Meldrum on Fox & Friends

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 1st, 2013

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade is pretty sure that Bigfoot is real but he still can’t understand why the legendary creature doesn’t “come out and greet us.”

In a Wednesday segment on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade spoke to Idaho State University Professor Jeffrey Meldrum about a plan to use drones to find the elusive Sasquatch.

Kilmeade noted that a recent YouTube video showed a Bigfoot-like creature walking in the Canadian wilderness.

“Right now, I’m looking at it and this could be Bigfoot,” the Fox News host explained. “I’m almost convinced. Are you? And why don’t we ever zoom in?”

“Well, that’s the big question in this case,” Meldrum agreed. “I have seen that video clip, I haven’t been contacted directly by any of the parties involved. It’s vagueness makes it of very little value. It could be anything.”

“So, here’s my thing, doctor,” Kilmeade continued. “What is Bigfoot afraid of? Have they heard bad things about humans? Why does he keep running? Why wouldn’t he come out and greet us?”

“As any wild animal, it usually avoids human contact,” Meldrum explained. “Those that don’t are either domesticated are on the verge of extinction. So, this very rare animal is adapted to reclusive, evasive types of behavior that avoid human contact.”

“Well, if I see him, I’m going to tell him we’re friendly, not to be feared,” Kilmeade concluded.


Dr. Meldrum had this to say about this interview:

Long drive to SLC and back for a three minute interview that was unfortunately high-jacked by a questionable video. Trying to get the message out about proposal for aerial search for sasquatch (and just as elusive at the moment — the search for funding!). I appreciate those who have extended show of support.Jeff Meldrum

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  1. Goodfoot responds:

    “Is Bigfoot also Canadian?” Why demean the subject by appearing on a show that should be called THE IDIOT BRIGADE?

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