Matt Moneymaker Confirms the “Sobe Bomb Bigfoot” is a Real Sasquatch

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on December 5th, 2011

Sobe Bomb Bigfoot, Logan Utah

In spring 2008, teenagers in a canyon one mile east of Logan, Utah inadvertently taped footage of a Bigfoot hiding behind the trees during the making of a sobe bomb. Below is the breakdown of the video by FB/FB confirming the Bigfoot on multiple points including head on shoulders, slope to back, gray on face, and etc.

Last week, the Finding Bigfoot crew went to investigate and Moneymaker recently confirmed via Twitter Saturday morning that it was definitely a Sasquatch.

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41 Responses to “Matt Moneymaker Confirms the “Sobe Bomb Bigfoot” is a Real Sasquatch”

  1. flightsuit responds:

    Oh, for crying out loud! This video is way too blurry and low-resolution to be given the attention it’s apparently receiving. Don’t you think it’s a bit of a stretch to say those blurry pixels have been “confirmed” as anything other than blurry pixels?

    When you’re dealing with something that out-of-focus, wishful thinking can make you see whatever it is you want to see.

  2. Sincero responds:

    Extra extra… Matt Moneymaker ‘confirms’ thing is ‘Squatch’…

    possibly the scoop of the century. Unprecedented! Nobody could have seen this coming!

  3. Richard888 responds:

    “It hasn’t exploded yet has it?”

    “Yes it has, go take a look.”

    Foolish kids

  4. odioustrident responds:

    I think confirming the validity of a blobsquatch from barely notable traits is a dangerous habit. Since these types of videos have flooded the market… they appear to be influencing our standards.

  5. krvega responds:

    If Matt Moneymaker says it’s a Sasquatch then I believe, with 100% conviction, reserving zero doubt, and maintaining no skepticism, that, based on Mr. Moneymaker’s extensive credentials, the moving pixels enjoying the fire in the background are, indeed, a Sasquatch. Yup. Sasquatch.

  6. Lack of Evidence responds:

    Are all of these people shooting these videos buying their cameras at the same place? Just once, I would like to see a video that can actually be examined. The Patterson film was shot in 1967 and is much clearer than the majority of all of the recent videos. If a video is shot in modern times, it’s obstructed by trees and just can’t be proven one way or another. This whole thing is completely proposterous. It’s just sad that this is actually a job for some people…..trying to find a bigfoot. It must be extremely frustrating to be super excited waiting for the next big announcement only to have years and years of hoaxes come out. When will everyone learn this is a load of BS?

  7. DWA responds:

    Not sure how much one is doing for one’s credibility as a sasquatch researcher saying that something is “definitely a Sasquatch” when all we see is, well, this.

    If I were a scientist, this would be an early exhibit in my argument why I can’t touch this topic with a ten-foot pole.

  8. Jerry D. Coleman responds:

    Moneymaker confirmed? Okay. No surprise there. All I could 100% confirm about this 2008 tape was an upright figure moved from right to left behind the fire. Also note the obvious human standing to the far left of frame after the figure had moved from right to left. The SoBe Squatch appears to be more of the same, which we continue to be bombarded with, save for the laughter heard during the video.

  9. Opalman responds:

    I find this an interesting video. The rise—pause—footfall does match Patty’s gait and other convincing videos such as Freeman’s etc. I agree with the above poster. Why, with the availability of inexpensive (even in 2009) high def cameras, do we continue to see so many barely watchable clips? The other big mystery in my opinion is why the FB/ FB people can’t seem to do any follow-up field investigation. It seems to me that it would be fairly easy to determine the subjects height and girth by referencing / comparing nearby tree data.

    I need to start being more mindful and appreciative of MM’s declarations, after all he is the world authority on sasquatch…right! Thanks Matt you keep me rolling in laughter and hilarity.

    I think the jury will be out on this one for a long, log time.

  10. Enigmania responds:

    If I were Matt Moneymaker I would choose to use more ‘choice’ words – he should have said that it is ‘possibly’ a Sasquatch, as others have said the Video is like most other Bigfoot Videos and the subject is very indistinct. I am a firm believer but I have to agree when sceptics ask the question – “Why are there no clear Videos”, I can’t answer this, it is an Enigma to me, in the modern age there are so many cameras out there, why can we not get a clear image of this creature? Our Best image of this animal is from the 60’s when such technology was scarce.
    I know Bigfoot is a master at staying hidden from us, but every year that passes dents my belief in this magnificent beast. My honest belief is that this is ‘probably’ a Sasquatch and to be honest from the poor quality footage that we have it certainly fits the bill.

  11. Redrose999 responds:

    I can 100 percent confirm this is a bonafied Blobsquatch, and that I wouldn’t stake my reputation on it if I were any kind of scientific researcher….

    Guess we’ll see what made Matt so confident on this one during the next season of Finding Bigfoot. LOL another trainwreck I suspect, but I will give folks the benefit of the doubt here.

  12. Drew responds:

    It was probably a Homeland Security officer getting out of the way, and preparing to make an arrest.

  13. Drew responds:

    I thought Matt Moneymaker thought EVERYTHING was a Squatch.

    A deer with a broken leg? ‘Squatch’

    A handprint on a door? ‘Squatch’

    A human shaped thing in the background of a campfire? ‘Squatch’

    See the pattern?

    People spend half their life with the goal of finding Sasquatch evidence, and this finds it in every state in the union, no problem.

  14. bigfoots_broski responds:

    Come on! You guys cannot clearly see the image of a Bigfoot right there popping a squat. Honestly as much as I believe in Bigfoot its my opinion that people like Moneymaker who help yet hurt the credibility of Bigfoot sightings. He brings attention to Bigfoot with his popular show, but when you say things like this are Bigfoots when we have 0 hard evidence that they exist you lose credibility.

    What he should have said is in his experiences this looks like what he believes to be a Sasquatch not that this definitely a Sasquatch. Difference between fact and opinion.

  15. bigfoots responds:

    Matt should do himself a favor and not comment on videos like this..
    it doesn’t help his credibility…

  16. scottyboysquatch responds:

    Honestly, I found the Sobe Bomb more impressive than the “sasquatch”

  17. semillama responds:

    I am starting to really despise the word “confirm” in relation to Sasquatch. I think maybe FB/FB is confusing it with the word “conform” as in something that conforms to expectations, which is what we see constantly with these videos. It’s hard to argue that they are seeing anything real and not just what they expect to see. There is nothing about this video that couldn’t as easily be explained as another kid on the other side of the fire. Let’s save the word “confirm” until we have hard, incontrovertible physical evidence.

  18. airgunner responds:

    I definitely believe this is a Blobsquatch.
    It has all the classic Blobsquatch characteristics.
    And, it LOOKS like a Blobsquatch.
    And, behaves like one.

    In my opinion, there is now a probability the Sasquatch exists. But, it will be confirmed through the efforts of people like Dr. Meldrum. He is a scientist who bases his findings on scientific evidence, not self-servicing junk video.

    Moneymaker takes a shotgun approach, labeling all indistinct images as Squatches, in the hopes that one of them may turn out to be legitimate. What would happen to his roadshow if a real Sasquatch would turn up?

    And, as has been pointed out here, how strange that the best Sasquatch footage turns out to be the oldest? If the PG film were to be shot today, would it be intentionally be shot out of focus?

  19. Weezy responds:

    Seriously, that’s what passes for a confirmed sasquatch? It’s a grey blob of nothing, hell it could be another kid in a hoodie, it could be something added in with computer later, there is absolutely nothing there that confirms anything, it’s a blur of nothingness.

  20. Cryptoraptor responds:

    Keep in mind that this is only 2011. In 75 to 100 years we will have technology that will be able to clearly record images.

    Only in the Bigfoot world does camera technology lag so far behind. In any other world it would be absurd to debate an absolute blur unless you are viewing outer space images from thousands of miles away.

  21. jan09 responds:

    As Jerry said, there is a person standing to the left (watching the explosion with his arms folded, leaning against something) exactly where the figure walked off screen seconds earlier. “Bigfoot” would have practically walked into him, if they weren’t one and the same. I admire FB/FB’s enthusiasm but sometimes I wonder if they’re really helping things. As for Moneymaker, claiming that howls in the general vicinity proves anything about this particular video seems to be…quite unscientific.

  22. wolfatrest responds:

    Looks more like a drunk getting up and slowly walking away trying to be extra careful not to fall on his face. Homeless man seems much more likely than a sasquatch.

  23. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    Oklahoma 2009-or Utah??

  24. joedastudd responds:

    I watched the video and saw the “bigfoot” walk in the background the first time without it being pointed out. It just looks like one of the kids walking around the fire with a jacket/coat/hoody on.

    At 1.28 it looks like you can see someone with a black jacket and white/silver arms just right of the fire. This can’t been seen as its shaky and out of view then the “bigfoot” appears just a few feet the other side of the fire about 30 seconds later…

  25. mike_noodles responds:

    What kills me is the list of things that they can say for certain about the creature at the beginning of the video. Somebody must have great eye site to make those claims.

  26. mike_noodles responds:

    And after further review it looks like Bigfoot actually moves to the left of the screen and then hangs out there for a while watching the fire with a jacket on.

  27. bigfoots responds:

    well, although I would not rule out that it is indeed a squatch I certainly would not pretend to know for sure.

  28. choppedlow responds:

    Please!!! You guys aren’t going to start buying into FB/BF’s bullcrap, idiotic, pie in the sky “verifications”? These guys will take ANY video of a blurry figure and use their magic yellow pen to draw in what they want it to look like! PARADOILIA!!! If these guys were into Elvis, they would be verifying Elvis walking around Las Vegas 365 days a year! These guys not only “confirm” blurry images, but DIAGNOSE them as having human conditions (utah sledding video)!! How can you diagnose an animal with anything before you prove they are real??? Remember their “verification” of the magic 800 pound bigfoot standing on a tiny branch, jumping 20′ to the ground without the guy knowing it? These guys make common sense want to kill itself!! And don’t forget, these guys are A MARKETING FIRM!!! These guys got into this WITH A SIX POINT BUSINESS PLAN!! (squatch detective podcast) People like this who throw the scientific method out the window do nothing but hurt any credibility the BF community has left!! And these are the guys who still think Todd Standings first video was real, and THEN he became a fraud!

  29. Drew responds:

    Here is the original YOUTUBE video. It is at full resolution, and clearly shows a guy in a tshirt. Is it really Crypto-newsworthy if Matt Moneymaker declares something to be THE REAL THING?

    Thanks to Deacondark at JREF for bringing this to my attention.

  30. recurve responds:

    Thanks for posting that Drew. clearly a kid moving to a “safer location”. I think Mr. Moneymaker just believes too much and needs to take a step back before commenting on these video clips. Surely if a clearer clip can come out within 24 hours of this posting on this site, his organization could find the same evidence and not just take fb/fb’s word for it. It almost makes me think he’s just after the publicity, not the truth.

  31. DNS responds:

    Thank you Drew. Good God! It’s obviously a human. This stuff is so lame, but it’s what always happens when TV shows are involved. Been that way since there was TV, so no one should be surprised. The established pattern is: no real science, no follow up, not even basic journalism standards. It’s all about wowing the audience and on to the next cash-generating spectacle.

    I’m glad that someone else finally brought up the question of all those people staring directly in the direction of the “squatch” and not noticing it, at what, fifty yards? Uh-huh. That was mighty suspicious to me when I was watching the blob at low resolution.

  32. flightsuit responds:

    Wow, that is so obviously, unequivocally a person in that video. I’d never heard of Matt Moneymaker prior to seeing this Cryptomundo update, and I still have no idea who he is, but whoever the heck he is, I hope he’ll be issuing a public apology for saying silly stuff that could harm the credibility of the cryptozoological community.

  33. Opalman responds:

    Yes; this clearer video clearly shows a skinny human wearing what appears to be a vee neck tee shirt. I wonder if MM viewed this clearer, higher res video? If he did…then double shame, shame on him.

  34. DNS responds:

    At the very least, this was a neat test of MM’s powers of interpretation. We can only hope he learns from it. If nothing else, he needs to qualify his remarks the way any professional does when dealing with multiple variables and questionable evidence. Pretty basic stuff, really.

  35. mike_noodles responds:

    That’s funny, I said that before seeing the high res one, you can see the kid a couple of times when the camera goes to the extreme left, lol. But maybe he wasn’t wearing a jacket, he’s there to the left though watching the fire.

  36. dingdong responds:

    Mr. Moneymaker’s “programs” are an embarrassment to the field of cryptological research. The entirely un-necessary, amateurish narration– does he actually read the script in advance?— coupled with the ludicrous, over the top conclusion isn’t helping anything. Another waste of time.

  37. hoosierhunter2 responds:

    The name “Moneymaker” should be a clue!

  38. LordBalto responds:

    “I definitely believe this is a Blobsquatch.
    It has all the classic Blobsquatch characteristics.
    And, it LOOKS like a Blobsquatch.
    And, behaves like one.”

    Yeah, but does it quack like a blobsquatch?

  39. terry the censor responds:

    Thanks Drew. A little fact-checking often beats explanations.

  40. Atkin Co Sasquatch responds:

    After seeing how Matt Moneymaker conducts himself on the show FB, I have lost all respect for him a a researcher. He and his crew have made outrageous claims that the evidence is ” definitely a squatch ” When its clearly not ! Evidence needs to be conclusive and undeniable period. The only person on that show that has any common sense is Renae.

  41. ajakana89 responds:

    There are too many problems i find with this video, and anybody trying to search for a sasquatch.

    #1 to the people asking why every single picture or video is blurry it is because,they are using a camera with very low megapixels. example: if you have a camera phone with 1.0 or 1.3 mp then no matter how far or how close you are the photo will be blurry, if you have a camera phone with 5 mp then pictures come out clear and better, even more better in daytime. As for videos it is mainly the same thing, not only that you can put the settings to where a picture wont come out good,what i mean by that is you can change the background color, the lighting, crop and edit pics or videos,write on them etc…

    #2 These people are insane to think that they can capture a big foot on tape for 1 reason and 1 reason only. That reason is obvious and simple,these people must not care about staying alive because if you ask me all the stories, and descriptions people have given all say the same thing which is that bigfoot is very aggressive and strong. So i can not understand why in the hell would these people think they are not going to get their heads ripped off their shoulders in a split second, they don’t know a damn thing about bigfoot, what it eats, behavior, the maximum height, weight, where exactly it hides out/lives all the above.

    #3 I have a major problem with the way they make the howls and calls of a bigfoot, how do they know what sound it makes? i believe that their are creatures out here that are unknown and should remain unknown. I don’t see how this is a job for these people and how they can even sit there and laugh like bigfoot is going to give them the privilege or be nice to them. In the above video mentioned also a major problem i find.

    How the hell can they zoom in on the fire and you can clearly see it, but when this so called bigfoot walks by they couldn’t zoom in?, if it was bigfoot there is absolutely no way that it would just walk past them. The creature would have walked or ran towards them to bust their asses,and probably would kill them. So I agree with everyone else that this is just a person walking slowly,again there probably is some weird s*** that no one knows about, but they need to be left alone and unbothered before something bad happens.

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