Nessie Goes on Vacation

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 3rd, 2015

Is this the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ enjoying a summer break 150 miles away from her usual abode?


Monsters need a holiday, too! Retired council chief snaps shapes that look suspiciously like Nessie in the River Tay – 150 miles from mythical beast’s Highlands home

Three-humped creature spotted moving in river running through Dundee
Caught on camera and bears striking resemblance to Loch Ness Monster
Photographed by city’s former Provost and Lord Lieutenant, Mervyn Rolfe

Nessie been spotted taking a summer break 150 miles away from her home in the Highlands.

Mervyn Rolfe, former Provost and Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee, claims to have spotted the supposedly mythical beast swimming in the River Tay.

He took a photograph which appears to show three black humps moving through the water, the shape and lining of which bear a striking resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster.



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3 Responses to “Nessie Goes on Vacation”

  1. PhotoExpert responds:

    Yes. nice example of pareidolia!

    Well, it sure does look like some kind of a monster. And I have no doubt that it may have appeared to be swimming or floating for that matter. If you want a little personal attention or you want to bring a little attention to a specific geographic location, the quickest way to do that is to take of photo of something that is special or interesting and then publish that photo. It can even be a questionable photo or blurry photo. “Believers” will circulate it, make it viral, or do anything they can to make it appear as something of mythical proportions.

    For me, just looking at it initially, it looked like a floating tree branch, partially submerged. I have seen many such tree branches in my lifetime, similar to this. But how would one attribute swimming to this photo? Well, things that float will be moved by current. Unfortunately, we do not have video or we could debunk it immediately. Or if we had a series of photographs, we could prove it or debunk it immediately. We do not!

    Add a name to a photograph and it no longer seems like a hoaxer or prank. The name of someone adds more credibility to their story. Add a title to that name, and well, that seals the deal for “believers”. Mervyn Rolfe, former Provost and Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee–man, that photo has to be Nessie! WRONG!

    Fortunately, I am not a believer or sceptic. I am objective.

    Therefore, I decided to give the photo a quick look. I increased the pixel count on the photo and enlarged it.

    First of all, the three so called humps were not in a straight lin. That screams of tree branch to me.

    Secondly, the water is moving as indicated by the wavy surface of the body of water.

    Thirdly, the first hump closest to the middle of the photo than the other two, has a hole right through it!!! If that is supposed to be a vacationing Nessie, it could not have been swimming. In fact, the hole is so big, you can see the water on the other side.

    Hmmm, no way this is a living creature if it has that big of a hole in it’s head. Which leads me to believe that someone with a title to their name is the one with the hole in their head, trying to pawn this photo off as Nessie.

    In conclusion, Mervyn Rolfe, former Provost and Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee, this is no Nessie photograph. You photographed a branch of a tree! Your title does not help you here. So sayeth PhotoExpert, former photographic expert and Lord Lieutenant of the Kingdom of Cryptomundo!

    But good try! Objectivity always beats belief or twisting of reality. I will email Craig with the enlargements, so he may post them here for all to see, thus discrediting this entire story, except to the die hard “believers”!

  2. Goodfoot responds:

    Absurd “debunking” in a short feature on TWC tonight: layer of warm water on top of a cold layer, causing water to “mound up” at one end of the lach. Which doesn’t work, of course, in the middle of the lach.

    And fails badly at explaining a sonar image, of course. Don’t they realize by now that inapplicable, contrived “explainings” only work on the True Disbelievers? My mind is open on the Nessie phenomenon, but stuff like this is laughable.

    Is Bigfoot a weather phenomenon, as well?

  3. sfseaserpent responds:

    We (Bill and Bob Clark) disagree with PE who said that the objects in the photo are just a tree branch floating in the water.

    PE claims the arch closest to the middle of the photo can’t be the head because there is a big hole in the middle of it.

    We think the front portion nearest the middle of the photo is an arch of the animal sticking above the surface of the water and its reflection on the surface of the water which created the “donut” effect.

    In fact, we saw the animal in SF bay create arches that looked exactly the same sticking above the surface of the water.

    BTW, we recently sent Loren 2 DVDs.

    One DVD contains a copy of our entire February 26, 2004 video and the other DVD contains another video we took about 3 months later.

    Each DVD includes four versions of each video. One version at normal speed, one version at 1/8th speed, one version at normal speed with a “Find Edges” analysis and one version at 1/8th speed with a “Find Edges” analysis.

    The “Find Edges” analysis of our 2/26/04 video clearly shows the outline of several large serpentine marine animals and proves National Geographic’s analysis by Grant Fredericks that the objects in our video are “probably birds” is wrong.

    We also gave Loren permission to have both videos examined and analysed by anyone he chooses and we look forward to more analysis of both of our videos by Cryptomundo.

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