Cliff Barackman Reviews When Roger Met Patty

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 24th, 2014


I just finished reading Bill Munn’s excellent book, “When Roger Met Patty.” It decisively proves the Patterson-Gimlin film was not and could not have been a hoax of any kind. As a professional special effects make up artist and creature maker for Hollywood, Munns is uniquely qualified to do the science in the book, and is logical and transparent in his approach. For those interested in the film and the forensics done to prove the film is genuine, and therefore the species is real, this is definitely worth your time.

~ Cliff Barackman

The book is available on

The Patterson-Gimlin Film, the Hominid seen in it, the remarkably intense debate it has provoked, and the solution to the mystery. This book offers a truly unique analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film (the “Bigfoot” film, as it is also known), addressing the question of hoax or fraud from the perspective of a professional makeup and creature effects designer, as well as the perspective of a vintage filmmaker. The film itself is truly the best evidence, far superior to any testimony, recollections and similar descriptive accounts, and this analysis relies upon that best evidence only, for the definitive analysis in the 47 year history of this mysterious piece of film footage. This book is primarily written for the people who have not made up their minds, people who are simply curious about this mysterious film and have not yet formed an opinion as to its authenticity. Hopefully as well, this book will be of value to scholarly people who are willing to evaluate this film with an academic and factual approach. The film is a remarkable mystery, and the controversy surrounding it is a fascinating commentary on human nature. The truth of the Patterson-Gimlin Film is quite an extraordinary story.

About the Author

William “Bill” Munns brings over 45 years of career experience and knowledge to this topic. He loves challenges and mysteries, and the Patterson-Gimlin Film’s solution is both. He lives in the mountain community of Lake Arrowhead, CA.

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One Response to “Cliff Barackman Reviews When Roger Met Patty”

  1. DWA responds:

    The scientific mainstream now has – among other testimony – two books and a published paper by Jeff Meldrum; two books by John Bindernagel; and this book in front of it, in less than a decade.

    It’s cutting them more slack than they deserve to just mention these; a critical mass of evidence has been on hand for decades.

    Here are the choices.

    1. Show how the analyses are wrong.
    2. Admit one’s incompetence to do so.
    3. Join fully in advocating the push for proof; stop pooh-pooing, tabooing and discouraging young scientists (and your peers, for shame) who express interest in this field.

    (3. is expected, and better happen, immediately upon 2.)

    Stop expecting to be taken seriously in the meantime. The only place a colossal weight of ignorance counts is on a grocery scale.

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