Sasquatch DNA Study Announcement

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 23rd, 2012

Igor Burtsev made the following announcement on his facebook page today:


The DNA analysis of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch specimen conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Timpson, TX, USA has been over!

Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

There were a large number of laboratories associated with this study including academic, private and government laboratories in which blind testing was utilized to avoid prejudice in testing. Great time and care was taken in the forensic laboratories to assure no contamination occurred with any of the samples utilized in this study.

After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what Bigfoot/Sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.

The hybridization event could not have occurred more than 15,000 years ago according to the mitochondrial data in some samples. Origin of this Hominin was probably Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe and Europe originally though other geographic areas are not excluded. The manuscript associated with this study has been submitted to a scientific reviewed magazine.

For many years, people have refused to believe they exist. Now that we know that they are real, it is up to us to protect them from those that would hunt or try to capture them for research or for sport. They should be left alone to live as they live now. After all, they are our relatives.

At this time, analysis of the Sasquatch genomes is still ongoing. Further data will be presented in the future following this original study. Additionally, analysis of various hair samples purportedly from Siberian Wildman are being tested in an effort to determine if relatedness exists between the Sasquatch and Russian Wildman.

~ Dr. Igor Burtsev,
Head of International Center of Hominology,
Moscow, Russia +7(916)812-6253

My assistant in the USA, Megan Wheeler:

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14 Responses to “Sasquatch DNA Study Announcement”

  1. marcodufour responds:

    As much as i respect Igor Burtsev and many others all this proves is we have an unknown hominid/ human and sadly as much as i hate it until we have a Sasquatch et al on a slab it will prove nothing.

  2. marcodufour responds:

    Hmmmmmm, unless an alive or dead specimen is presented sadly this study will prove nothing.

  3. Desertdweller responds:

    I am eager to read Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s opinion on this.

  4. DWA responds:

    [holds head head HURTS]

  5. IFC responds:

    If the DNA results really proved an unknown animal existed it would already be on every major news network. We all know this is going to end badly.

  6. dconstrukt responds:

    ya… 5 years to tell us this?

    i dunno… wasnt this DNA thing supposed to be the “holy grail” for bigfooters?

  7. Redrose999 responds:

    Heavens, if the DNA scandal has just gotten worse. Lord I thought it was bad when Mr. Biscardi got involved by selling steaks on the internet….

    Now Igor…. Lord seems like everyone who wants a piece of the Bigfoot DNA pie is jumping on the DNA train.

  8. Igor Burtsev responds:

    I have received a question:

    I have one question, what motivated you to share what you did today?
    … and that you simply didn’t understand that you weren’t supposed to release the information until the American Journal first published the results.

    I’m answering.

    We waited a couple of years the scientific publication by Dr. Melba Ketchum. But scientific magazines refuse to publish her manuscript which deserves to be published. And I want to remind some facts of the destiny of scolars in our field.

    Before the First World War our zoologist Vitaly Khahlov described the creature, named it Primihomo asiaticus. He send his scientific peport very circumstantial, thorough to the Russian Academy of Sciences. And what? The report was put into the box, and had stayed there till 1959, about half of century. Until Dr. Porshnev found it and published…

    Dr. Porshnev himself had written a monograph “The present State of the Question of Relict Hominoids”. It was issued in 1963 by the Academy of Sciences in some 180 copies only, for a special use. Only after a half of century (again!) it was publishe 1n 2012 in 2500 copies…

    In 1960s Mongolian Academician Rinchen had sent the skull of supposed almas to Poland, becaus our anthropologists refused to study it. Poland’s anthropologist made a sculptural portrait of that creature, Rinchen called it Homo sapiens almas in 1960s. But – it has been forgotten till last years… Again half a century!

    I don’t want the new discovery (not the first one, but the next one) to wait for another half a century to be recognized by haughty official scientific establishment!

    That is why I broke the tradition, did not let this acheavement to wayt for next half a century to be recognized. No matter of the publication in the scientific magazine, people should know NOW, what bigfoot/sasquatch is.

    As I know, one third of population of the USA believe in exuiosting of these creatures. And they deserve to know WHAT THEY ARE.

  9. Redrose999 responds:

    I am sorry I sound dreadfully sarcastic here, but I am afraid this DNA project will never be taken seriously, I know folks want to have an opinion on it, I know some folks mean well (honestly concerned it will be shoved under the rug), others as we have witnessed do not, they just want to make a buck or add in their two cents just in case the DNA is a reality. This kind of craziness will never be taken seriously. I know back in the 1800’s it was pretty much the norm to do this sort of thing, but it will only give the scientific community an excuse to write it all off.

  10. DWA responds:

    Redrose: you’re right.

    dconstrukt: not really. A lot of folks – in the field as well as outside it – insist that a type specimen will be required. I, for one, am paying little attention to the DNA issue. Not only is more interesting stuff being done elsewhere (the TBRC for instance, which is gunning – literally – for a specimen), but DNA testing can at best catalog a range of evidence that will be useful later – once the type specimen is obtaiined.

  11. dconstrukt responds:

    DWA… imo, i wouldnt condone killing one of them… i dont think thats right if thats what they’re doing or trying to do…. video, photos, etc. sure… but its a living creature, it isn’t trying to harm anyone…. bad karma man

  12. Hapa responds:

    Can’t say that Im very excited: Im used to false alarms. And when it comes to DNA, it ain’t no type specimen. There will still be a skeptical elite that will not acept such evidence until a body, major parts of a body, or a live specimen is produced.

    However, if the DNA samples are taken from major body parts, then the proof is in the bag. I hope this stuff was at least taken in part from something of physical significance.

    A non human ape species mating with human women, producing the giant Sasquatch: not unlike the “Sons of God” coming down to the “Daughters of men”, producing the giant Nephilim (the fallen ones), who were mighty men of old, of great renown (Genesis 5:1-4. See Numbers 13:33 for note on the physical size of their descendants, the Anakites of ancient Canaan)
    Also not unlike the story of Zana, and her hybrid offspring…

  13. airforce47 responds:


    I agree and disagree with other posters. A specimen will still be needed for taxonomical classification. However, this news release will turn a great many heads and does serve as a basis for action by public officials.

    If this species really does exist and is clearly a hybrid human then they are covered by our existing laws regarding hunting and murder. Anyone who deliberately kills one could be charged by an aggressive DA with one of the classes of murder. Dr. Alton Higgins and the TBRC should take note and check with their legal reps before proceeding on obtaining a specimen.

    This raises anew the question about the supposed Smeja Bigfoot shooting. Will Dr. Ketchum now publicly state what her analysis of the so called Bigfoot steak revealed? My best,

    My best,

  14. Donald E responds:

    Academia will never recognize Bigfoot even if they had a body. They would destroy it as it does not fit their preconceived ideas. The DNA evidence is more absolute than a body. Without it the body would still be an unknown homo-??. As Bigfoot is a natural born citizen of the USA would not he be qualified to be president?

    When will the government be sending him welfare cards and social security payments? He should likely be unemployed.

    There needs to be laws to protect him. What would become of his family if the bread winner ended up in some secret lab on a slab.

    I suspect will be like the panther in KY. Officially it does not exist. They would say the one I saw was a 100 pound house cat. Funny, as I over heard a game warden and a deputy sheriff swapping notes on when and where they saw one.

    Don’t confuse Academia, their mind is made up already. In a hundred years some Dr. So-and-so will get accolades for documenting Sasquatch.

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