Erickson Project Photo of a Female Sasquatch?

Posted by: RWRidley on August 23rd, 2011

Cryptomundian RW Ridley offers this news article and update on The Erickson Project.

The Maple Ridge News did something very few media outlets have been able to do.  They got Adrian Erickson to sit down for an interview.  It’s a two part article titled Sasquatch: Is it out there? (Part 2) I found it interesting with some new information (new to me).  It came out in the online version and print version of the Maple Ridge News. That’s significant, because the print version had an added element to the story. They included a picture of a frame from the Erickson documentary that supposedly has clear HD footage of a number of Sasquatch creatures.  The frame grab is of a female Sasquatch sleeping under a tree.  I’m not sure why they did not include the image with the online version of the story, but if I had to guess, it was an effort to keep digital heads from putting it under the Photoshop microscope and examining every pixel.  To be fair, speaking as a digital head, we would so do that.

The problem is a clever Facebooker took a picture of the newspaper image with his phone and posted it on his wall.  Not long after, the twice removed picture made its way to the Bigfoot Forums. I believe Mr. Erickson would have been better off if the Maple Ridge News posted the original image on their website because a picture of a picture puts the blob in blobsquatch.

People were having trouble seeing the creature in the photo so I did what a digital head does. I tweaked the “creature” to bring out details. You can’t see her face.  She appears to be lying in the fetal position with her head ducked down under her arm to shade herself from the sun.  That’s actually their description.  Not mine.  It should be noted that someone’s already come up with a different interpretation of the image.  They think the head is at the other end.  That’s the problem with blobsquatches.

I don’t endorse it. I don’t decry it. I don’t weep over it and thank the god’s above or curse the demons below. It’s a picture of picture that’s not a photograph, but a frame grab.  Does it show a real honest to goodness Sasquatch?  I don’t know if it does.  I don’t know if it doesn’t. One more thing, the original is not black and white.  Remember this was a picture taken of a picture in newspaper.

Just having a little fun. This is a compilation of various tweaks I made to the picture of the picture of the frame from the Erickson Project documentary. You’ll noticed my thoughts on positioning have changed somewhat from my original perspective. That’s what usually happens with blobsquatch material, so don’t take this too seriously. It is what it is.

R. W. Ridley

About RWRidley
I am the author of the IPPY award winning novels The Takers; Book One of the Oz Chronicles, Delon City: Book Two of the Oz Chronicles, and The Pure: Book Three of the Oz Chronicles. Also the author of the Bigfoot young adult novel, Lost Days. The Takers is the winner of The Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Award in the Middle Grade/Young Adult Category. Married to a beautiful little Italian from Brooklyn.

24 Responses to “Erickson Project Photo of a Female Sasquatch?”

  1. LobsterBoy responds:

    Howdy folks, new to Cryptomundo here. I realize this is a photo of photo of a video frame grab, but this looks pretty bad to me. There appears to be enough detail to see what looks very much like fake fur. If this is any indication of the quality of Erickson’s evidence I suggest we all prepare for a big letdown.
    Frankly this whole affair strikes me as suspicious. As much as I am hoping for some remarkable footage, the whole carmy atmosphere of this project wales the skeptic in me.

  2. scaryeyes responds:

    Well. If I hadn’t been told that was Bigfoot, I’m afraid my first thought would have been “Why did someone take a picture of that dead cat lying under a tree?” Also, some of what’s being highlighted as part of the body look distinctly like leaf litter/background foliage to me.

  3. PhotoExpert responds:

    Kudos! You did a great job considering what you had to work with.

    Unfortunately, this photograph even in it’s original form and in high resolution, would bring up more questions than it answers.

    For example, if the photographer were that close to a sleeping Sasquatch, why did the photographer not manuever to get a better camera position? Why not take multiple photographs? Why not try to engage the Sasquatch by sitting down in a nonthreatening manner and wait for it to awake? Why hasn’t this photo been released? Afterall, the photographer owns the copyright and intellectual property rights and could have sent the photo to news agencies and not given sole use of the image to the Erickson Project.

    There are so many questions that the original photograph would have brought up for readers. As a fellow digital head, I appreciate the work and effort you went through for Cryptomundo readers. Good job!

  4. Cryptoz responds:

    you can totally see it’s photoshopped!

  5. Cryptoz responds:

    oh maybe it isnt so obvious….the main form was painted, and i thought it looked totally photoshopped.

  6. Hapa responds:

    Talk about creepy: the music, the odd letter format, and a sleeping sasquatch in one video…i’m waiting for chucky to appear with sharp fake feet and a crimson smile! Seriously, though, I’m tyring to decipher anything hinting at bear or man in suit, but this pic is not clear enough to make a definite identification (due to not being a first generation photograph, if you will). Hope the evidence gets a lot better than this!

  7. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    It looks like a dead dog. Something isn’t right. That fur/hair, looks nothing like the hair/fur on the creature in the Patterson/Gimlin film.

  8. Ragnar responds:

    Kinda looks like the sheepskin seat covers in my uncle’s truck.

  9. Cryptoz responds:

    Hey is there anything to the theory that Bigfoot is a Homo heidlbergensis or H. heidlbergensis descendant? Just wondering.

  10. Brothermidnight responds:

    So that’s where I left my old buffalo hide.

  11. sausage1 responds:

    Obviously not a female – if so it would have nicked all the duvet.

  12. wolfatrest responds:

    I’m sorry but to me this looks like someone just darkened an irregular splotch of the leaf litter.

  13. Nominay responds:

    Based on what I know – as oppose to what I speculate – this is real, phony or unconvincing as it may look. I’m surprised Cryptomundo didn’t include the source (online anyway) of this picture.

  14. Nominay responds:

    Delete my comment please – I ought to work on reading the whole post first – thanks.

  15. springheeledjack responds:

    And how could they tell it was a female from that pose? Really?

    Maybe they put some shaving cream on her hand, tickled her face and then ran…have some more Jack Links…

  16. flame821 responds:

    While I appreciate the effort that went into the video I have to agree with his original statement. A cell phone picture of a newspaper picture of a video grab is just horrific.

    The head could be on either end, there is no definition and even crystal clear HD snapshots look like someone’s drunken uncle was playing with a camera once they are printed on newspaper.

    As much as I want Erickson Project to find definitive proof of a NAPE I have to admit that I’m becoming very, very nervous about this whole project. Either they have nothing and are trying to save face or he needs to seriously look into hiring a PR firm to stop stupid stuff like this and the ‘Bigfoot steak/Bear Hunter’ stories from being spread and undermining what he’s doing.

    Either put the kibosh on the whole ‘leaked information’ stories or come clean and show us what you have so far because anything short of that will drag the Erickson Project down to the level of the Georgia Hoax. And yes, I do understand Dr. Ketchum’s position of peer review and not wanting someone else to claim her work as their own (in science it is all about reputation) but someone has to take a hold of this before it turns into a run away train.

  17. flycatch responds:

    This photo was posted on YouTube by “SquatchMaster” today. I took a look and it reminded me of a bear either alive or dead. i came to this conclusion by what I believe an ear shown in the photo. The photo on this site does not show it at all. Photographic evidence is becoming more than a joke. It is bringing the serious researchers into the realm of the scammers and hoaxers. People, lets face the reality of the search for these beings. WE are no closer to finding the truth than when this came to light over forty years in the past. The research field is being loaded with all types of individuals most if not all are copy cats of one another. You want to find these people than get behind the project “Finding Bigfoot 24-7”. I say this due to my own research and Mr. Barnes has a viable method to find and track these creatures. Wandering around in the woods banging on trees and making whooping sounds is counterproductive. These creatures are not stupid thats why the have not been found. I heard on numerous occasions that you don’t find a bigfoot they find you. Mr. Barnes can turn this around and you will control the situation.

  18. DWA responds:

    Echo PhotoExpert and SHJ.

    Why not get a better picture – indeed a whole slew of them? “Why don’t we have good photos?” is an easy skeptic dodge to skewer. “Why not get more pics when you are this close to a sleeping one?” Not so easy.

    And female? Really. How ’bout a shot of that ‘female’?

    Until mainstream science gets involved, count on all these being nothing more than entertainment.

  19. kittalia responds:

    I agree. If I found a sleeping Sasquatch, I would take dozens of pictured from different angles. Then, I would figure out how to find it again and call athorities, try to get it caught. While I was waiting, if I didn’t have a good camera (and if it was good, where’s the good photo?) I would borrow one. If things went well, we could have a live Bigfoot. If not, we could have lots of pictures, and maybe a good-quality ones.

  20. bobzilla responds:

    The area just to the left of the “calf” right next to the tree looks like a snout from a wild pig. Looks alike a dead wild pig to me.

  21. ithilien responds:

    The Erickson Project has already begun the slow descent. First the sasquatch shooter story is leaked and discussed ad nausea (literally) on bigfootforums. There “General” is being treated as some sort of demi-god, and lauded as being open and honest in his responses to many pages of questions. (This despite being anonymous.) His descriptions of the murders are graphic and cruel, but any criticism is dismissed as weakness, thus we see the quality of the audience.

    The bodies (worth a possible fortune?) are supposedly left out in the open for months before a DNA sample is taken of the only piece found, either that, or a slice is taken from the body’s thigh. OR the bodies have been stored in a freezer (in Georgia?) This seems to be what many are hoping.

    Then we find out thanks to Cryptomundo that Melba Ketchum’s DNA lab is embroiled in many consumer complaints. Pro-Ketchum forces claim the BBB has given her a low rating because she has not joined the BBB and paid dues. !!

    Despite years of statements that no bigfoot bodies have been found, suddenly Ketchum’s lab is flooded with samples. First Melba is conducting the DNA tests, then she is, according to Paulides, logging the samples in and sending them off to other labs. Judging by the nature of the BBB complaints, her lab has great difficulty in doing precisely this, keeping track of specimens sent to them and doing things in a timely way. Why pick HER lab for this critical and possibly groundbreaking work? THEN, despite non disclosure agreements, everyone is talking everywhere, and Paulides and others are left trying to hold the lid on things. Surely a thankless and eventually unsuccessful job. And now the picture of the cat on the mat. A you tube spin off of a newspaper picture, the hoax looks clear enough to me…

  22. RWRidley responds:

    It’s important to note that more details have leaked about the original video from which this frame grab came. Remember, this is not a photograph. This is a frame of video. Meaning there is actually a lot more footage than this one frame. Here’s what I’ve learned since I did silly little video.

    – The actual clip is several minutes long.
    – This clip was shot before the Erickson team became involved. It was shot by the family that owned the property. Reportedly, they habituated themselves to these “animals.” Winning their trust over a number of years. That’s why they were able to get so close. This information comes from Robert Lindsay’s blog. The Erickson team allegedly has even more footage of this particular Sasquatch and others in her group.
    – I was told via my blog that the Sasquatch in this frame grab eventually stands, making it clear that its not a pile of leaves or dirt or a bear or shaggy dog.
    – She’s been identified as female by those who have seen the entire clip.

    I still remain noncommittal about this picture. Too many unanswered questions that can only be answered by the Erickson Project documentary.

  23. Fausta responds:

    Then why doesn’t the Erickson Project just give us something to sink our teeth into so we get in line behind them?
    It is always this sketchy kind of stuff. I want to believe as much as the next guy, but man, this is frustrating.

  24. Joxman responds:

    The photo appears to be Fun Fur all matted. There is no hair growth in a certain pattern that describes a natural creature. It is bs in my mind. Perhaps an animal will let its fur become matted but an animal that lives well would take better care of itself.

    Just my thought of what is presented.



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