comments.. thats how these things work my man.

    Furthermore, people are allowed to post their opinions, even ones you don’t agree with and call “drivel”… just like you post your ridiculous “bigfoot is real” nonsense without a shred of evidence.

    Second, see folks… this is where things get comical.

    The second you have a legit point on the matter, a point “they” don’t agree with… “they” whine and complain, call your opinions “drivel”… then… “they” run and hide.

    Rather than talk about things, (without going nuts flaming anyone), and instead of doing that… you politely chose to “hibernate” for lack of a better word.


    Thats a clear cut sign of someone raising the white flag and giving up if I’ve ever seen one.

    If your evidence to support this claim is legit in whatever way that makes you believe, you’d WANT to show people, you’d WANT people to know about it, so they can believe it too.

    I’m curious… I’d love to hear about it and see.

    But alas… airforce1 refuses…

    In the time it took airforce1 to post this with his quote and all, he could have easily said, “even though I haven’t seen a photo or video, I believe its real because of x, y and z… you can go read about it here, and here… and post links.”

    That took me all of 45 seconds to type.

    I mean really…. the excuses just become more and more lame.

    The fact you’re complaining when people don’t post stuff you agree with then “bow out” of the conversation to me, instead of wanting to show people why you believe, is comical and yet HIGHLY predictable. 🙂

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