Meldrum Returns From Russia With Evidence

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 27th, 2013

Jeff Meldrum posted the following on Facebook yesterday:


Came back from Russia in August with a mate (on the right) to the 17-inch footprint cast from the North Caucasus identified by Dmitry Pirkulov. Spoke with a number of witnesses to the trackway.

These are using Fix-It-All and the cast measure 17-inches…Jeff Meldrum

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34 Responses to “Meldrum Returns From Russia With Evidence”

  1. dconstrukt responds:


    a footprint.

    do these guys ever think of FOLLOWING the footprints to find what made them? (rocket science I know)

    are they in the footprint collecting business? or into the finding the animal business?

    doesn’t take a phd to figure this out.



  2. Nescio responds:

    Doesn’t that depend on how old the tracks are?

  3. mandors responds:

    I can believe it, but I agree with dconstrukt. (Giant meteor must be coming…)

    Let’s image this procedure employed in the Wizard of Oz:

    Dorothy: Hey look, a yellow brick road! What should we do?

    Scarecrow: Let’s take plaster casts of some bricks and post them on the internet.

    Dorothy: Great idea! Who says you don’t have a brain.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL @ mandors. Dude… that made my morning. Thanks 🙂

    if something made it, then go follow the tracks.

    they say its from an living animal, but they can’t follow the tracks?


    Cant hire a tracker?

    Cant hire bloodhounds?

    Can’t hire trained dogs?

    Border patrol has dogs that can smell weed and cocaine, no ones used a trained dog to find the scent of something thats been WALKING in the area?

    They can find missing people, they cant find an animal thats left tracks in the area?

    LOL… Gimme a break.

  5. sasquatch responds:

    Well, if the track was in mud then it went to harder ground or rocks or leaf litter you could easily lose the trail as the maker could change directions multiple times…

    As far as dogs go; There are plenty of stories about dogs refusing to follow the scent trail of these critters. Most famously in “Legend of Boggy Creek”.

    You guys act all smart, but you’re not.

    Grow up.

  6. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Follow the footprints ?? What do you think this is an episode of the “Pink Panther” ? Do you have any idea how vast and rugged the Northern Caucusus region is there Copernicus ? That is like finding a tire track on route 95 in New Hampshire and expecting to find the car that made it somewhere in New England. As for dogs they lose sent trails and can only cover certain terrain. What if this animal crossed a stream or scaled a cliff ? If Bloodhounds/Trackers were that resourceful we would have found Ho Chi Minh in a week and ended the Vietnam War. I agree with “sasquatch” that you need to smarten up. “Wise I like, not a wise a**”

  7. dconstrukt responds:

    sasquatch + MR JOSHUA…. Thanks for the love.

    Gotta lump you two jabronies into one reply…

    seems like you two share one brain, so it only seems fitting you share the response



    Lets get started…

    My first observation is that we can teach dogs to catch weed and cocaine, food, produce pretty much anything…. we should be able to get ones + teach them to find a bigfoot.

    They also find missing persons.

    Same concept.

    You’re saying otherwise. (but you’ve missed the point completely)

    They should be able to be trained.

    Next observation..

    if you have TRACKS… I.E multiple ones… that means something is WALKING in a DIRECTION.

    You go in that direction a bit and search.

    An animal that big leaves a trail.

    if its 6-9ft tall and weighs 400-700 lbs as reported, it would cause some type of damage to the ground, plants and trees wherever it walked

    bigfoots aren’t ninja’s bro… based on what little we know, they are MASSIVE things.

    They don’t sneak around through the forest leaving no trail.

    they weigh 2-4 TIMES a human.

    Look at those tracks

    Imagine how DENSE an animal like that is that made them.

    Let that visual sink into your mind for a second.

    If it leaves a track like that, what do you think it does everywhere else?

    This isn’t rocket science… no matter how difficult you two paint it out to be.

    YES its rugged and YES its vast.

    But they’re talking about finding prints.

    A team of people SEARCHING for it.

    a tracker can tell how fresh tracks are.

    They can also track animals who leave prints.

    if you’re tracking it, and have fresh tracks, you should be able to hone in on a more specific area…

    and thus, your odds of finding something would increase (obviously, its never a guarantee you’ll find anything, but it increases your odds dramatically)

    Onward …

    There was a while trackway in WA a while back… Cliff from the (not) finding bigfoot show has photos…. there’s like HUNDREDS of tracks there.

    Did the bigfoot just vanish?

    No one followed the tracks?

    Look i’m not saying you should ignore the fact there’s MILLIONS of miles of forrest… nor am I saying its easy to find something thats pretty much never been photographed or documented…

    What I’m saying is this whole thing raises questions to me… very VALID ones.

    You two, say what you want

    I still ain’t gonna change!


  8. eyeofstrm responds:

    1) Lots of accounts where dogs refuse to follow a scent, want nothing to do with what left it.
    2) Read a story where hunters followed a set of footprints for over 18 miles in the Pacific Northwest.
    3) We don’t know how many prints they found or if they could be followed.
    And last but not least.
    4) Jeff Meldrum is no amateur, I respect anything he has to say or present ( and so should you ) I’m sure if the tracks could have been followed they would have followed them. We don’t even know how old the tracks were.

    Have you ever tried to track something that can walk at a pace in which you probably could not even run at ? These aren’t midgets that leave these tracks they are giants, we are the midgets. ( rocket science I know )

  9. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    @mandors/dconstrukt: Spoken like two guys who’ve never left the trailer park (probably the same one). When you have proven yourselves a thousand-fold, contributed every second of your time, all your money and resources, left your family behind for long, extended periods of time, traveled across the globe several times, (not to mention putting your reputation on the line), THEN you may question DR Meldrum, NOT BEFORE. Your not in Kansas any more, Toto.

  10. dconstrukt responds:

    eyeofstrm – interesting comments… posted my responses under each.

    1) Lots of accounts where dogs refuse to follow a scent, want nothing to do with what left it.

    you dont think its possible? From what I’ve read about training dogs with scent.

    its a scent.

    they are trained to follow a scent.

    Saying ALL dogs cant be trained to follow a scent or they refuse to follow a scent is absurd.

    They dont know what made it, how big it is or what it is, they are just following a scent.

    2) Read a story where hunters followed a set of footprints for over 18 miles in the Pacific Northwest.

    so they followed something for 18 miles and yet couldn’t find it?

    wow… great hunters, eh?

    3) We don’t know how many prints they found or if they could be followed.


    And last but not least.

    4) Jeff Meldrum is no amateur, I respect anything he has to say or present ( and so should you ) I’m sure if the tracks could have been followed they would have followed them. We don’t even know how old the tracks were.

    not saying i dont respect the Dr. but to me, he’s in the track/footprint collecting business, not the finding bigfoot business.

    Now… onto bigger matters…

    Raiderpithicusblaci – listen jabroni… know your role…

    When I want your opinion on who or what I can question, i’ll point at you and give you permission.


    Your statement has more holes than swiss cheese.

    So now, according to the self-appointed great one, no one can post or comment because they haven’t proven themselves a thousand-fold, contributed every second of their time, all their money and resources, left their family behind for long, extended periods of time, traveled across the globe several times, (not to mention putting their reputation on the line),

    If thats the case genius… no one should comment on CM anymore

    Heck, no one should even blog about it.

    In fact, there shouldn’t be any news shows either… because the newscasters aren’t out there.

    Heck, ESPN should be shut down too because the newscasters aren’t playing pro sports.

    Thats gotta be the dumbest f’n thing I’ve heard all week.

    Seriously … stop posting… know your role and shut your mouth before you say anything else stupid and make yourself sound dumber than you already are.

    But wait, there’s more …

    This jabroni talks about me coming from a trailer park, yet you can’t spell with a 3rd grade level…

    the ending of your comment to me…

    It’s YOU’RE not in Kansas. Not YOUR

    They mean two different things in the english language…

    What a jabroni!

  11. semillama responds:

    If one takes to time to actually read what Meldrum said, he says he TALKED to the people who saw the trackway and made the cast. He didn’t make the cast himself. So it’s not correct to cast aspersions at Meldrum on this matter.

  12. cryptokellie responds:

    Lets get one thing straight about dogs. Properly trained and with the scent available, dogs can find almost anything, almost anywhere. Stories of trained dogs (not”Ole Blue”) refusing to track a given scent are just that, stories. As to the level of disgust in any scent, remember that cadaver dogs are trained to locate dead and decaying bodies. If you think that Bigfoot would smell worse than a deer carcass that’s been dead for about a week, than you’ve never smelled a dead deer.We have road kill deer all over here, so I know.

    TV Track ways only tell where an animal has been, not where it actually is at the present time and unless you are on a beach or snowfield, following a track way to the actual location of the animal is difficult and only as good as the surface that is accepting the tracks.

  13. sasquatch responds:

    Yo, Dconsrukt; Jabronies? Nice…

    Look sillygumdrops, next time you’re in the woods and you catch a scent of something skunky-fecal-y, wet dogg-ish- I dare you and your pooch to go try to find the source of the emanation.

    Oh, it has been reported that sasquatchesf kill dogs by grabbing their hind legs and swinging them into trees, breaking their spines and skulls. might take a look down at your local pet store for possible replacement(s).

  14. alan borky responds:

    dconstrukt I’m pretty much totally in agreement with you.

    Dogs’ve even been trained to sniff out different types of cancer and as for the accounts of dogs shittin’ ’emselves ’cause they smelt Bigfoot well given Bigfoot’s legendary reak and the fact dogs’re said to have a million times stronger sense of smell than human is that really surprising?

    But in Britain we do a lot of fancy royal parades involving horses and them ‘orses’re trained to withstand rioting crowds rock throwing petrol bombs guns dischargin’ explosions you name it ditto dogs used by our military and police.

    I mean all dconstrukt’s talkin’ ’bout here’s a relatively minor modification of the activities of a hunter on the prowl with his dog and his homies but instead of following any trails laid down by these things seekin’ spoor and fur as indicators of what’s available to shoot collecting it CSI style in little bags while maybe utilisin’ satellite positioning technology to generate statistic’ly suggestive levels of maps.

    An’ okay maybe a million o’ them trails they’ll follow’ll probably end in deadends an’ a million o’ them bags’ll prob’ly turn out to contain literally worthless crap but all it takes’s one of ’em to have one anomalous furball one tiny out of place hair one stinkin’ little smear of dna rich shite and bingo!

    Think o’ the single loose tooth that made us aware of a whole new otherwise totally unknown species of human Denisovan Man

    An’ even if it’s still too expensive for most people to pay for dna analysis if they store it in their freezer at least it can be tested at a later date when it becomes more affordable or some mug comes forward off’rin’ to pay.

    As it is what we’ve got now though’s ’bout as useful as watchin’ Morris Men prancin’ in the woods ie pretty much the same thing Rich Reynolds’s complainin’ ’bout where the UFO scene’s concerned people mistakin’ gettin’ attention for actual productiveness when they could actually be usin’ exactly the same amount of time an’ effort to get some genuinely significant fieldwork done.

  15. DWA responds:

    OK, folks.

    MOST people finding MOST tracks of just about anything are not, I’d bet tons of money, gonna find what left the tracks unless they are (1) experts (2) really lucky and (3) have all day. At the very least.

    Patterson and Gimlin SAW their subject. They followed its tracks for three miles – on horseback – and didn’t catch up to it.

    Neither will you.

  16. dconstrukt responds:

    no ones ragging on the Doc.

    in fact, i like listening to him speak and read his stuff… seems like a genuine dude.

    if you read my comments, its about the whole footprint thing in general.

  17. corrick responds:

    Jeff Meldrum. Btw, I understand this is an ad hominem attack.
    But if Meldrum can write and believe in this:
    Who Are the Children of Lehi? Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum (just google)…

    Then why should we accept his opinions on footprints when he
    clearly dismisses accepted DNA evidence to support his religious
    beliefs on the settlement of North America? This is science?

    And Raiderpithicusblaci
    Unless you are Jeff Meldrum’s CPA..all you bs.

  18. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    @dconstrukt: Your snide, ludicrous comments aside, let me say that despite mine and others attempts to politely point out the flaws in your ” theory”, you still cannot see how nonsensical your imbecilic comments are (indeed, you seem to revel in them). I can see you’ve no need for a “border patrol dog”, as you’ve sniffed out all the weed and cocaine you can ingest (enough for a whole trailer park). That’s the beauty of this Cryptomundo; anyone can post comments, even asinine, idiotic one like yours. And I’ve no need to appoint myself The Great One; it’s just so obvious.

  19. eyeofstrm responds:

    Hey dconstrukt, again dogs refuse to track this scent period. Do you own any dogs? If you do are they search and rescue dogs? Where doe you get all of your vast knowledge of dogs? I am a big city Firefighter and a good friend of mine on the job has the top three search and rescue dogs in the state of Ohio and has taught me quite a bit about search and rescue dogs, their training and behavior, (because I had been considering training my two Aussie’s for search and rescue) he’s never had his dogs refuse to track anything, however, from stories Iv’e read, when dogs are given the scent of a Sasquatch they refuse to follow it period. May I also ask, have you ever even been in the woods or hunted. Your basic hunters don’t track game, they find the trails they use and wait for it. Thats where we get the term Game Trail from. As for the hunters they eventually lost the trail. If you ever decide to leave your mothers basement, if the trailer has one, and take up hunting I suggest you speak to people who spend a lot of time in the woods, like myself, for advice or you may just go hungry.

  20. eyeofstrm responds:

    You know what dconstrukt, your right, I mean, if you don’t believe dogs refuse to track these things then everyone else is must be lying. So tell me, how far have you gotten with a dog when tracking one of these, being the expert that you are? Or haven’t you tried? Rocket Science. Stay at home, play your video games and try not to embarrass yourself on this web site anymore than you already have.

  21. cryptokellie responds:

    A lot of baloney being slung around here on this one.

    Bigfoot tearing dogs in half? That’s ridiculous. An Art Bell caller’s true testimony perhaps? Ever try catching a dog by hand when it really doesn’t want to be caught? Not likely.

    I have Golden Retrievers and they will scent anything. As stated earlier they are routinely trained to sniff out cadavers…dead bodies. You can see this easily on You Tube at Ground Zero and other places. I don’t believe the stories that dogs refuse track a Bigfoot because they are scared or that Bigfoot smell bad. Those stories are just that…stories.

    Dogs are routinely trained to hunt bears, mountain lions and other very dangerous animals in the real world. Which would you rather face; a grizzly bear, mountain lion, wild boar (perhaps the most dangerous of the three) or a maybe Bigfoot. The average Bigfoot would do best to steer clear of the average grizzly bear. Where their ranges overlap, grizzly bears have been known to kill and eat black bears – a fact – not story.

    Professionally trained dogs not doing what they’re trained to do? You don’t know dogs…I’ve trained them myself…I know. A well trained dog will take a bullet for you, if it has to. Ask police or soldiers who have had trained dogs with them on patrol or mission – facts – not stories.

    Actually finding animals by following their tracks is a matter of great luck. All tracks represent where the thing that made them was – not where it is. Hunters don’t do this, they use track ways to find game trails that are used routinely by their quarry and then wait for them.

    Think you could follow a set of footprints on the beach for a couple of miles and actually find the person who made them who is not in sight while making them. Not likely. Crusoe could only find Friday because they were the only ones on that beach.

  22. dconstrukt responds:

    cryptokellie – thank you…. the voice of reason.

    bigfoots tearing dogs in half…. lol…. first guys, prove bigfoots are real. THEN come talk to me about all that nonsense.

    You guys want to believe SO BADLY, some of you jabronies will say anything to justify your position even if it means saying something idiotic.

    I’m talking from facts.

    Raiderpithicusblaci – funny you talk about politely yet you continue stupid insults… why? because someone doesn’t blindly believe the same as you?

    because I use my brain and question stuff that sounds like nonsense?

    its pretty pathetic… a guy who has to attack people who don’t share his belief.

    not sure what planet you’re on or what weed you’ve been smoking in that doublewide you live in… if you can even afford it working at the fast food drive thru… but last time I checked, there was nothing polite about any of the comments.

    please… go thru my comments… feel free to comment based ON FACTS.

    I welcome that.

    From anyone.

    From FACTS.

    Thats how you learn and grow.

    eyeofstrm – hey jabroni… the only embarrassment here is your comments… because they’re so full of crap… but hey… whatever you believe in that little mind of yours to justify your belief.

    you talk a good game, but how sure are you? are you confident enough about your statement? are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

    cuz you’re saying NO dog can be trained to or will go after a bigfoot scent….

    which is hysterical…

    sure… maybe from YOUR limited experience its true, but to make a BLANKET statement that no dog can, thats… well… slightly inaccurate.

    Seems like staying in the woods too long has affected what little brain cells god has bestowed upon you…

    just sayin’

  23. eyeofstrm responds:

    Dconstruct, you gotta be a Liberal, twist peoples words around to try and prove yourself right. Real good. Tell me where I ever said (because its right above your B.S.) NO DOG CAN BE TRAINED TO TRACK BIGFOOT. Your words not mine. All I said was I have read several stories where dogs have refused to track their scent, period. Again do you or cryptokellie even own any dogs? My guess is you’re cat people because if either of you owned a dog we wouldn’t be having this conversation. No wait a minute, you’re both right, all of the accounts that I have read are all just lies and you two have shown me the light. Please tell me of the stories you have read where dogs have tracked these things, I would love to read them myself. As for Bigfoot staying away from Grizzly Bears don’t think so, try some research cryptokellie. By the way unless you have actually witnessed the stories in which you placed the word FACT next to, they are just a story and not factual. Thats why I don’t use the word fact, because I didn’t witness what I have read, just like you didn’t. FACT.

  24. Nescio responds:

    Interesting discussion. Most points have been covered but there is one relevant thing that hasn’t been mentioned, I think, and that’s the amount of noise a dog will make when it catches a scent. They love their jobs and part of the tracking process for dogs is to communicate to the rest of the ‘pack’. They call, bark and bay. I think that a Sasquatch would hear the pack coming miles away and they seem to be able to move very quickly when they need to. I believe they’d be long gone before you and your dog got there. Then there’s the fact that once the target hits water the dogs will lose the scent.

  25. dconstrukt responds:

    didn’t think of the water… good point… but… if it hits water… and dogs are following it…. they’d lose the scent at or around the water right?

    but then wouldn’t the scent pick up if you just walked to the other side of the water? (duh)

    also… there’s a possibility of TRACKS in the mud.

    again, just common sense here.

    eyeofstrm – I dont do politics… sorry bro, not my thing.

    to answer your question… 2 german shepards buddy… big mofo’s too…. and in florida, we dont have basements… I play the ps3 on a big 70 inch flat screen in the living room… hardly the trailer park or basement you seem to believe.

    here’s your comments again… temporary amnesia? 🙂

    1) Lots of accounts where dogs refuse to follow a scent, want nothing to do with what left it.

    2) Hey dconstrukt, again dogs refuse to track this scent period.

    3) however, from stories Iv’e read, when dogs are given the scent of a Sasquatch they refuse to follow it period.

    lots of accounts.

    dogs refuse to track

    from stories I’ve read.

    those are your statements above.

    And if you read my comment:

    sure… maybe from YOUR limited experience its true, but to make a BLANKET statement that no dog can, thats… well… slightly inaccurate.

    my bad if i mis-read your comments… but i believe its possible (possible, not 100% definite) to track them, IF they are real. (jury’s still out on that one)

    I’m tired of replying over and over on stupid stuff.

    They have data on sighting clusters.

    These things, as reported in one of the newer posts, if are real, need a breeding population to survive… i think it said upwards of 500 individuals…

    and are 2-4 TIMES the size and density of a human.

    let that sink in… 2-3 times the size and density of a human.

    look at those footprints.

    footprints mean something is moving in a direction…. mark the data and use the data to make decisions. We do that in business all the time. collect data, use it to make decision.

    do big foots, a 500-800 lb animal, just float on magic carpets through the woods leaving zero trace?

    That makes no sense.

  26. cryptokellie responds:

    Dear eyeofstrm…if you read my posts you would know that presently, I have two Golden Retrievers and have had other Goldens, Aussies (Australian Shepards) in the past. I’ve also trained friends and relatives dogs…Mixes, Pits and Terriers, etc. FACT. Give me your email address and I’ll mail you images for proof.
    Me not doing research? You must be joking…
    Grizzly bear eats black bear;
    Rocky Mountain Outlook..8/22/13
    Many others…

    I have been a professional sculptor for over 35 years working for educational companies, museums, collectors series, trophy manufactures, many others. I have sculpted more animals than you know exist. FACT.
    PROOF; Go there, see for yourself.
    I know more about dogs, horses (owned two) and other animals than you ever will. FACT.
    Proof; Go there, see for yourself.

  27. cryptokellie responds:

    To Nescio;
    Yes, the harrier pack and hounds will chase down a subject and hold it bay and they do make noise so they can be followed. These are “tracking” packs, not hunting. Hunting dogs and gun dogs, not harriers, do not make noise in the field. If they do they are called “babblers” and are not used for hunting. They can still retrieve though.
    A good question. I hope this helps.

  28. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Folks, the comments are veering off-topic, which is the track casts that Meldrum brought back from Russia.

    Personal attacks will not be posted.

    Let’s take it down a notch…

  29. cryptokellie responds:

    So certain persons can attack myself and others with no fear of reprimand or being exposed for the foolish people (better than pompous armchair ass) that they’re acting like? Shame.
    I agree, this item and responses have gone a little far afield yet I and others did not take it there, we are responding to, well…blowhards. The deletion of my website addresses make my response and proof thereof pointless.
    By the way, my websites have been posted here on Cryptomundo before. They are family friendly and a lot of fun…ask Goodfoot and others, they have visited them and know.

  30. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Your websites were not deleted. Click on the two instances of the word “proof” in your comment above.

  31. cryptokellie responds:

    Craig…I see that now, thanks.

  32. eyeofstrm responds:

    Cryptokellie, wasn’t talking about Brownies eating Black bears, I know that happens. I was talking about Bigfoot and bears. Monsters in Alaska I believe was the name of a recent show on cable. First story was of two fishermen who watched a Brown Bear ( Brownie ) from their vessel just off shore. The Brownie stuck its nose up in the air, after a while of being viewed by these gentlemen, and caught wind of something that scared it off quite quickly. The gentleman stated he had never seen anything like it. A few seconds later a Bigfoot came walking out of the woods from the direction the bear was looking…. This mans statement was recorded and experts trained in catching people lying viewed this story and one other and determined the individuals were telling the truth. I had also read one other story years ago of similar account. Just saying these things fear nothing including bears, from the reports Iv’e read. Dconstrukt, just harmless banter about trailer park. The herding breads are the best dogs. Lets not forget people these are primates and can climb trees, and have been spotted in trees. Interested in some good stories try the Missing 411 books by Dave Paulides, just finished the Eastern United States vol. I know there are plenty of hoaxes going on out there, but like you said dconstruct some thing had to make those tracks and you know it had to be enormous and extremely heavy. I may have read more stories than the average person, I’m 49 and have been reading every story on Bigfoot since I was old enough to read. I learned at age 6 to read, wanted to add that so I don’t leave myself wide open.

  33. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    @Craig Woolheater: First, let me apologize, as I think I “started” this by coming to the defense of Dr Meldrum after I read what I believed to be an attack on his credibility. I’ve spoken to him a few times, but after seeing him on many, many tv programs, reading his book, or speaking to him, what comes across most is he is first and foremost, a gentleman. So, I may have cast the first stone.

    If I can veer off the subject one final time, a few months ago, I made an off handed remark about someone whose wit and intelligence I’ve come to deeply appreciate: Hoodoorocket. I’d like to offer my heartfelt apology (this has been bothering me for months). Mr Hoodoo, if your ever in L.A, look me up; we’ll drink a bottle of Cabo Wabo, and watch one of those mexican soap operas ( I can translate!).

    @corrick: No, I’m not Dr Meldrum’s CPA, and I cant for the life of me see how what I posted was ” total b.s”, but I respected your opinion, yet did not respond. Now, a very interesting excerpt from Dr John A Bindernagel’s seminal work, North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch:”The reported overturning of a jeep belonging to hunters chasing a sasquatch with dogs may have been a retaliatory response on the part of the sasquatch to pursuit by the hunters and their dogs. The jeep of the hunters was overturned after the hunted sasquatch killed the dogs and doubled back to the vehicle. The hunt had been precipitated by reports of sheep and goats being killed by the animal.” Also: “The violent reaction of sasquatches to the proximity of dogs has appeared in several reports. In one of these, Jay Roland, of Willow Creek, Ca, told of finding Bigfoot tracks near his campfire at night after two hounds had been killed by something they chased in the dark. He told John Green the hounds had been torn in two.” I could go on and on.

    Now, when I was a young boy growing up in Northern California, I was witness to many strange things: watching the mostly hispanic field hands gather up the young ones (and the dogs!) and closing the ramshackle gates at sunset, murmuring nervously in spanish about “the gorilla” frequently seen in the area; my own encounter, hearing those thunderous vocalizations, and smelling it’s hellish stench; and, as a teenager, examining a track way in mud and marveling at the way it apparently ran right through a six strand barbwire fence, breaking off two fence posts flush with the ground. I have interviewed witnesses (in the low hundreds), people who mostly wanted to tell their stories to no one; indeed, they did so only after much coaxing and reassurances.

    @dconstrukt: Does it bother me that you question “stuff that sounds like nonsense”? No. What bothers me is you question and ridicule people, but you won’t go look for the answer yourself.

  34. cryptokellie responds:

    I have that program on tape (unfortunately, quality-wise) and while I consider it to be a very entertaining show, the Bigfoot/bear/fishermen story is just that, an entertaining story dramatized with recreated footage. It is not proof of anything excepting perhaps, fishermen’s tales. I am in my 60’s and I have been following the Bigfoot saga since 1959 when the story became national news out of California with the Jerry Crew footprint casts. When I saw the P/G film on late night television in 1967, I became convinced that there was a thing such as Bigfoot. The P/G film upset me then as I had never seen anything like that. The film still upsets my sensibilities today for there is an intangible quality to it that is akin to watching an event you’re not comfortable with. I do not get that sense of imbalance from any other single piece of “evidence”. Stories without some sort of evidential proof are just that – stories. I feel that the footprint castings (what this item is actually about) are interesting and should be investigated but they are, unfortunately, easily faked – especially today with so many types of materials available to create lifelike prosthetics, remember, I’m a professional sculptor and could easily fake footprints.

    Here are some parting thoughts, maybe Bigfoot has developed “tree-whacking” as a way to ward off troublesome bears and perhaps the reason there are no Bigfoot carcasses being found in the wild is because bears are eating them…as good an explanation as any.

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