Hairy Creature Captured?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 26th, 2017

Igor Burtsev of the International Center of Hominology, brought this video to our attention and had this to say:

It presented on Utube as a captured small hairy creature on the Caucases but not exactly where. Somebody wrote that in Karachaevo-Cherkes republic? but as I could understand they were talking in Azerbaijan language (now it’s a separate state by the Kaspian sea)/ And I noticed there on a piece of paper Arabic and Latin letters show the date – November 30, 2016, or еhe year 1395 Hijri (?)and the name Haji Taha – in Russia they don’t use such writings, it’s another confirmation of Azerbaijan location of the case (my personal investigation, as I know Azerbaijan language and Arabic writings too).
The Arabic writings show some figures – 75,11,95, 25 – and a couple of letters

Baby Bigfoot? Juvenile Almasty? Monkey in a suit? What do you think?

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

44 Responses to “Hairy Creature Captured?”

  1. William Dranginis responds:

    Monkey in a suit..

  2. Danny Weldon responds:

    A monkey?

  3. Alexandra Louvet responds:

    It looks like a monkey.

  4. Rich Templin responds:

    Monkey in a suit of some kind

  5. Crang Prangslanger responds:

    Sure looks exactly like a Rehsus monkey wearing a suit. Even sounds just like one.

  6. John Gonzales responds:

    Master Ewok

  7. Jordan Benjamin Harreld responds:

    Danny Weldon looks like it and someone put it in a suit

  8. Gary James responds:

    This is animal cruelty. It’s a monkey in a suit, why else wear socks?

  9. Jon Siegel responds:

    L O L. Fake news!!!

  10. Skylaire responds:

    Sweet Jesus… I am going to repost and tag my friend in Khazistan. Also there was a Fortean group forming in Ukraine just after Putin invaded… I will try to dig up their contact info. Whatever this creature, I sure hope it is safe and still alive.

  11. mandors responds:

    Very, very interesting.

    It’s not a doll. The eye movements, blinks, shifts and even tearing look real, and it obviously moves on its own. My knee jerk was someone wrapped up a very small toddler in a black wig, but the nostrils and mouth don’t look human, but they do look really, i.e., alive.

    The hand is suspicious. The tips of the fingers look like make up or prosthetics were stuck on, the rest of the hand looks natural, but the skin of the hand seems too vascular and the fingers are too long for a human toddler.

    The thing is also TINY. It seems too small to be a human child. It also seems to have that stunned look/demeanor that a wild baby animal, like a rabbit, has when captured.

    The socks are odd, but it IS the Caucuses, and it gets cold there.

    Here are a couple links to baby capuchin monkey pictures. FYI: they don’t look like this. Even if it is a monkey, it’s a very interesting looking monkey.

  12. Heather Garcia responds:

    Khat Hansen, looks real, and so cute!

  13. Chris Wallbruch responds:


  14. Ken Skelton responds:

    It walks upright naturally, and faster than a human walk.

  15. Joanna Satana responds:

    snub nosed monkey with a weave

  16. Danny Weldon responds:

    Ha some people got to much time on their hands

  17. Christopher Hjelte responds:

    It’s obviously a baby Grizzlor

  18. Steve Crawford responds:

    Monkey but the poor bloody thing needs proper care.

  19. SirWilhelm responds:

    It would be nice if someone who can translate the speech and writing into English, could view the video. Hopefully, some Russian scientists will be able to examine the creature, and get DNA samples, and other samples that would not be too invasive. This could be the proverbial “find of the century”.

  20. Craig T. Davidson responds:

    Clearly a monkey in a suit.

  21. Khat Hansen responds:

    Oh my heck so so cute. BUT there are several problems here. The first being why do they have it swaddled in fake hair? 2) We can’t see his feet for the socks. 3) The hands are webbed with looong attenuated fingers. 4) leg length is disproportionate to body length. 5) chittering noises NOW what IS interesting is the nose…look at the anatomy of a juvenile and adult Rhesus…NO VESTIGIAL NOSE FLAPS!!! This little guy has them as well as webbing…thinking he is some kind of Macaque maybe. Hand ratio is wrong as well IE SEE MY BACKGROUND Photos

  22. Heather Garcia responds:

    Ok, thank you for helping, all I knew is hands didn’t look like monkey

  23. Jim Sapp responds:

    im going with fake on this one. I believe its got a wig and rubber prosthetics on it. It also acts like a monkey, not a hominid.

  24. Adolfo David Alvarado Ayaquica responds:

    Looks like a rhesus monkey in a suit. Just look nat the hands and the eyes.

  25. Morgan Lee Knudsen responds:

    Is Igor claiming this is real or is he just presenting this as a video they received? This is not doing their Almasty organization any justice as it’s so blatantly a fake.

  26. etheral responds:

    What in the everlasting heck is that thing? That’s nightmare fuel!

  27. William Dranginis responds:

    I think this video may include a human baby while laying down and some kind of dressed up monkey walking around. The man talking gibberish starts messing with what is suppose to be the right arm and hand. At the 2:00 minute mark he is filming the face while messing with the arm of the subject. At that point it seems like the arm got caught in the hair and he inadvertently jerked it. In doing so it looks like the mouth, nose and hair move as one like it was a prosthetic device, not part of the living subject. So basically.. a human baby dressed up as this creature but with a fake mouth and nose placed over the baby humans mouth and nose. When the subject runs around on the floor, it runs a little bit then sits down and looks around. I have seen monkeys do this exact same thing. I will look for examples..

  28. Chalupacabra responds:

    This creature should be examined by an experienced wig maker. The hair looks totally fake, and thick enough to hide the anatomical shape of the poor monkey inside.

  29. Alaric Bragg responds:


  30. cryptokellie responds:

    This appears to be a Snub Nosed Monkey. There are several species in Asia, mostly in China, Tibet and a few scattered areas. It does indeed have a very thick coat of fur though.

  31. Martin Goss responds:

    Looking at some pictures and videos of Snub Nosed Monkeys, it does look like one in a wig suit of hair

  32. Donald Fischer responds:

    Fake as a three dollar bill

  33. mandors responds:

    @cryptokellie Um, no.

  34. Cryptomundo responds:

    No where in his statement is he making any claims as to the veracity of the video. He was just sharing it as a video that was interesting.

  35. Jeannie French Shawn Kessler responds:

    It is a monkey. when you look at the hands it is a monkey. looks they put him in a hair suit

  36. phjggyb responds:

    its obviously the offspring of Michael Jackson and his pet chimp bubbles eeeee heeeee

  37. cryptokellie responds:

    You are right. This is not a Snub Nosed Monkey.
    I checked back and the image I first saw was of a model made by someone in China and was included in the group. My mistake…
    As to what this is? I agree with you. A small primate perhaps a baby sold as a pet. Wearing a fur piece and blue socks.
    The animal is on a lead and is being talked to as one would talk to a pet. It chitters like a small monkey. An unusual baby macaque of some kind?

  38. john5 responds:

    I agree cryptokellie : ) It looks like some species of Snub Nosed Monkey, but without its tail. The species living high in the mountains grow thick fur in the winter and this video is possibly from November 2016 when the monkeys would be sporting a thick coat.

    Snub Nosed Monkeys also walk on 2 legs for short distances, however the ones with a tail walk a bit differently than this one here…

  39. dconstrukt responds:


    ok… some of MY observations…

    1. it IS alive
    2. there is no hair on “it’s arms/hands/feet which for me, I rule out bigfoots or etc.
    3. its tied to a rope at the end.
    4. it walks like a monkey of some sort
    5. the hair on it is some sort of jacket or something
    6. it looks like a monkey of some sort
    7. I have no F’n clue what it is
    8. but it looks like some type of monkey more than i’d say its a bigfoot or something.

    carry on. 🙂

  40. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    Quite Peculiar. But I Don’t Think It Would Be So Perplexing If We Could See The Creatures Feet, Which Have Been Conveniently Concealed By Socks.

  41. NiceBrowRidge responds:

    The face looks primate – not too hominid. Also it’s very small for something that could grow 6-7′ tall. Hair looks too concentrated on the torso and unnatural for the thin limbs. The animal also seems to not move freely but like something with unnatural covering over it. It really looks more like a monkey with costuming than something completely different like a yeti.

  42. traveller responds:

    My two bob’s worth

    Whatever it is it is not distressed. The eyes are calm but curious. It doesn’t appear to be drugged. The string they have attached to it seems to be for show. The hands are odd. Certainly not human but they could be shaved to make it appear less like a monkey’s which they do resemble with the black fingernails. Alternatively it could be a human child with a genetic condition. What i can see of the mouth area looks a little like this

  43. phjggyb responds:

    WTH is that?? you could start your own thread with that pic…looks like Mick Jagger got a crack at bubbles

  44. pateriot responds:

    I don’t know what they are sayin but the writing is in Uzbek, which my wife speaks. They have traditions and beliefs in mystical house trolls. That is what it says that it is. What is more likely to be would be a monkey that has been made to look freakish.

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