Hunting Guide Finds (Bigfoot) Track in East Texas

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 8th, 2012

From facebook page for Hardcore Outdoors.

I’m gonna tell y’all what I saw this weekend & give you all the details as soon as I get the pic uploaded. Lord knows I can’t explain it but I saw it with my own eyes & even took the picture myself, I have no doubt it will be very controversial! I swear it’s NOT a joke or a hoax of any kind, I had just about decided not to even tell anybody for fear of losing my credibility. Do you believe in things that can’t be explained? I never believed in any of that crap (for lack of a better word) but now I’m just not sure what I believe anymore.Hardcore Outdoors

If I hadn’t seen this myself I’d NEVER have believed it! We parked the boat on the west bank of an old slough this past Friday evening about a mile from our very secluded camp, hunted, killed the hog I posted a pic of that same night, drug the hog out & went back to camp. That night the temperature went from 79 degrees to about 45 degrees with 40pmh gusting winds all night long, there was a man with his wife & young grandson that were camped next to us but they were fishing & I know for a FACT they never left camp that night because I was sleeping close to our boats. Saturday morning we fought the wind & waves up the cove & into the same slough from the night before, parked the boat in the same spot & there were these tracks. Whoever or whatever left these tracks waded across the slough in about knee deep water in the middle of the night in 45 degree weather in their bare feet, the tracks were very visible across the shallow water all the way up onto the bank till it hit gravel & they were gone. They were NOT 15 to 18 inches long like I’ve always heard but were about 12 to 13 inches long but the tracks were pressed deep into the mud, my buddy Shawn was with me & he is 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 385 pounds & wears a size 14 boot & he couldn’t push his foot that deep in the mud beside the tracks! Another thing about these tracks is that the right foot seems to be missing the little toe, I SWEAR I didn’t pay much attention to the little track next to it till I got it on my computer just now. I sent it to a good friend who is also one of my cameramen last late night via cell phone & he asked me about the little track & I told him it looked like the rear foot of a raccoon. Now, on the bigger computer screen it looks like a miniature version of the big track! I can’t honestly say what I think about this but here’s the pic & the real story behind it, you be the judge!

I don’t believe in bigfoot, aliens, swamp monsters, the boogie man etc, etc. But I do know that I personally took this picture & I also know there’s absolutely NO WAY you can get to this spot unless you’re in a boat or you walk countless miles through the Sulphur River bottoms! I won’t even attemp to explain this but there it is.

I’ve been getting tons of questions about the pic I posted of the “TRACK”. Go back to that post & click on “See More” above the pic & it will tell you everything I know. We found lots of these tracks that shouldn’t have been where they were with a logical explination! It’s NOT a hoax & I’m not claiming that it is anything other than what it is & that’s tracks that don’t make sense. I will believe in Big foot when I see him & not untill then, we didn’t hear strange noises of any kind or see any hairy monsters. But tell me how human looking tracks got where they were? Tell me why someone in their bare feet would walk across a slough in 45 degree weather in the middle of the night? Tell me how they got there because nobody in a boat came by there in the middle of the night & that’s the ONLY way to get in there unless you walk for mile after endless mile through those river bottoms! The tracks came out of the water & they stretched about 20 feet or so before they hit gravel & the tracks stopped. It didn’t have an extremely long stride & the tracks were about 12 to 13 inches long but they were deep in the mud. My buddy Shawn was there too, he’s 6′ 4″ tall, weighs 385 pounds & wears a size 14 boot. His foot was a little bigger than the tracks but he couldn’t push his foot that deep in the mud, so how much did whatever made the tracks weigh? I only took the one picture of the tracks because the ones in the water & the ones closest to the water had already started “silting” in with mud & water because of the wind & waves so I just took a pic of the best one. Shawn also asked me not to even take any pictures because nobody would ever believe it & pics would just make us even bigger liars to most people. Maybe I should’ve listened I guess.Hardcore Outdoors

I’ve hunted and/or guided hunts for bear , moose ,whitetail , mule deer , elk , red stag , buffalo , African plains game & many other species of exotic game from the Mexican border to Northern Saskatchewan. I’ve appeared on numerous hunting shows & even a couple of commercials on the outdoor channel, I’m a taxidermist, wild game meat processor & I have my own line of hunting videos on the market as well. I also book hunts for just about anything you might want to hunt. Send me an email or even share a pic from your hunt & the story behind it !Hardcore Outdoors

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

15 Responses to “Hunting Guide Finds (Bigfoot) Track in East Texas”

  1. Goodfoot responds:

    “I have no doubt it will be very controversial.”

    OK… still waiting. Where’s all this controversy I hear about, HMMMM?

    “It will tell you everything I know.” Well, this shouldn’t take very long.

  2. Philip Smith via Facebook responds:

    Where in East Texas?

  3. muircertach responds:

    Methinks this man knows more about wildlife and tracking than most here.

    I would not question his intelligence.

  4. volmar responds:

    Given the size of the print it could be a fat guy not a Bigfoot. The depth of the print could mean he was running, not walking. As for the low temperature, humans are know to bathe in even colder waters… The smaller print is probably not from a primate and is certainly unrelated to the other, human print. I don’t see a Bigfoot print here, sorry.

  5. squatchman responds:

    This track looks like a perfect sasquatch-shape footprint!! I have no doubt that this is real!

  6. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Without the text it’s just another muddy footprint from an area not nearly as unpopulated as you might think.

  7. alegler responds:

    I think his friend Shawn is Bigfoot.

    Seriously though, I’m just seeing a human footprint – if they are someone who spends much time walking barefoot in the swamps in East Texas the likelihood they are missing a toe or two is pretty good.

    As for why his friend Shawn couldn’t push his foot into the mud as deep as this print, I’m guessing the prints were there from the night before:

    “That night the temperature went from 79 degrees to about 45 degrees with 40pmh gusting winds all night long”

  8. Mïk responds:

    Not to call “BS”, but two things:

    1) The shape. It’s narrower than pictures of bigfoot tracks that I’ve seen. And has an instep that I thot Bigfoots didn’t have. Not being any kind of a ‘spert, I can only rely on the judgement of those who are. And…

    2) A deep track in clear mud like that should show some kind of hair marks along the edge. But none are seen. It seems odd to me.

  9. Goodfoot responds:

    Sorry. Haven’t seen anyone question his intelligence. Only his veracity.

  10. zigoapex responds:

    It looks too perfect around the edges as if some one had a cookie cutter shaped like a foot and pressed it into the mud, then made the toe prints.


  11. dconstrukt responds:

    it looks too perfect looking…like it was made from a mold or something.

  12. mike_noodles responds:

    It’s funny that people question its size when there is nothing to show the scale. But meh, just another footprint whether it’s real or fake, we’ve seen thousands of them already.

  13. dconstrukt responds:

    @ Mike… exactly!

    who gives a rats @ss about footprints anymore? do we need 800 more of them?

    we need good, real video and lots of it.

  14. Goodfoot responds:

    dconstrukt : Yep. I bet a footprint is exciting to the person who finds one. But that’s about it.

  15. Alamo responds:

    There is an awful lot of articulation in a primate foot… this is because it first evolved as a dual function appendage (grasping as well as weight bearing). This makes things difficult for would-be Bigfoot print hoaxers, as the movement of the toes and the interaction between the various parts of the foot in a primate are quite a bit different than that of an animal with a less articulated foot (ie. bear, coyote, cougar, etc…). The tracks made by these animals tend to be fairly even in depth all around, with little movement between the toes or “dig in” once the foot is down, more cookie cutter, if you will. A primate uses toes to good effect, they are not static and will naturally move around and dig into a soft substrate in order to gain purchase, the toes themselves will not be clearly delineated and there will be a difference between the track depth of the toes and the depth of the rest of the foot… the toe prints themselves will often show variations in depth between the different toes as well as a breakdown of the delineation between the toes caused by their movement. To me, the easiest indicators of a hoax to spot are smooth, clean lines delineating the toes and an even depth among all the toes, giving it the look of a single imprint that was pressed down into the substrate. If they try to get fancy, they will make the imprint of the toes separately from the pad, but the end result still looks like the impressions of two foot-shaped blocks rather than the marks left by complicated, highly articulated appendages with dozens of moving parts.

    When humans became exclusively bipedal, we evolved a unique solution to the weight bearing solution: the arch. One of the most interesting things for me about BF is how the foot would have evolved in a very large, bipedal ape. If it exists, by definition, it had to come up with a solution for a highly articulated foot made of many sensitive moving parts which could continuously bear the moving weight and impact of several hundred pounds. In humans, the arch tends to develop as we grow in size and weight, notice small children’s prints resemble those attributed to Bigfoot due to the lack of an arch. The more one goes barefoot through varied terrain in childhood, as the foot grows, the more the arch develops… this might indicate that a Bigfoot should have developed MORE of an arch and not less. There are quite a few that think Bigfoot prints in general are a hoax because their theory is that a flat foot could not possibly bear the strain and weight of a bipedal primate the size that Bigfoot is supposed to be. It’s a fair question, would a foot with a mid-tarsal break (evolved for light weight duty in a quadrupedal primate) be able to support the great weight and be adjustable and springy enough to propel a massive, bipedal animal through rough terrain at high speeds without injury? I don’t know, I have no letters after my name, just a kid who grew up barefoot in the Philippines… but I believe the question itself is at the heart of the Bigfoot mystery.

    The other question we have to consider? (in this case specifically) Cui Bono? Who benefits? Bigfoot hunting has become big business these days, as income from game animal hunting declines, we might see more and more outdoor outfits claiming Bigfoot sightings in the areas they service. If there was more than one print, why take a picture of only one? Pictures of multiple prints might allow us to see that they all look suspiciously exactly alike, rather than display the variations between the prints that I mentioned above. Also, why not put something next to it to document the size? A hand, a dollar bill, a bullet even… don’t tell me a hunting party didn’t have any bullets.

    Just my two cents…

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