Sea Serpents, Monsters, and Myths

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 16th, 2014

From Adam McGirr of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club:

Following Tom Steenburg’s excellent interview from Dec 4, I am going to be talking Sea Serpents, Monsters, and Myths with Dave Scott on Spaced Out Radio, tonight at 10PM PST. We will be taking callers on the air, could get interesting!

Well that was interesting – covered Cadborosaurus, Cameron Lake, Ogopogo, Giant Salamanders and a bit of Sasquatch. For those wondering, Dave is a good host but a couple of those callers were flat-out crazy, what is it about this subject that brings out the nuts?

~ Adam McGirr

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Are sea monsters/lake monsters real? Sasquatch? Eye witnesses will tell you yes. You may or may not believe them, but what they have seen is real to them. In British Columbia, Canada, there have been sea monsters seen for centuries. Sasquatch in the forests. Ogo Pogo in Lake Okanagan. Cadborosaurus from Alaska right down to Oregon. Plus many more sightings of the unusual. Adam McGirr, from the B.C. Cryptozoological Society will talk to us on Spaced Out Radio about these creatures and if they exist.

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