Habituating Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 2nd, 2015

Randy Filipovic a.k.a. Racer X offers his thoughts on the touchy subject of Sasquatch habituation:

There is a popular practice amongst quite a few researchers who wish to try and lure Bigfoot closer to them. It’s known as habituating or gifting. This practice involves leaving various types of human processed food items, as well as fruits and vegetables.

So far this method of trying to attract a Bigfoot has been widely accepted in the community but I think we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

Is there any evidence to suggest this is a better way of researching than other means? In my opinion, no, there is not. Some people prefer to utilize trail cameras, some like to hike for hours, searching for structures, prints and other forms of possible evidence that may lead to a Bigfoot sighting. Others prefer to sit quietly in one location and study the surrounding area for edible plants, mushrooms and berries. I think all of those are acceptable because those methods have no direct impact on wildlife.

I won’t bring up any names here but I recall having a heated debate with a researcher who uses gifting as a way to try to obtain evidence, such as saliva or hair. To the credit of the individual, she admitted that no hair or saliva has been gathered through the gifting of food, if I remember the conversation correctly.

She did, however, feel it was okay to leave out pies and fruit because her opinion was that Bigfoot was taking these, yet there was no evidence to support the notion.

There is another person who travels to the same location repeatedly and he leaves all sorts of food gifts. Some may be nutritionally valuable but most food stuff left is processed junk food, wrapped or contained in plastic.

I know I am not alone in disagreeing with habituation using food but I think we are the minority, albeit a vocal minority. I say this because I don’t come across very many people talking negatively about this serious issue.

I have been told that I am over reacting to this because it isn’t harming anyone. Obviously the people that said this to me have not really thought out the potential problems of gifting Bigfoot.

Read the rest of the article here.

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One Response to “Habituating Bigfoot”

  1. airforce47 responds:

    Gifting is an interesting topic in habituation research. IMHO it may result in only 2 problems and that being providing food may reduce the species reliance on themselves to find and maintain their needed level of sustenance. This I don’t see as a major problem given the species level of intelligence and their niche in the ecosystem.

    The second problem could be the transfer of pathogens either bacterial or viral and there’s some feeling among researchers this may have happened with the influx of nonnative humans into North America over the last 500 years.

    However, until modern science decides to accept the Sasquatch species as real no interference will be offered to habituation gifting so it will continue. My best,

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