Facebook Find Bigfoot: Statement on Camper Films Sasquatch with iPhone

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 29th, 2012

Here is our FBFB statement on the “Camper Films Sasquatch with Iphone”
The best loops are at 1:30 of the video.

1. FB/FB is completely independent of the video and had nothing to do with the filming of this video. We simply produced an authentication as we have 60 times before. The firestorm that was created by the Camper video is a direct result of compelling nature of the images. (A closeup of a human-shaped ape.) We had no idea this was possibly part of an organized effort to film a Sasquatch until after we published the authentication analysis.

2. We still maintain that it completely fits with the morphology of a Sasquatch. Large Nocturnal eyes, Heavy Brow Ridge with a cranial keel sloping backward not upward into a coned head, Hooded Nose, Long upper lip, Incredibly long spineous processes on the spine (leading to thick neck, high shoulders and consistent Auburn coloring and behavior.

3. We have no idea who took the video, although we have received maybe 50 emails, some with very interesting and some with possible confidential information. We now know it was actually filmed on Sept. 6 2012, posted on September 13th we confirmed it on September 14th when it had less than 10 views.

4. As to Steve Kulls, we like him and have appeared on his radio show. He may be correct with the group and location of the video (we don’t know) but that does not mean this video is fake or a hoax.

5. The debate over Sasquatch is decades old with sides deeply entrenched. Skeptics refute everything and many researchers want “their” footage or casts or sounds to be the evidence and work against others. We know through personal experience that Sasquatch are real and it is just a matter of time before they are acknowledged.

6. Was it a hoax? Using common sense we believe it is improbable, Why would anyone produce a crappy 29 second video of the most fantastic anatomically correct suit only to film for the last 1.2 seconds… through a tent… sideways…. and then upload it without actually knowing how to even rotate the video.

7. FB/FB’s mission is to curate and publish any data on the subject of the Big Fella. On September 10th we were planning on publishing a thermal that is better than this video, but there are co-owners of that video and both have to agree on release. The reason we published this video so soon was because of the frustration over the non-release. Had we any idea the firestorm this video would create.

8. Lastly the explanation of why Sasquatch exist in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Ontario and the PNW is far more important than any video. The Patterson Gimlin film should have been all that was necessary, unfortunately it does not fit with the out of africa theory of human development. We have attempted to explain why it is not just possible but there it is essential that there is a human-shaped ape that is strategically smarter throughout the USA. Hence why we published the book “YOU ARE A SASQUATCH” .

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

18 Responses to “Facebook Find Bigfoot: Statement on Camper Films Sasquatch with iPhone”

  1. Ro Sahebi via Facebook responds:

    No group better to rely on for spotting hoaxes!

  2. slappy responds:

    “Why would anyone produce a crappy 29 second video of the most fantastic anatomically correct suit only to film for the last 1.2 seconds… through a tent… sideways…. and then upload it without actually knowing how to even rotate the video.”


    all the better to fool suckers like you, FBFB.

  3. semillama responds:

    When you’re down in a hole, the smart thing to do is NOT shovel your self deeper…

  4. JiggyPotamus responds:

    I just finished viewing the looped video on their Facebook page, and that is the first egg in the face of those who were saying a color video would never be released, because it would be too obvious that it was not a sasquatch. After watching it, I do not know if it is authentic, and refuse to jump to that conclusion, but I will say that it is either a sasquatch, or it is a mask. Those are the only options that make any sense.

    While I will not say I believe this is authentic, I also believe that so many people who disbelieve in sasquatch, who do not deserve the title “skeptic,” are really going out of their way to write this off as a hoax, with nothing to back it up. Whenever a proponent or believer offers any type of statement, these scoffers want proof; yet when they make their own claims that evidence has been hoaxed, their word is supposed to be good enough. Hypocrites.

    Yesterday I saw some amateur group saying this video was PROVEN as a hoax because this is the same make and model of the tent in a hoaxed Dyer video. THAT is what you call proof? I don’t think so. At best it is flimsy circumstantial evidence. And even if the person who shot the video is a hoaxer, which has not been established, they too can see a sasquatch in the woods. So this logic is extremely flawed, and I am sick of seeing claims like this on both sides of the bigfoot argument.

    It is impossible to verify, from what is shown in this particular video, whether it is real or a hoax. That is how good it looks. Anyone who says any differently probably has not observed a sasquatch at relatively close range. This is basically what they look like, and the reason I said it is either a mask or it is authentic. A pretty decent mask as well, although the video quality does detract from the detail.

    So after all the claims that supposedly “prove” this to be a hoax, from the B&W version being all that would be released, to sunglasses, the scoffers are out in full force, making the same type of claims that believers make, expecting everyone to accept them at face value despite the fact that they will not accept the same type of claims from anyone else. Unless it suits their agenda of course, which is that sasquatch cannot exist, apparently. Many people, myself included, will not be deterred in our quest to prove these animals exist because we have been fortunate enough to see something incredible.

    I also hypothesize that sightings will continue to increase as time goes on, because the sasquatch population is growing at a fairly good rate. And because of what I hypothesize to be characteristic of their behavior and instinct, it is quite likely that this population increase will force upcoming generations farther from the protection of the densest parts of the forest. This will also mean they will likely begin to come closer to human habitats in their search for food. I actually have developed an entire theory about their behavior and population characteristics, although I have not released any of this information. It is of course impossible to verify the authenticity of any of these ideas at this point as well, and if I do release my hypotheses, it will simply be for the purpose of aiding investigators in their field work, allowing them to understand these animals a bit better. But I know this information will be scoffed at by those whose fleeting interest in the subject entails bashing anything that is pro-sasquatch existing.

  5. scottyboy10 responds:

    The general consencus now is that it is a hoax,Rick Dyer has something to do with it,the tent in the film is the same tent as is in some of his other videos. I hope it’s real,but it looks likMr Dyer has been duping people agai

  6. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    The population is growing? Wow, I’m impressed. You’re a better wildlife biologist than most of the people I’ve known working in the field. Where do you teach?

  7. Jonathan responds:

    I’m not saying this is/isnt a hoax, but its certainly not a mask/costume. If you look you see facial movement. It very well could be makeup, think Warf from Star Trek. Makeup allows for non-human facial structure and consistent movement. It is daytime in the video; why is he in his tent during the day? Is it early? Dinner? was he sleeping by day and moving by night? Lots of questions, I’d love for this video to be real but questions need to first be answered.

  8. slappy responds:

    raw video is assumed to be NOTHING. to be proven real, evidence has to be presented to support that. since there are is no definitive proven video evidence of bigfoot, there is nothing to prove any video real. NOTHING. there is no reference point. if bigfoot exists, no one knows what it looks like, walks like, sounds like, or smells like so there is nothing anyone can put on video that confirms anything. without something scientifically significant, al video is BS to me.

  9. The Believer responds:

    This looks pretty real to me. Everyone is so quick to jump to the hoax conclusion without even giving it a chance. This could be the real thing but yet, we just want to write it off as a hoax straight away. But isn’t it any wonder, what with all the proven hoaxes that have been thrown at us through the years. If a sasquatch is ever actually found, people could look back on all the “supposed” video hoaxes and realise that they were real.
    I think that doubt is in the majority of thinking due to a few idiots ruining it for everyone. We got stay open minded and positive. In relation to the amount of sightings reported, some of the video footage has to be real.
    Unitl this footage is a proven hoax, i’m saying its a Sasquatch, and what a great video, even looks like the face from the Patterson/ Gimlin Footage.

  10. DWA responds:

    This video – and I can’t tell what it is – is no better, at best, than a sighting report on a database.

    Without field followup, it’s just another thing to blather about for a bit, until either the mainstream gets interested or one of the amateur groups that get out once in a blue moon gets really lucky.

    So, who really cares what it is, unless it’s clear what it is?

  11. Goodfoot responds:

    Who else sees an ALL-SEEING EYE? (I also thought I saw a pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum, but that couldn’t be germane, COULD IT?)

  12. Goodfoot responds:

    I See it now! This guy was in LYNYRD SKYNYRD, wasn’t he?

  13. shownuff responds:

    FBFB also said it was a Galaxy Note not an Ipoop, I mean iPhone.

  14. Doug responds:

    It is impressive to look at. Is that all the film they have? Still, it could be faked, and I am not convinced exactly yet about it’s authenticity. Kinda looks like Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams star from the 70s) with a cool pair of Ray Bans on.

  15. fooks responds:

    it looks like an old friend with some dark make-up.

    that is a mustache not a lip, right?

    he had that duane allman thing going, on.

  16. Goodfoot responds:

    Cryptomundians: Before we start re-enacting Antietam, or Brandy Station, we should take a couple steps backwards and take a longer look at this thing and see what it looks like from back there. Maybe it’s an event, and not a thing.

    I’ve been reading here an amazing assumption, and it goes like this: This thing was placed in an “obscure” sector of the Web (as if that were possible!), on Facebook, even. You’re right. The traffic WAS very, very low.

    For a short period of time.

    Now we find ourselves in this clearing, treasure maps firmly in hand, waiting for the treasure trunk to be hauled out of the cave. You got your card, else you wouldn’t be here with us. Maybe you found it in a box of breakfast cereal. Or a stack of bingo cards. Of folded inside your discreet copy of this month’s issue of MAXIM. Doesn’t matter. We’re all here; THAT’S what’s important.

    Live TV. Geraldo’s here to cut the lock on the treasure chest. Big-time stuff, MAN!!!

    See, there’s this assumption about this “obscure” place. Has to be real, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been found. See, my point is precisely this: WE GOT PLAYED!

    THAT’S PRECISELY IT. WE GOT LED HERE. By the nose, or whatever part. GOT. PLAYED.

    I really don’t think the player is anyone who posts here regularly, but surely he’s aware of us. But we’re not aware of him. I don’t pretend to know what it’s really about. Maybe it’s a teaser for movie. A manipulation, maybe, or some kind of Facebook user surveillance overlay. A marketing ploy. A couple of you are retired intelligence officers. You have some grasp of this, on some level anyway.

    GOT PLAYED. PLAYED. But hey, we’re here for the opening of the Treasure Chest. Beer tent’s open, grab a refreshment. Hot out here.

    Geraldo’s cut the lock. Opened the chest.

    What? Is this some kind of JOKE? IT’S EMPTY!!

    No… WAIT! There’s a sealed envelope inside. Written on it: CRYPTOMUNDIANS, HERE IS YOUR TREASURE, IN THE ENVELOPE.

    OPEN IT, man!!! GET ON WITH IT!

    I don’t understand. A small scrap of crumpled, then un- crumpled notebook paper.

    It says: MY FELLOW CRYPTOMUNDIANS, THIS is your treasure. Treasure it. It’s in the form of a question.


    Okay. It says: Cryptomundians, if there never was any Patterson-Gimlin film forty-odd years ago; if it had been pouring rain on that day; if Roger and Bob had woken up on a gorgeous day, and gone hunting instead; if they had gone to a different location, and their paths and Patty’s had never crossed; if they had gone to Bluff Creek, but forgot to bring the camera.

    If instead all we had was this odd little cell phone video clip (“cell phone”? WHAT’S THAT?)

    Taken sideways, through a slot of mesh. That’s it. All that ever happened!

    Would you be here this fine morning, reading this? Would CRYPTOMUNDO ever have happened?

    I want to know.


  17. DWA responds:


    Always good to see somebody who understands what this site is all about.

    Wonder has led to practically all scientific advances. I can’t think of one driven by cynicism.

    But I can think of many driven by skepticism, most particularly, skepticism about the wisdom of ‘the conventional wisdom’ that this ain’t real.

  18. Goodfoot responds:

    DWA: Thanks. The dadburned thing just welled up, and I had to get it out. Thought I might have well have shared it with my fellow C-Mundians.

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