ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 2nd, 2015

Would you risk death by buffalo to pull off a Bigfoot hoax? In this clip we see four big, furry somethings (Bigfoot) stalking four buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

Original video posted by Mary Greeley:

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6 Responses to “ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    The American Bison can reach a height of 6 feet at the shoulders, which is at the top of the hump. This would be a very large male. Most bison nowadays are much smaller and females even more so. So Thunker’s measurements are off to begin with. The hump is the top measurement on the animal because that is the top of the shoulder blade. Go look at the bison skeleton. They are not measured at the neck where he suggests they are. That makes his biped figure around 6 feet tall. Not “incredibly big”. Go to YouTube and type; “man with bison”. See Jim Sautner and his bison pet. If Mr. Sautner is 6 feet tall, he may not be but, he surely isn’t 8 feet tall, you can see that while huge and impressive, the bison is not as large as Thunker states they are. The figures in his close ups appear to wearing snowsuits and at least one is wearing a vest of some kind. At what point are we seeing “monkey suits”?

  2. edsbigfoot responds:

    He claims he grabbed a still of the man/squatch who was back behind a tree, and copy/pasted him next to the Buffalo. Doesn’t that affect the size ratio of the two? It also seems like his arms are white…like someone wearing a long sleeve thermal under a short sleeve shirt. Is there any chance it could be a wildlife person or ranger checking on the buffalo since they are arriving at old faithful….maybe counting them or checking for tags from a distance etc? I’m not a skeptic, I believe in Sasquatch, but I don’t know about this one…and cutting and pasting the image, then comparing it to what’s next to it as if they are both regular size, and then saying if it’s a man he’s the strangest one on the planet….I don’t know….kinda like that freeway cam video of the “family” of Sasquatches that were later proved to be trees as they hadn’t moved in days, just sayin’….

  3. sasquatch responds:

    The size thing is amazing…I’d say they are all way over 7 feet-probably 9-10 ft. for the biggest one.
    Now, the one that comes out into clear view sure moves funny…like it’s limping and trying to be stealthy at the same time…like a shuffle not to make footfall sounds maybe? Or, it’s an amazing hoax…sure doesn’t seem like people would appear this tall from that perspective…not even close.

  4. Wee Falorie Man responds:

    CryptoKellie is right – They’re most likely just 4 guys in snow suits walking by.

    Virtually all of Thunker’s “analysis” is erroneous. He is either grossly mistaken or he is being deliberately deceptive.

  5. sasquatch responds:

    Well, the analysis that claims a certain zoom lens/focal length whatever CAN cause all elements to look the same size no matter how far from the camera is interesting, BUT…Why does the tree in the lower left look so much bigger than the others?…cause it’s closest to the camera…even the buffalo look larger the closer they get to the camera and they are not that far apart…so until someone proves that the type of camera/lens that IS IN — USE here caused the apparent size misinterpretation then I’d have to stay with the idea that these figures are quite large and tall…Also, why does only one of them emerge from the trees?
    Did all the other dudes suddenly go lamer than the first guy?

  6. cryptokellie responds:

    I will repeat a very important fact about the comparative sizes being thrown around in this video’s analysis. The American Bison (Bison bison) also referred to as the Plains Bison can reach a total height of almost 2 meters at the shoulder. This would represent an exceptional male as most Plains Bison are smaller in present day herds. This measurement is from the ground to the top of the animal’s hump which is the highest point of the animal’s long shoulder blades. This makes any figure near the same height as the bison’s shoulder anywhere between 5.5 feet and 6.2 feet tall if the animals are full grown males. Female bison are significantly smaller perhaps 10 to 15% smaller. The size extrapolations for the bipedal figures stated in the Thinker Thunker video analysis are incorrect. There are no exceptionally tall bipedal figures in this video. A 7 to 8 foot tall figure would be much taller the bison’s total height of up to 6 feet – if it is a very large male. The facts, as shown in the video and analysis, prove that these figure are normal human sized and not “incredibly big” as stated when the true total height of the bison is factually presented. If as Thinker Thunker states in his analysis that the bison is 6 feet tall at where he draws the line near the top of the animal’s head, than the total height for the bison would be over 9 feet high and approaching the size of an average Asian elephant. His analysis is in error and bison, while huge and impressive creatures, are not anywhere near that size.

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