Manbeasts Reviewed

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 18th, 2014

The review will give you a sneak peak of what is included in the book. I think many of you will find it utterly fascinating.


This book by Adam Davies proves to be a seminal work, dealing with his investigations into Manbeasts across the world. However, the outstanding feature of the book is an account of his adventures tracing Bigfoot with Lori Simmons and Dr Bryan Sykes, the latter regarded as the world’s leading geneticist. Their expedition was undertaken behind a veil of secrecy, which has only now been whipped back to reveal their findings.

They maintained communication with sasquatches through knocking and vocal utterances; Lori Simmons actually saw a Bigfoot, possibly a young one; food left out was mysteriously taken and deftly unwarpped; a mysterious animal showed up on their camera-trap; evidence occurred that sasquatches may live underground. This seems to be an unimpeachable account of real interaction with sasquatches that it will be hard to negate. The caliber of the investigators obviates the possibility of hoaxing.

The chronicle of Davies’ expeditions also includes his searches for the Yeren in China, the Almas, the Abominable Snowman, the Mandi Burung and the Orang Pendek, including a sighting of the latter.

This is a book which no student of the bigfoot phenomenon can afford not to read. It provides the most tangible evidence of the existence of man-beasts that has, to my knowledge, ever surfaced.

Review by Ronan Coghlan


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  1. BronzeSteel responds:

    Sounds like a must for any Cryptozoology library

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