Mountain Monsters: Devil Dog of Logan County

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 6th, 2013

Devil Dog of Logan County premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Destination America.

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Sunday, July 7, 1 AM ET/PT
Sunday, July 7, 5 AM ET/PT
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Devil Dog of Logan County

Logan County, West Virginia has had recent sightings of a blood-sucking Devil Dog is terrorizing the region. Now a group of expert hunters and trappers are using their backwoods knowledge to catch the Devil Dog and make Appalachia safe once again.

Devil Dog Evidence

Devil Dog Sighting

Trapping the Devil Dog

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33 Responses to “Mountain Monsters: Devil Dog of Logan County”

  1. Steve Schaper via Facebook responds:

    Plausible cryptid sightings continue to wane. Now you are posting about feral, rabid dogs. If ever there were bigfoots, I fear that Mt. St. Helens may have wiped out the last viable breeding population.

  2. etheral responds:

    When I first saw the advertisements for this show I figured it was going to be horrible, but it’s actually not bad at all. I’ve enjoyed the first 2 episodes so I hope they keep making them. It’s definitely more fun to watch than Finding Bigfoot. 🙂

  3. gridbug responds:

    @ etheral: more fun to watch and HUGELY superior! 😀 Pity it’s not on a more accessible channel…

  4. Brian Sullivan via Facebook responds:

    Hell. the Mountain Monster guys can start chasing each other around if they want and it’s STILL good crypto TV!

  5. mefine responds:

    For those (like me) who don’t have access to this channel you can buy the episodes at for $1.99 each.

  6. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    What a joke! This show gets more ridiculous as time goes on. It’s obviously, completely staged. Trapping part of the “devil dogs” pack and yet all the viewers of the show get to see is some glowing eyes in the darkness and some flir images of their legs in that homade trap? C’mon! Show us what you caught in the daylight! The only reason not to, is because you don’t want people to see what you actually captured. My guess was they put a bunch of average domestic dogs in the trap and they didn’t want people to see that they “captured” some golden retrievers and labs.

  7. MattPriceTime responds:

    Once again my question on whether it is real is still there, but this is one hell of a lot of work to fake people out on a channel not many people have.

    A bunch of feral dogs running around in WV isn’t exactly improbable and given the guys you were dealing with they may have a lot of circumstantial stuff but nothing ground breaking, so i’m not surprised it came out of nowhere.

    If this is all faked and scripted why the hell are the people responsible not making better money on b-films? This is miles better than Lost Tapes or those dragons or mermaid mocumentaries.

  8. Goodfoot responds:

    Run, Devil Dogs! RUN!!!

  9. muircertach responds:

    This show is obviously all staged and scripted. Its laughable anyone believes it is real.

  10. springheeledjack responds:

    Cryptidcrazy and muircertach–yeah. While I’ve been watching and would like to buy in, how is it that every episode they get video evidence, pictures and prints? No other show has had that kind of success, ever.

    And yes, they “captured” three what-nots, but how come the audience didn’t get to see them? Because they caught coyotes and that would have been a let down ending, so they left it up to the imaginations of the viewers?

    This show is more like “Backwoods Lost Tapes.”

  11. darkhb responds:

    Much to my dismay, I really do like this show…but as far as ‘Devil Dogs’ go, I think a couple of these guys have been eating too many of the kind that come in wrappers at the 7-11….

  12. MattPriceTime responds:

    Whilst i posted earlier about my doubts i still feel the need to question people who find it all “scripted”. I think some people here are the keyboard warrior type that doesn’t get out much. I would hope this website would attract the smarter humans, but i see it also attracts internet-thinkers as well that are often even more embarrassing than the ways they try and act don’t exist in the real world.

    But regardless i’m still in contempt. I want to call total fake but certain things do tend to holt that argument from going to that side. I wait the Mothman episode to see how that goes, since i think with that one we’ll have our definite answer. Since if they just happen to run across that on film, then well yeah that would have been more significant news that needs to rewrite some textbooks, since a blurring grassman pic and feral dogs aren’t really things that are in anyway conclusive or breaking news.

  13. Goodfoot responds:

    Steve Schaper via Facebook:

    Which, I suppose, is exactly the reason sightings continue in 49 states, in total disregard of Mount St. Helens’ Skookum Embargo…

    Once upon a time, in a land far away, folks knew their subject matter before opening their yaps.

    Or not, probably.

  14. Goodfoot responds:


    “I think some people here are the keyboard warrior type that doesn’t get out much. I would hope this website would attract the smarter humans”

    Let’s see… well, it attracted YOU, so it would seem your hopes will remain unfulfilled, in the short term, anyway.

  15. spock82 responds:

    I love this show! I don’t think it’s all staged, but the guys sure do get excited.

  16. John January via Facebook responds:

    So, how did everyone feel about the Grassman photo they got?

  17. cryptokellie responds:

    I love the guy who is so overweight and off balance that he can hardly walk…he falls down while crossing a woodland stream, he’s carrying a rifle and he can’t get up. I guess they’ll edit out the scene where he falls and blows his foot off. This show is on the level of “Most Haunted” – people wandering around in the dark and spooking each other. Take into account the incredible luck they have, finding the cryptids right off the bat, makes the show’s credibility level quite low. “Finding Bigfoot” hasn’t found anything in over three seasons and it takes this crew about half an hour to find the cryptids. Love the scene where they decide to build a stealthy trap and the guy pulls up with a track-hoe and excavates a hole the size of a small swimming pool and then – wait for it – the hole fills up with table water!

    Wonderful. Where is Wiley Coyote when you need him?

    Bottom line, the show is completely phony with backwoods Moe, Larry, Shemp and Curly stumbling around in the dark while yelling the standard crypto-lines…”What was that” and “Did you hear/see that?” If there really was a something out there, the fat guy would have shot It already. But that all being said, I enjoyed the first two episodes just for the straight-face shenanigans laced with a little good-ole country humor. They should bring in Larry the Cable Guy and “Git er done”.

  18. lordoftheonionrings responds:

    Agreed, completely staged but still fun to watch. I mean come on I could save a bunch of cyottes I killed in a freezer, strew them about in one location, tape some audio of some cyottes in distress, make a ridiculously perfect fake 3 toed track and maybe I could have my own crypto show. If you believe this is real I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

    Also to those of you that don’t know how to track an animal in the wild.

    Step one: bring in a film crew.

    Step two: make as much noise as humanly possible.

    I never watch these shows for anything but the visual evidence and eyewitness testimony and the video of the wolfman and devil dog were pretty interesting.

  19. cryptokellie responds:

    Are cyottes anything like coyotes? Just kidding. Actually here in PA and in most of Eastern North America we have coywolves – wolf/coyote hybrids which are now recognized as the Eastern Coyote. On average, the coywolf is larger and more aggressive the western coyote and have been known to attack people – actually causing a young woman’s death in Nova Scotia in 2009. I have seen them in my area feeding on deer carcasses on the roadside. But I digress…

  20. George Eastman responds:

    This is the most entertaining show of the Summer. Can’t stop watching it every time it’s on. You’re missing out if you’re not watching it.

  21. Aharris2006 responds:

    I’ve watched this Devil Dog episode a few times now & I’ve noticed a few things about it. First, the dogs they caught in the trap were not wild or feral, they bayed like hounds, had the scythe shaped tails of a hound & when one guy was sticking his head down there to look into the cage (& all 3 dogs started snuffling around the hole, not growling), a large floppy brown or red hound ear fell out before the camera cut away. All they caught was some hunters coonhounds & he’s probably extremely PO’d! Second, they claim there are no animals around those parts that can kill a coyote, especially not that many at one time & for “sport” only. That’s not true, there are plenty of people in that area that have LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) that are more than capable of killing Eurasian & grizzly bears, wolves, cougars & coyotes when they are on their own protecting a flock or herd, when they are used in pairs or trios, they are darn near invincible. They are also basically self-sufficient (not needing any outside care from humans for months at a time), have a huge territory that they claim as their own to protect, will not harm any livestock within their perceived territory & will seek out & kill any predator they detect or can track (even if that predator leaves that territory). These dogs are often white & extremely large (200#). They can be purebred or crosses of Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Karelian Bear Dog, Akbash Dog & Kangal dog (to name some). What’s going on is 2 separate things; a pair or trio of LGDs running rampant & killing coyotes & the “Monster” Hunters catching some person’s coonhounds in their trap.

  22. swestfall responds:

    I can’t watch this. I tried.

    I spend a lot of time in the woods in West Virginia. I’ve seen many large coyotes. Recent genomic research has revealed that most coyotes in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast have wolf ancestry, which explains their larger size and wolf-like appearance. Wolves and coyotes actually have a sort of species complex in which it’s quite hard to determine the exact taxonomy of a North American Canis. (See all the literature on the red wolf, if you want to see how hard it actually is to classify what’s a wolf and what’s a coyote. The bulk of the evidence I’ve seen suggests that the red wolf is a rather unique wolf/coyote hybrid of relatively recent origin.) Wolves and coyotes are not like horses and donkeys that produce a mule. They are still chemically interfertile.

    I have read a lot of peer-reviewed work on extinct dog species. There has never been a three-toed dog species. All the Borophaginae had five toes, and those five toes were vestigal dewclaws on the hind legs, an atavism we see in many domestic dogs today.

    I’ve always been into cryptozoology, but I think shows like this are putting out far too much false information. I can see people quoting these experts about the fertility of wolf and coyote hybrids for years into the future.

    Devil Dogs, aren’t they marines?

  23. swestfall responds:

    Did you know there are domestic dogs in West Virginia?

  24. kpowers responds:

    I am from and live in Logan County, WV. No one has ever heard of this. The “witnesses” were not from here. They didn’t have the accent, the photo has been seen online for years. It was shown it was coyotes. The color trap-cam was a dog. Quit acting like WV is a bunch of toothless hillbillies! We live like anyone else everywhere else! So give it up… Please?

    You look like bad acting idiots. It didn’t even look like Logan. It looked like PA or somewhere.

    So from an investigator in Logan… No one is looking for a devil dog. It’s hilarious!

    Stop using WV (and those fake beards) as your new scapegoat.

  25. heimdallen responds:

    I’ve got to say, everyone pretty much nailed every key point that I had in my head when coming to this site to add my two cents. Between the fact that a bunch of backwoods, gun toting, relatives of ZZ Top are starring in a show that seems to be a cross between Ernest goes monster hunting and the 3 stooges visit the backwoods of West Virginia, and yet they always manage to capture or come right across their otherwise, to the rest of the world’s experts, elusive prey, and highly staged hamming it up theatrics in the woods shot in the manner of the Blair Witch Project, there’s just no way this show has even a shred of integrity or dignity or any basis in truth or reality. LOL.

    The first thought I had when I heard the sounds of the “Devil Dogs”, the “Wampus Beast”, and the “Wolfman” was that they were clearly playing “Monster Sound Effects, Vol. 1” on some massive PA speakers a 1/4 mile away from them out in the woods. And also like others have pointed out, I’m just waiting for Bubba to blow off his own or one of his friend’s feet or arms as they run their tubby asses around through the woods in the dark at night. I have a hard time believing that these individuals would hesitate to shoot at any noise they heard in the woods at night, screaming “It’s coming straight at us!” South Park style, putting a hail of lead buckshot downrange and finding out what they were shooting at later. Had they actually come into visual range of one of these beasts at night, they’d have put so many holes in it it would take a taxidermist 5 months to try and put the puzzle pieces back in order and fix the damage and mount the damn thing.

    It might be more entertaining than the “Finding Bigfoot” shows, but I believe that crew and show has some shreds of legitimacy and scientific basis. I’ve come to rely on Discovery Networks channels to keep their programming to a higher standard than the typical hyped up, scripted fake “reality” crap on every other network these days and this has disappointed me and rattled my faith in their dedication to bringing quality, semi- to mostly honest programming to the intellectually starved masses. How in the hell is it that these guys are so successful in finding their cryptozoological quarry on the first night out in the woods every time, and they’re able to herd their prey directly into their pre-rigged trap from which it either claws it’s way out of (the “Wampus episode where it slashed it’s way out of a net and fell 20 feet to the ground apparently uninjured and ran away), just barely misses but they manage to catch it on camera as it runs right by it (the “Ohio Grassman” episode), or they unbelievably manage to actually catch as in the Devil Dog episode! Surely, them catching a previously unknown canine species in the hills of West Virginia should have been world wide, shocking and incredible scientific news, the biological wildlife discovery of the century that would have made every news cast and newspaper that evening! But no. We don’t get to see the coyotes or hound dogs or whatever normal animal it is they have inside, instead they leave it for animal control to take care of the next day, which I think means they turn off the camera and let their dogs out and bring them back home.

    It’s too bad they’re making such a mockery of what I believe is a legitimate pursuit of currently classified as cryptozoological species, trying to prove their existence. I give you the cases in the UK not that long ago when some viscious predator was tearing the throats out of their livestock, and people were catching shadowy glimpses of what appeared to be a large, powerful, massive and muscular all black cat with yellow haunting eyes. Turned out with proper investigation, a wild cat species had somehow been reintroduced to the British Isles and began breeding and there’s now a living population, albeit small and stealthy, of pure black pumas! It was at first considered impossible and met with the same skepticism by most people as Sasquatch, but turns out it was absolutely true, real, and 100% explainable and normal and not some demon spawn. I believe there are most likely perfectly rational, if not shocking and surprising, explanations for mythical creatures like the so-called Devil Dogs and Wampus Cats. But these guys aren’t gonna find it.

    It cracked me up when the seemingly only reasonably scholarly member of the team, Jeff, used the word “bipedal” and none of them knew what it meant. Chuckle. I’ll give these guys credit, they appear to be very knowledgeable about backwoods survival, tracking, and various hunting and trapping methods, but they don’t seem to have had much traditional schoolin’.

    While mildly entertaining for all the reasons thus far mentioned by everyone, I still wish Discovery would leave the fake reality TV for the normal crap networks willing to sink to any level and the lowest common denominator for ratings, much like a revival of the daytime talk shows of old like Jerry Springer. It does sadden me and forces me to lose respect and trust in Discovery, but at least so far the science channel still shows programming with real legitimate experts with PhDs and REAL science. At least we have that I guess.

  26. Cryptile responds:

    I love Mountain Monsters. I think it’s a great all-american show. I doubt it’s scripted and I do not think it’s fake. It’s great! I think all the people who say it’s fake are the same people who think Kim Kardashian is not scripted. If you don’t like the show then watch something else and let us enjoy it. Cheers!

  27. ferrumbruti responds:

    I wanted to take time quickly to summarize about this phenomenon going on in Logan County, VA. First off about these Monster Hunters on the show Mountain Monsters. Seriously, has TV gone this epically backwoods that now after Ghost Hunters, and Monster Quest that this is suppose to be the experts in cryptology? Honestly, even I think the UFO sightings in Wytheville, VA back in the late 80’s hold better credibility over this crap. Now with that being said lets move on to the topic now.


    Now I will have to be honest the only reason why that this has even gained my attention first off is because this show seems to have an incident of large canines that think their the Chupacabra. Now while that may be possible I like to throw out another possible theory as to what “exactly” they are.

    In recent years it has been known that North Carolina had been trying to reintroduce a population of Red Wolves back into the wild. Now I know there has been long debate as to rather Red Wolfs are actually a hybrid species of Gray Wolfs, and Coyotes or not. I leave that to the experts to decide. What I do know is that back around 2007 or 2008 a group of them were sighted at Pilot Mountain, NC hanging around there. Now riddle me this and riddle me that, but I do remember at one time there was what I could have sworn one I seen dead on the side of the I-81 South bound side near the Wytheville, VA exit. Thing was I went home to get my camera and when I came back well look like VDOT or even possibly Depart of Game and Inland Fisheries at least someone must have cleaned it up off of the road. The funny thing was well there was blood on the side of the road so it was dead for sure.

    Now what I do know is for this species they are unique in their body shape and size. And if it was possible they’re coming up through VA? Then you can bet your chips on the poker table they possibly have been migrating into WV as well. The only way this can be determined for sure is that there are going to have to be some dedicated volunteers as well as biologist, and other scientist willing to take time and be out in the wilderness for a good duration to establish good observation and gather evidence to prove such a thing is possible or definite. And that would have to be good collaboration both between the expedition, the state agencies, the property owners as well. Because if not, then there is going to be nothing more than simple theories, and Appalachian gossip on mythology in the mountains.

  28. lewis2112 responds:

    @ferrumbruti This show took place in WEST Virginia not Virginia. And as one of the posters pointed out above, the accent of the “Eyewitness” wasn’t an accent you typically here in Southern West Virginia.

  29. lewis2112 responds:


  30. ohiofitter responds:

    This has got to be the greatest show. where else do you see a bunch of dumbasses run around in the woods looking for shit that don’t exist with guns. I can see the news headline now. Stupid hilljack shoots another member of his own team because they were to stupid to understand these creature’s are not real. But on a good note they should be congratulated for proving to kids that a education is the best thing to have.

  31. etrillion responds:

    Aharris2006 posted “there are plenty of people in that area that have LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) that are more than capable of killing Eurasian & grizzly bears, wolves, cougars & coyotes when they are on their own protecting a flock or herd”…sorry Aharris2006,but there is no breed of dog anywhere in the world that is capable of killing an adult grizzly bear on its own

  32. OhMyFackingGod responds:

    Okay. I may be a little late with this shit, but Oh my facking god. Are you serious? Having such a big debate over this?! Who gives a flying fack if it’s fake or not? You’re dampening people’s imagination with your overwhelming skepticism! The only posters here who have plausible deniability are Aharris and Kpowers. However they’re very…Very. Uhm. Well a bit wrong. No dog on it’s own, even a trained Bear Dog (I know because I own one) could not kill a Grizzly Bear, maybe a cub; wouldn’t even last against an adolescent. As for Kpowers. It doesn’t matter if he had an accent or not, and no it wasn’t PA, because I live in SW PA. Looks nothing like it. I’ve been to Logan County, and as much as people say all forests look alike I know distinct landmarks when I see one. There’s been a picture of that print on the internet which originates from around Morgantown. Hello. Thank you that’s a place to. Now, here’s the thing that you people are missing, apart from the possibly fake prints; I know my prints I’ve hunted for twenty five years now, I know canines have the four front pads of the toes and the large one in the middle to represent the heel on each paw. HOWEVER. You guys aren’t accounting for deterioration. There is NO debris in the picture, meaning it’s fresher than a week or two depending on where it was took. It appears to be a bit dry, so therefore if they wanted to actually fake the print it’d be a lot less…Exact. Now for the three dogs trapped in the cage, I agree with Aharris; I know owners that mistreat their coonehounds as well as other hunting dogs, and instead of dealing with them they let’em go. They can also form packs overtime, but still this does not explain the deaths of the coyotes. I would like the skeptics to please explain to me the reason for the coyote’s being drained of blood. Ya know what. Right it was probably a Redwolf, got turned into a Vampire wolf thing. That’s more bullshit than the Devil Dogs. The carcasses of the coyotes taken in the pictures were fresh; so unless these hillbillies are out illegally killing Coyotes in LC, which I’m sure we can ask our own resident of Logan County Kpower if that’s the case? The areas in which the photos were taken are also very similar. Simple visual queues, the Pin Oak which is native to Logan County. I also saw Dogwood and Shingle Oak. SO. Please. I’m not going to accuse you of lying about your residency. I’m just saying, these hillbillies could very well be fakes, and I’m also going to add that there has never been a three toed canine as the fellow who said so above somewhere; there’s a thing called Evolution. I’m not saying it took little under five years, but if it did there wouldn’t be very many of a species of canine that has three toes therefore very few sightings there would be. I swear you people say you’re into cryptozoology. You don’t think outside the box. So unless each print that is found just happens to be a coyote or a wolf that’s had one of it’s toes cut off, then yeah this is all a load of bullshit, but c’mon. What’s the possibility of that? Just as possible as there being a three toed Devil Dog. 😉 Possible.

  33. Maudib responds:

    Living in Australia has made me really appreciate this show. I find it very funny indeed, we don’t have any people like hillbillys here and those guys just break me up. This episode was a corker, catching the devil dog and then not showing us any visuals of it. Now thats how to conduct an investigation. Gather evidence and then not show it (lol). I must admit one of the first sighting photos looked a little like a Hyena, but definitely not in Logan County West Virginia. Keep the laughs coming and for gods sake don’t ever get this teeth fixed (lol)

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