Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Putnam County Reviewed

Posted by: Joe Watson on March 22nd, 2015

The A.I.M.S. team is looking for the Chupacabra during their first night investigation.

Season 3 Episode 3 “The West Virginia Vampire”

The AIMS team continues their quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot. In this episode titled, “Bigfoot of Putnam County” the team is looking for a creature called the West Virginia Vampire. A chupacabra is killing animals and draining their blood. Trapper believes there is some type of connection to Bigfoot.

As the first night’s investigation begins, noises are heard. The team seems to be surrounded by something in the darkness of the night. Suddenly they catch something on the thermal camera. It’s a human like figure in thick brush.

“Tonight, we were being stalked!” – Trapper

The following day Willy and Wild Bill show to explain the trap they are building. The trap is a maze in a box, ten feet wide and twenty feet long. It’s very cool design for a trap.

Trapper is back looking for signs of the human from the night before. This time in the daylight so they can see in the dense brush. They first think that have ran across a “rooter”, someone who is looking for ginseng. The team is alerted by sounds on the ridge above them. Upon investigation Trapper finds a huge Bigfoot print.

After meeting up with an eyewitness and viewing a video clip of the Chupacabra the team checks out the trap and are very impressed. Willy is hoping to catch several in the trap.

This leads us to the final night hunt with the team. Trapper suggests the Chupacabra is killing animals and Bigfoot is carrying the dead bodies off. They “lock and load” and are off on one of the best night hunts of the entire Mountain Monsters series.

The team catches several Chupacabras in the trap during the night. With a twist on the end that will be certain to catch you off guard.

Another great and entertaining episode of “Mountain Monsters” yet we are still awaiting for Trapper to explain his final comments from episode 1.

Also airs on Destination America:

Saturday, March 28 at 8/7 pm c
Saturday, March 28 at 11/10 pm c
Sunday, March 29 at 3/2 am c
Saturday, April 4 at 8/7 pm c

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Joe Watson About Joe Watson
Joe Watson has been interested in the unknown since he was a young boy. Growing up in rural Northeast Texas his interests were mostly in the classic sci-fi movies, King Kong, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Creature from the Black Lagoon. In the 1970s his oldest sister was living in Portland, Oregon when word of Bigfoot hit national news. He was instantly captivated by the thought of a giant man-ape in the Pacific Northwest. Then it happened, The Legend of Boggy Creek was released to theaters and was showing in Paris, Texas … only about 100 miles west of Fouke. In a matter of weeks Joe visited Fouke and for years proudly displayed the Fouke Monster bumper sticker on his truck. As the years passed Joe’s interest in unknown creatures continued to grow. He was known to always carry a camera and was not shy about asking questions when someone mentioned creatures. He also developed a keen eye for both photo and video hoaxes. Being a fan of Art Bell’s “Dreamland” and “Coast to Coast AM” radio shows was also an influence. Learning from both experts and frauds on the radio shows was great entertainment. Mountain Monsters, The Walking Dead, Finding Bigfoot, Monsters and Mysteries are all favorite shows on television these days. Joe is currently producing a film about a Bigfoot creature called “The Powderly Prowler”. It’s a fictional story about a creature terrorizing a small rural community in Texas. Which happens to be where Joe grew up. “We are a bunch of amateurs who have a dream to create our own movie. We have a script, our camera and a little experience editing video. Regardless of the outcome we are sure to have a lot of fun. As a kid growing up in Powderly, Texas, I heard and saw a lot of creepy stuff I’d like to share with others. I do believe there is a creature out there but have not seen it myself.” Currently you will find Joe teaching computer applications and video broadcasting in a local Jr High School.

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