Derek Randles: Sasquatch Caught on Therm by Olympic Project?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 28th, 2013

Derek Randles had the following to say regarding the thermal footage recently released:

Just wanted to get a message out. We do want people to analyze the still shot and video we’ve released. For those purposes please feel free. Many eyes are a good thing, and maybe something will be noticed that we missed. We do have a few people working on it, but by all means please do so it you want to. We very much appreciate the help. We are a volunteer Org and we’re doing the best we can with what we have. We are very excited about this, but even more excited about the potential of this study site, and we’re just getting started there. Hopefully this will be the worst footage we release. We’ve also been doing a ton of audio work there spearheaded by David Ellis, and we are getting an amazing amount of knocks, vocals, screams as well as a myriad of other noises. We have decided to take this approach of quick release for many reasons. It gives everybody a chance to weigh in on evidence produced. There are a lot of qualified people out there, and we appreciate the help. Also, We are tired of researchers sitting on evidence for weeks, months or even years. It’s obviously a researchers right to do so, but it’s also one of the fastest ways to loose your credibility. So we decided to do this one differently. I stated years ago that when the Olympic Project had something good to put out there, it would be put out quickly, and that’s what we’re doing. Its should also be noted that we will not engage in a pissing match with anybody. We will stay on the high road and live and let live. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion and we respect that. Thanks..and very hopefully…more coming soon.

Derek Randles.
Oly Project.

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11 Responses to “Derek Randles: Sasquatch Caught on Therm by Olympic Project?”

  1. dconstrukt responds:

    posted a detailed “analysis” on the previous post:

    I’d love for someone to tell me why there’s such a difference between the animals in the 2 FLIR videos I posted in the comments…. and the “bigfoot” in this video.

    it doesn’t jive.

  2. DWA responds:

    Open science. Only way to go.

    Real shame that “real” scientists are only now beginning to find this out (giving ornithologists and astronomers due credit as early adopters now; but it’s been far too long coming in this field.)

    Soldier on, Derek. You can’t avoid the inevitable; but it will subside in time. Keep putting it out there, and thanks.

  3. Hapa responds:

    The first thing that interests me is that the supposed creature is very still, almost like a predator that waits to pounce…and a cow was nearby. Did it sense that people were nearby and decide to cancel a hunt? Why was it so still? A skeptic could raise red flags over such stillness, as if it was a prop set out to be filmed, a prop that wouldn’t move. It does seem to be generating heat like a real flesh and blood giant animal, not a person in an ape suit (I don’t know if you could fake a heat signature like that in thermograph). The fact that it came with tracks and possibly a knuckle print is intriguing, though the tracks do not seem well defined.

    Can a person in a large ape suit mimic the heat signature of a massive real animal?

    Although a thermograph picture is interesting, a ultra clear regular photograph would be much better. Short of a body, major parts of one, live specimen or fossils, or short of anomalous hairs and DNA, a good clear photo is desirable (you cannot prove it exists with a photograph, but its better to have a clear regular one than a thermal).

    I think by what I have read in the text and from what I have heard that the Olympic Project does not believe in killing or capturing Sasquatch in order to prove it. However, this does not mean necessarily that physical evidence in the region cannot be found: Is there any fossil site in the region or cave that could be explored and examined for unusual fossils?

    Good work, guys. Please keep us updated on further finds and results.

  4. John Adams via Facebook responds:

    Would have like to see some movement by this animal. Was it ever observed walking away? At this point, I might have even snapped a twig or made some noise for a reaction.

    Too bad it’s image wasn’t as clear as the cow strolling across the screen. Was this on a farm of some sort? If so, I can’t help wonder if it could have been a cow/farm animal or two being seen at an angle that allowed matrixing by us to look like an upper torso.

    Interesting, but ultimately inconclusive for me.

  5. William responds:

    I agree with John Adams take on this..why not make a noise to see if it would get up and move away?

  6. KelticOne responds:

    I also have to agree with John and say that the video is interesting but far from conclusive. I lived in Grays Harbor County for a few years and spent time around Lake Quinault, the Wynoochee Dam, Satsop River and Copalis Beach. Any of these areas, I believe, could be bigfoot habitat. Also, I have studied/researched bigfoot/saquatch for 55+ years and am far from being a skeptic. I always had the highest regard for the work and research that the “Olympic Project” does but I have become a little skeptical since seeing Derek’s name associated with Rick Dyer. I’m still waiting to see if Rick Dyer is going to present the alleged dead bigfoot to the public on January 1, 2014. I’m also curious to see if Derek Randles is going to accept Rick Dyer’s invitation to view the body next month (December). (This was posted on the “Bigfoot Buzz” website this past September and I can’t vouch for the authenticity of these claims.) Everything that I have read about Derek Randles and the Olympic Project has been very positive. I can’t understand why Derek would even want his name on the same webpage as Rick Dyer’s.

    Getting back to the video – The biggest “red flag” for me is the reaction (or lack of reaction) from the cow that seems to nonchalantly stroll between the camera and the bigfoot(?) image while casually chewing its cud. I believe it was stated that the distance between the camera and subject was 117 feet. That would put the cow within a distance where it should have been aware of the “bigfoot”. Even if the bigfoot would have immediately exited the vicinity, the cow should have had some type of reaction. I have read too many accounts over the years of cattle and horses stampeding when a bigfoot is nearby to believe that the cow in the video would have been oblivious. Is the location of the video an “habituation” site where the livestock have become acclimated to bigfoot?

    At any rate, I look forward to hearing the vocalizations. I again want to say that the work being done by Derek and the folks of the Oly Project is some of the best research being done currently. So Derek, I don’t want to get into a “pissing contest” either. I just have a real dislike of Rick Dyer and I think that he brings nothing positive to the real subject and understanding of bigfoot/sasquatch. Keep up the good work.

  7. DWA responds:


    I don’t find the cows’ reactions a problem.

    Our stereotypical views of predator-prey interactions frequently come a cropper in the field. Polar bears spar playfully with chained sled dogs; lions stroll nonchalantly amid unconcerned herds; a lion pride protects a human infant until the adults searching for it show up; chimpanzees play with baby baboons, a food item; and I have read at least one bigfoot report in which the animal lingered among unconcerned cattle, and others that indicate that may not be that unusual.

    Of all the things this could be, a bigfoot is, actually, what it looks most like. So I’m reserving judgment and waiting for more information, the best approach in this field.

  8. Hapa responds:

    In one of Loren Coleman’s books (Cannot remember the name, dealt with bigfoot), he relates an account of a sasquatch that raped cattle. Nasty to think about, though cross-species attractions have occurred: I heard of a female gorilla that had a crush on a man (I think it might have been a dean) at a university. Likewise Orangutans will grab onto and rape women (and in some cases I believe men).

    If this was common sasquatch behavior, that would definitely give cattle an incentive to spook whenever one of these things were around!

  9. KelticOne responds:

    To DWA – You make a good point. There have been conflicting reports, through the years regarding bigfoot’s relationship with other species. I have read reports where bigfoot have a copacetic, almost a partnership-type relationship with coyotes. On the other hand, there were alleged incidents in both Oregon and I believe West Virginia or Kentucky where a complete pack of coyotes was found mutilated and disemboweled. The culprits were believed to be a bigfoot. I think we have probably all read the alleged accounts of bigfoot braiding the manes of horses. In most accounts of interactions between bigfoot and dogs the dogs come out on the losing end. But I have read a few accounts where a bigfoot supposedly had a canine companion. There are some that theorize that bigfoot has the ability to use “infrasound” to calm and even paralyze other animals. I haven’t been able to totally get my head around this theory. My observation of the interaction between bigfoot and domesticated animals was based on countless reports of horses breaking through corrals/stalls and cows attempting to break through barb wire at the approach of a bigfoot/sasquatch. Lastly, there is an amazing video on You Tube of polar bears playing with sled dogs. Thank you for your input and comments.

    To Hapa – Thank you for your comments. I have also read alleged reports of bigfoot having “relations” with those of the bovine persuasion. But this was only after a couple of drinks and the promise of marriage. There are a number of paternity suits being filed as we speak. I can’t shake the mental image of a cow or cows out there with 17 inch hooves, a sagittal crest and which “whoops” instead of making mooing sounds. LOL

  10. PhotoExpert responds:

    Again, interesting video at best.

    There is just not enough detail or quality there, for any logical argument for or against the subject of the video being an actual Bigfoot.

    To argue the point either way is simply illogical and futile. Without abundance and concrete evidence, I could argue it was an alien from another planet or a big dog or anything. The evidence needed for concrete proof is lacking or not there because of the quality of the video and other factors.

    Arguing either way on this one is just a waste of time, energy and not prudent!

  11. dconstrukt responds:

    had some more questions…. would love to hear your guys answers to these… because to me, they don’t make sense….

    if the bigfoot is 6-10 ft tall, how can it lie down like it appears to be in the photo on its stomach while arched up? (like a surfer)

    does not seem possible for that big of an animal.

    if its crouching, where are its knee’s? they would have to be in front of the chest area, yet you dont see anything.

    the ground appears to be flat, so not sure if there’s a ledge its on…. or not.

    where’s the rest of the body?

    if you can see the upper part through the bushes, why is the rest of it not visible at all?

    shot in the summer as reported by the person.

    if its hiding behind a tree or bushes, why are you not able to see them with the thermal?

    Also if an animal is crouching, his upper body would be leaning forward, its a natural body position, so the video of the animal’s position seems weird.

    would love to hear what someone else thinks about these things.

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