HopsSquatch Kicks off in Portland, Oregon

Posted by: Guy Edwards on April 2nd, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club


Cliff Barackman (far right) is previewing his new DVD at HopsSquatch

HopsSquatch is a Bigfoot and Beer event dedicated to the latest Bigfoot news and research. A unique speaker’s series held on the 4th Sunday of each month. get your tickets now at HopsSquatch.com

The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland Oregon 97214 (map)

Get behind-the-scenes information from the experts and become Bigfoot insiders learning what is on the horizon of Bigfoot research. Cliff Barackman, Host of Finding Bigfoot will kick off this series on April 28th. Below is the April 28th Schedule.

Series presentations-$5 per person (limited seating so reserve early!)

or save by becoming a member of Hopssquatch for $50.

Get your tickets now at HopsSquatch.com

Event Nite Schedule (2pm to 5pm):
Cliff’s Presentation – Sharing his latest research!
Preview of Cliff’s new DVD – First time screened in public!
Moderated Q&A -You get to ask Cliff Questions!
Panel Discussion – Bigfooters discuss DNA, Kill/No Kill, etc…

Event Nite Schedule (5pm to 8pm):
Preview of New Bigfoot Documentary, “Dead Bigfoot.”
Cheers and Beers ’til 8pm

Future Speakers Include:
Thom Powell, Best selling Author of “The Locals”
Kirk Sigurdson, Expert in Hidden Histories
Guy Edwards, Founder of Bigfoot Lunch Club
Doug Meachum, Hypnotist
Ro Sahebi, Film Maker and Documentarian from L.A.
Cindy Rose Caddell, Author & Anthropology Major

Limited Space-Reserve Now! get your tickets now at HopsSquatch.com

Guy Edwards About Guy Edwards
Psychology reduces to biology, all biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, and finally physics to mathematical logic. Guy Edwards is host of the Portland, OR event HopsSquatch.com.

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  1. Goodfoot responds:

    Beer and “squatchers”. It’s like bacon and eggs.

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