Bigfoot Caught on Video in San Juan Mountains

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 7th, 2011

Interesting Bigfoot video shot in Colorado found uploaded on youtube.

What do the Cryptomundians think?

Something I couldn’t explain from my vacation in the San juan Mountains of Colorado. This ia all I could get on my camera. I thought it was a bear then a very large manotabengafarscape1

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

34 Responses to “Bigfoot Caught on Video in San Juan Mountains”

  1. Ulysses responds:

    Another one? Bigfoot casually (excuse the Gilligan Island’s reference, but he walked like Thurston Howell the III) walks up across the rocks and around to the stream, arm up like he had a shaving kit and was ready to get rid of that morning shadow? Try again pal!

  2. cthulu responds:

    I’m suspicious of this and I will tell you why. The camera is in a fixed position, looking down the river for no apparent reason, and suddenly we see something moving towards the middle of the shot.

    Additionally, we can’t tell what it is. It’s too far away and we have no sense of scale.

  3. cthulu responds:

    Never mind my first comment. Apparently not enough coffee this AM. OK, so whoever is filming it appears to have started to film it because they saw something. Cool. Still, it’s too far away to make out anything. It’s bipedal, it’s dark, but that is all I can see.

  4. mandors responds:

    Not getting the size/bulk aspects typically described, but that might be due to distance. The shoulders don’t seem high, and the neck looks too long. The approach to the stream also appears more human than an animal interacting with its natural habitat.

    All of which probably means it’s real. Do we know anything about the provenance of the video?

  5. dharkheart responds:

    Interesting. Another interesting thing is that whenever a Bigfoot is caught on video it is generally moving from left to right, as was this one, initially. Just a random observation.

  6. Sharon Lee responds:

    I am no anatomist but, compared to other videos that may or may not be a real squatch, this one has a very human-like gait. Steps too close together, arms swinging quickly…I will say FAKE.

  7. Laird responds:

    I’m not sure I like this one. Too upright, too much coincidence that this was filmed, and too much coincidence that it walks in front of the camera to get a drink. I’m just not sure

  8. tampasteve responds:

    Not really walking left to right, more walking down stream and then around a bush/tree.

    What makes it suspicious in my opinion:

    1) Why stop recording at 23 seconds when it is clearly still in the frame?
    2) Why would an animal walk around a bush to get a drink when it was walking along the stream in the first place?(seems like it was planned for a better shot)
    3) It seems to walk rather peculiarly, it walks “heavy” at first but then gingerly when it gets on the close side of the bush.
    4) The creature is well centered in the shot. If I were filming any large potentially dangerous animal I sure as heck would be trying to stay out of its sight…
    5) Why not zoom in? What camera made now does not have zoom capability?

    At least it is not shaky, but still just way to far away to make a conclusive judgement.

  9. FunkyBunky responds:

    Is this a longer video cut short to cut to the point? I’m always skeptical of 23 second clips that magically catch the animal/man/alien/blob/ufo/bigfoot/spectre/etc. In this case, seems just way too lucky to have centered everything so well and caught the image. Just saying….

  10. choppedlow responds:

    100% verification. Meets five of the six points of sasquatch morphology. I’d definitely put this in my top 10 videos! That’s no costume! This is the real deal! Where is my yellow pen and blue screen so I can do a video breakdown?!

  11. springheeledjack responds:

    Sadly, videos are getting to be just as “eh?” as pictures. With the advances in technology and the increasing “stardom” of Bigfoot these days with the shows, interest, etc., I’m much more suspicious of almost all videos.

    In this one, we get a long shot, and it seems very nonchalant. The fact that the person who shot the footage said that’s all they were able to get is the biggest red flag to me–if you saw something like this and actually got a camera out to film, why would you shut it off after a few seconds? Too suspicious.

    While it could legitimately be a Bigfoot, it could just as easily be a person in a suit at long range.

    For me, I’m more interested in personal accounts and testimony–you can get a much better feel for their integrity by listening to an account, interviewing the witness and gauging their authenticity.

  12. DWA responds:

    Most sighters describe an animal that was very clearly, to them, not human.

    Hence my rule of thumb on these:

    If it looks anything like a human, toss.

    This one has human gait and human proportions. That much can be seen even at a distance. It even displays human behavior (parading around so as to carefully stay within the frame).

    I could be wrong, I suppose. Which brings me to the second rule of thumb:

    Any other evidence at the site worth following up? No? TOSS.

  13. whiteriverfisherman responds:


  14. Mr. Rush responds:

    Since it’s evidently against the law to use the “zoom” button in the San Juan area, it’s a good thing the videographer chose NOT to use it, otherwise, who knows what could have happened? He could’ve been cited for using a zoom, not to mention capturing better quality video of the subject. Paul Freeman would be proud.

  15. Cryptoz responds:

    why not try to sneak closer for a closer shot? he could have been zooming in, usually it doesn’t help that much, ive tried to zoom in on something in the distance and it didn’t do a thing. when i look into a camera usually the image looks even farther away…..but still, its a hoax. its someone in a costume or all black. it could be donald trump in the video for all we know its so far away.

  16. hudgeliberal responds:

    Amazed that anyone would take this serious. So,so tired of these stupid Youtube videos. I have seen maybe 10 videos that I would say could be a sasquatch..thats 10 total including Patty. Sigh….

  17. fossilhunter responds:

    Greetings All!
    I have a Fujifilm Finepix which takes video, but you can’t zoom while in video mode. That having been said, I agree with the above skepticisms!

  18. wolfatrest responds:

    An amazing coincidence that the camera was in such a great spot that the cameraman didn’t have to move an inch. The manner of movement looks awfully human.

  19. peteyweestro responds:

    Look i am in no way saying this is a 100% real Sasquatch, but what i will say is just like people that claim there is a real Bigfoot in every video presented to the world there seems like a lot of people that find fault with 100% of video’s & claim they are all scams but yet 99% of us have never seen a real one even at a long distance let alone up close. So how can we even state that we do or do not believe anyone else’s material unless they have been proven to hoax in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me if the younger ones were built more like us until they matured and filled out, just saying

  20. Turtledover responds:

    This video is not convincing to me for some of the reasons already stated, but more so for the lack of musculature of this video subject. I am quite underwhelmed. Too many average joes making these clips. A need exists to employ fellows of the size of the competitors of the World’s Strongest Man and see what they can make it look like. Clearly not a giant!

  21. springheeledjack responds:

    The zoom didn’t come into play because that would have shown us it was a fake.

    I’m amending my earlier post…while I try to keep an open mind, well, I just looked at this a few times and it’s definitely in the “man in a suit” column. It looks like a human gait and the figure even appears to look down while walking a few times, as in he’s probably looking through a mask and trying to keep from stumbling or falling down.


  22. AlyoshaK responds:

    Actually, many small handheld cameras, primarily meant for still shots, will take video – rather good video in strong light. What they will not do in video mode is zoom. I have dozens of moose, bear, Kangaroo and Emu video shorts, all about 30 seconds long taken with such a camera. As one cannot generally get close to these guys without either spooking them or having them kill you, they all look about like this. If these are hominid creatures, why should their gait not be graceful and human-like? If they have large brains, why would they not enjoy swinging around trees like a human child? To me this is about as convincing as any film other than the Patterson film.

  23. DNS responds:

    It’s shaped like a guy, walks like a guy, sits like a guy. Must be a Bigfoot!

  24. jan09 responds:

    “This ia all I could get on my camera”

    That old gag.

  25. DWA responds:


    “…there seems like a lot of people that find fault with 100% of video’s & claim they are all scams but yet 99% of us have never seen a real one even at a long distance let alone up close.”

    Which is why I say RSR! (Read Sighting Reports!)

    I’ve never seen one either. But I have read many, many descriptions that are consistent on many characters, from eyewitnesses who were absolutely certain they weren’t looking at a human. Size and body proportions are why.

    When you’ve read as many as I have, you start considering as vaguely absurd the notion that all reports are false positives. Going on Occam’s Razor, and also on the Oscar Wilde dictum that there is none so shallow as he who does not judge by appearances, these sound like guidebook-correct descriptions, very consistently rendered by people who aren’t comparing notes, of an animal that sounds no more human to me than it appeared to the witness.

    THAT is how I come to my conclusion that if it looks like a human, toss it.

    The Patterson-Gimlin figure left many tracks that are consistent with many other tracks found. (The same individual appears to have left at least one other trackway.) Where’s the additional evidence here? If you can’t go on the ground to find better evidence than the video, the video isn’t worth much.

    No video will be worth much until one gets science properly interested. I wouldn’t bet on the vast majority of the ones you see put up here; and I haven’t been wrong yet.

  26. Zabo responds:

    hey did you see the toilet paper on his right foot in the first couple seconds? in this just so happened to be in the right camera spot(longshot) so nobody will know bigfoot is actully bob. in a FAKE SUIT! hopefully,soon we will get the real-deal.

  27. Zabo responds:

    the only way i could believe this little dity, is if the actor in the suit was 9to10feet tall. then ladies and gentelman it would be a REAL sasquatch.right? this one seems to come up short on that hope!

  28. fuzzy responds:

    Y’know what we need? We need a BODY, that’s what we need! NOT a Bigfoot body, mind you… we need a body of some rednek jerk in a hair suit who was struttin’ around in the woods giggling about how all them good ol’ boys down at the local Saloon will be talking about him tonight, when one of them good ol’ boys unlimbered his deer rifle and commenced target practice…

    That would put a BIG dent in the “REAL BIGFOOT CAUGHT ON TAPE!” listings on YouTube, right quick!

  29. jadewhiskey responds:

    I agree with springheeledjack… Gait, body structure is all wrong… definately a fake…

  30. bigun wild responds:

    Absolutly total B.S. the way the guy in the suit moves around and the fact the cameras in a fixed position. He wandered around seemingly confused, not the way a wild animal would act.

  31. William responds:

    Three comments on this one. Fake, FAKE, FAKE! Rent a BF costume and go take a lark to some nice looking wilderness scenary and make a video. Sounds like fun to me, if I had nothing else to do with my time. My Lord this type activity is becoming popular. I guess its the new “rad” thing to do. (LOL).

  32. Junebuggie responds:

    As recent as Late spring/early summer I have heard of 2 separate incidents here in Monroe MI of sightings. It seems it/they like to follow the River Raisin….I personally have not seen these, but feel there is NO reason to doubt the credibility of the witnesses.

  33. Opalman responds:

    After carefully looking at this video at least 10 times I completely fail to understand how anyone can make a logical determination regarding its validity. The subject is too distant to ascertain its possible reasons for walking around the fir tree to arrive back at waters edge. Actually it appears that rhododendron bushes might be blocking his path along the stream. Have any of you ever tried walking through rhody bushes? Also the subject is in frame when the record button is pushed not after. Having some rough sense of scale from very similar streams and their features, (judging from close by to the cameraman’s location) I get the definite sense that the subject is quite large. Agreed the gait and posture are atypical.
    IMO we will never know about this one, (unless the subject himself is captured in the same location), to make unfounded, reckless accusations and criticisms of the film makers and film is totally unscientific.

  34. eyeofstrm responds:

    Opalman, you need to get a grip on reality. One of the worst hoaxes I have ever seen. Not even worth a second look.

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