Honey Island Swamp Monster on Swamp People

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 25th, 2011

Dana Holyfield

Dana Holyfield sends the following news. Her husband, Terral Evans is a cast member of the History channel series, Swamp People.

Swamp People Terral Evans

Craig, Hi. In case you missed my post the other day, this Thursday night is the episode on Swamp People when Terral takes us camping in the swamp in search of evidence of the Swamp Monster. Not sure how they edited it and how much of the camping trip they will show because they only give us so much air time. The info about the Full Moon Fever episode is in on History Channel’s Swamp People website.

Tonight, Terral, his wife Dana and their friends are headed out in search of the fabled monster of the Honey Island Swamp.History

Full Moon Fever premieres Thursday, 5/26/11 at 8:00 PM CST and re-airs again at midnight.

Swamp People Terral Evans

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One Response to “Honey Island Swamp Monster on Swamp People

  1. flame821 responds:

    I love this show. Troy Landry discussed ‘big eye’ last season, needless to say there are a lot of strange creatures in the swamps. I often wonder if they are misidentified animals, but when people like Troy, Jr, Terral and other experienced hunters who live and work in the area discuss their sightings I’m much more inclined to believe it is what they say it is. Their lives depend on being able to size up situations quickly and accurately.

    Not to say they would know an escaped orangutan if it jumped up at them, but they know the native creatures quite well. And I wouldn’t expect an escaped solitary primate to live more than a few years in a swamp even under the best circumstances. Too many predators and diseases to fight off. So if they are seeing and hearing these animals year after year it gives more weight to there being a breeding population and chance of scientific discovery.

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