Choctaw Natives Battle It Out With Bigfoot In Oklahoma

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 8th, 2016

Large hairy man-beasts had been raiding human settlements in Oklahoma and Arkansas for some time, mostly stealing vegetables, but had also been stealing human children and eating them. A Choctaw search party was organized and led by Joshua LeFlore, to flush out the beasts and eliminate them. The Choctaw Indians were known as exceedingly strong, fierce warriors, but that day they experienced something which none would ever forget.

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2 Responses to “Choctaw Natives Battle It Out With Bigfoot In Oklahoma”

  1. capiar1 responds:

    Great story! I am actually going to be traveling through Leflore County this weekend. One thing about the video though…it sounds like it was recorded by the Google Maps voice. Weird. Still an awesome story and I wonder if anyone has ever tried to excavate that site.

  2. jimbo_kirko responds:

    The Choctaw people didn’t battle ANYONE in LeFlore County OK. The Choctaw tribe aren’t anywhere near that county. That is on the far east side of the state bordering Arkansas. The Choctaw People are in and around Durant Oklahoma, Bryan County, on the Choctaw Nation, down in the south part of the state. You people need to stop with all of this BULLCRAP!……….its pathetic.

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