Update: Amazing Bigfoot Trackway Found in Washington State

Posted by: Sharon Lee on September 21st, 2012

When I saw the photos, I got goosebumps. Not only were some of the tracks perfect, there were so many of them and they were very fresh!

I immediately contacted Derek and begged him to answer my questions and he was very gracious to accommodate me this morning!

Listen here.

The story begins with a couple of men looking for a good fishing spot discovered hundreds of prints with a 4-5 foot stride. They immediately left the area and emailed Cliff Barackman. Cliff is on break from filming Finding Bigfoot right now and was enjoying time away from society and did not reply to the email. The fishermen then contacted the BFRO and investigator Scott Taylor was dispatched to conduct the investigation.

Scott graciously shared the find with Derek and Paul from the Olympic Projects. Guy Edwards was there, Thom Powell showed up to gather some casts. Dr. Meldrum was contacted and will probably be making the trip to the location this weekend, however, the tracks are now beginning to deteriorate due to weather changes.

Derek was able to find a starting and ending point of the tracks and it is speculated that the creature was headed towards an abundant blackberry thicket.

The process has been thoroughly documented and we are sure to learn some very important behavioral information from this discovery.

Thank you BFRO researcher Scott Taylor, Davide Ellis, Richard Noll, Derek Randles and all others who share information so freely with all of us!

photos courtesy of Derek Randles

From Derek Randles:

I would really like to thank Washington State researcher Scott Taylor for the way he handled this amazing track line. With Bigfoot evidence, a lot of researchers have a tendency to keep very quiet about what they have for fear of others swooping in to take the spoils and grab the glory. In my opinion Scott has set a new precedent with the way he handled this event. Information was shared and proper documentation happened. I think this is the way research should, and does work. This is one of the best examples I’ve seen in my 27 years of BF research where many have come together to collaborate and share findings. It’s very simple, more can be learned this way. Scott, I applaud you actions here, and hope that we can all take the example you’ve set and run with it. On behalf of the Olympic Project, thank you., Derek Randles

Derek Randles of the Olympic Project, Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot and Guy Edwards of the Bigfoot Lunch Club.

About Sharon Lee
The Bigfoot Field Reporter's Mission is To promote and share research, information and events regarding the existence of the unlisted humanoid species known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot;and to help further education and understanding to the public regarding the species, throughout the United States of America.

18 Responses to “Update: Amazing Bigfoot Trackway Found in Washington State”

  1. Van Lightning via Facebook responds:

    great place to stick a cam on a tree.

  2. ralphthedog responds:

    The tracks almost look too good to be true. One has to wonder if they are fake. I did hear that there was toe movement in the tracks. Has anyone seen any more pictures?

  3. squatchman responds:

    This is real!! I’m glad that there is more footprints found in Washington!!

  4. Sasquatch Up Close responds:

    Great post! To make it perfect, you’ll want to replace “with” with “when” in this sentence:

    “The story begins with a couple of men looking for a good fishing spot discovered hundreds…”

  5. Philip Smith responds:

    Looks like that first one has a drag in it. Notice how it dragged before it picked it back up. Interesting and the last one is a smaller stride because of the rock. Almost a stutter step. Would someone fake that?

  6. Craig Woolheater responds:


    I have updated the post with information from Derek Randles above, as well as some additional photos.


  7. Boo Berry responds:

    I’m with ralphthedog, looks a bit too good to be true.

  8. alan borky responds:

    Sharon I don’t know what ralphthedogs’s take on the existence or otherwise of Bigfoot is but many debunkers (to use the recent Michael Prescottism) always ask where the evidence is for all these ‘tooth fairies and spaghetti monsters of the mind’ only on being presented with it to immediately demur either “not good enough” or worse “too good”.

    But’re any of them even capable of defining what exactly constitutes this sort of ‘Goldilock’s evidence’ which mustn’t be too ‘hot’ or too ‘cool’ but just right?

  9. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    I’m waiting for Dr. Meldrum’s take on the footprints/casts…

  10. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    Personally i think this is a fake as the big toe curves in – a sure sign of someone who has worn shoes as the toe curves inward as one would expect fron someone who has spent a long time wearing shoes. The shoes mould the toes. Those the dont wear shoes the big toe is in alignment with the side of the foot, and in some cases pulls away from the second toe.

  11. dconstrukt responds:

    interesting…. to me, the footprints in the photos look too perfect…. not like the stuff you usually see from “famous” prints.

    keep in mind i am just a normal person with zero scientific knowledge, just saying what i see.

    but ya… why not flood that area with cameras?

    SOMETHING is there doing it. right?

  12. Sharon Lee responds:

    Thank you Sasquatchupclose. I will fix that! I hope you all listen to the interview. In all they cast over 70 prints of the 150+. Thom Powell was there also casting prints. As of yesterday the prints have begun to deteriorate, therefore Meldrum will probably not be going today and will study the casts.
    Thank you to Scott Taylor of the BFRO for sharing with other people and organizations.

  13. sasquatch responds:

    Yo NZcryptozoologist, Do bears wear shoes? Their toes curve in.

  14. IFC responds:

    The first print looks like it was pressed into the ground and lifted straight up leaving a perfect print.It doesn’t look like a print a walking animal would leave.

  15. Goodfoot responds:

    I think we should wait until the casts are examined for dermal ridges. I don’t believe those can be faked.

  16. The Believer responds:

    I agree with IFC, there doesn’t seem to be any weight contributed to the ball of the foot or the heel, also the alleged sasquatch’s footprint is the same depth as the guy’s shoe print, shouldn’t a seven + foot tall extremely heavy beast make a deeper impact into what seems to be very soft mud??

    I cant make out the length of the footprint from the photo, does anyone know?, it looks like the same length as the shoe print, which could just be a human footprint in the mud.

    However, it would be a great find if Dr. Meldrum proves the footprints are real, but it “sure looks like a squatchy area”.

  17. Alamo responds:

    I spent a great deal of my childhood and about half my adult life running around barefoot, couple of things strike me:

    1) There is little, if any, movement in the prints. Take a look at the 1st print and compare to the shoe print in the center of the 2nd picture. You see that ridge around the edges of the shoe print? That’s because body weight and inertia causes the feet to slide around some after the initial placement, leaving a central impression with surrounding outlines from the corollary movement, pressing the mud upwards around it. The more an animal weighed and the faster it was moving, the more pronounced this would be. From the prints, whatever left the marks weighed less than the people wearing the sneakers and moved so slowly and gingerly that the impression is just about picture perfect with no surrounding outlines.

    2) When walking barefoot on a squishy surface with reduced traction, the toes will automatically grip downwards, digging for purchase… the delineation between the toes is extremely sharp, indicating they were static and did not move around in relation to one another and the impression is shallow, not showing the natural tendency of toes to curl downward into the mud.

    … just my two cents

  18. Goodfoot responds:

    Point taken, Alamo. I just have a problem with someone with wings creating these!

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