Lake Monster Attacks Woman!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 15th, 2015

Cindy Shares Video to Thirdphaseofmoon of a shocking encounter with a Lake Monster!! While snorkeling along the shore of Lake Champlain Cindy Captures a Close Encounter With her Go-Pro a Mythological Beast? She also explains that the creature clamped on her arm as a warning…? Is the Champ Back!!? Dr J Andy Ilias along with Johnny Webb, including Preston Dennet Share There Opinion on this Breaking News!

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11 Responses to “Lake Monster Attacks Woman!”

  1. SirWilhelm responds:

    It looks more raptor like, than aquatic, to me. Which raises the possibility that raptor like dinosaurs could have adapted to live in the water. Other than that, it’s the best evidence, yet, that there are unknown creatures living in, at least, the body of water she was swimming in.

  2. springheeledjack responds:

    While I want to get excited, we need way more information:

    I want to know the details on where she was, when, etc.

    I also want to know what kind of marks were left on her.

    I want to know her account and story.

    More examination of the footage including slow-mo of the footage as well as professional analysis of the footage and photos.

    If we get past that and no more questions come up that can’t be explained, then I’m willing to take it seriously.

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    What kind of fool thinks that looks like a lion, tiger, or leopard, O MY?

    Please surrender your credentials IMMEDIATELY!

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    I’m wondering what the real reason would be for these people present this hoax. The images and video clip appear to be re-imaged clips of the monster Carusoe from “Water Horse Legend of the Deep” 2007. The commentary is ridiculous and inept.

  5. Champ Voucher responds:

    Anyone who has dived on Lake Champlain knows that it has a distinctively yellow tint to the water, which this does not. I think this is from an episode of the 80’s show ALF, where he fantasizes about being a lake monster.

  6. mandors responds:

    Spring is right. We need more info.

    Although, it might happen, never really heard of people snorkeling Champlain. It’s not like there are reefs, and the visibility isn’t that good, if I remember. Also, the water for lack of better expressing myself just doesn’t look like Lake Champlain. Looks shopped to me.

    Like to hear what photoexpert has to say. There is some strange digital (scrubbing?) to the left in a couple of shots.

    Crypto. I don’t think it looks very much like the creature in the water horse movie.

  7. dconstrukt responds:

    looked pretty cool but IMO it’s digitally made and not real.

    there’s one still or second where it looks like a velociraptor from jurassic park.

    i mean… LOL… the hoaxing is getting comical.

  8. cryptokellie responds:

    I got the feeling it looked like Alf too but, I didn’t really watch that show and was unaware there was a lake monster episode. This might be more to the point than movie I mentioned.

  9. etheral responds:

    Do people do this for monetary gain? Why else all the hoaxing? Too much CG anymore to believe anything. This looks like something from Jurassic Park.. Hate to be cynical, but it’s ALWAYS blurred, fast or far-fetched.

  10. marksquatch responds:

    Just catching up with this. Although this is 99.99% likely to be a CGI hoax, the irony is that the ubiquity of CG imagery means that we are all the more likely to dismiss genuine footage of the strange and unusual.

  11. MonkeyKing71 responds:

    Looks a lot like a horribly sculpted version of a Dolphin/Plesiosaur hybrid with very poor flipper propulsion in dark blue water, when Champlain’s waters are a yellow-green color. In my personal and professional opinion this is fake. If indeed it was a relict plesiosaur-type animal the neck would be longer and more flexible, the flippers more distinct and it would be sporting teeth protruding from the lips and maw of the creature. Eye and nostril placement is off as well. It does indeed bring to mind ALF from the 80’s alien sitcom(as a previous poster commented on) or the frog creatures from the Peter Jackson film ‘Meet the Feebles.’ About as realistic as a Tanystropheus or Beluga living in North American waters. 😉

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