Shooting Bigfoot Shows Actual Sasquatches: How I Know

Posted by: Christopher Noël on July 16th, 2014

From Christopher Noël:

Christopher Noël About Christopher Noël
Christopher Noël is the author of Sasquatch Rising 2013 and editor of the newly released anthology How Sasquatch Matters: Writers Respond to the New Natural Order. Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale. Noël is a freelance editor ( and lives with his daughter in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

14 Responses to “Shooting Bigfoot Shows Actual Sasquatches: How I Know”

  1. grafikman responds:

    He makes a few valid points. Which are quickly nuked by the lack of photographic or video evidence. If he had a vidcam on his rifle, why didn’t he shoot video of the body after he shot it?

    Who are these people who somehow “prevented” Dyer from holding onto his evidence?

    Why is it any less plausible for 3 bigfoots to be hoaxed than 1? If you can make a costume, you can do it 2 more times.

    I accept the reality of Sasquatches, I’ve had my own experience. But man, red flags abound here.

  2. bobzilla responds:

    Well, I don’t see a hand in either instance where Christopher says there’s a hand. That might be just me.

    The angle on the gait, well, if you have bigger feet, I would think you need to lift your foot at a higher angle. Now, that could be a real foot or a costumed foot. It would be like walking with clown feet. You’d want to make sure your toes clear the ground so you don’t fall.

    The hand shape. Two options: it’s a real ape or it’s a costume. You have to assume that if it IS a costume of a primate, it would come with primate like hands.

    Nothing I see in this video tells me that these are real. What tells me they are NOT real, is Rick Dyer being involved.

  3. BBBS1 responds:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t believe what Noel is passing for logic here. Dyer is a known liar and hoaxer. To take anything he does at face value is naive. Noel’s lack of reasoning is suspicious.

    To be truly skeptical, you have to start from the point that it’s a hoax. Noel doesn’t do that. He doesn’t give any consideration to how it could be faked. That’s inexcusable given the person involved has perpetuated two other hoaxes.

    Everyone and his mother know by now about bigfoot’s walk, the location of its elbow, the way it cups it hands, etc. It’s extremely plausible the one in the film looked, moved, and acted correctly because Dyer made the costume, coached the guy who wore it and made him practice until he got it right. How can Noel say with a straight face that the groan came from a wounded bigfoot and not from the two struggling men? How does Noel know for certain the bullets were real? How does he know Dyer was actually aiming at something?

    Dyer was holding the flashlight. He was able to control what was seen and not seen in the dark. Chronic liars are known to embellish their lies with lots of details so is it truly hard to believe that Dyer wouldn’t think of having more than one guy in a costume running around?

    I listened to an interview Mathews gave on the film and he never said he saw a dead bigfoot. He only said the end of the film shows an encounter with what may or may not have been a bigfoot. That’s a strange way to word it. It’s my opinion he knew Dyer set him up. Mathews didn’t say it flat out because he wanted people to go see his film which is understandable.

  4. PhotoExpert responds:

    Psssst, Chris, hey Chris, I hate to be the one to break it to you, buuuttt, Dyer is a proven hoaxer and habitual liar. Let me give the proof or mathematical formula to prove this. Rick Dyer + open mouth equals LIAR. In conclusion, Dyer would not know the truth even if he stumbled upon it.

    And Chris, let me give you one more reality check, there is a preponderance of evidence that nothing Rick says, claims, or imagines is true or counts as evidence. Frankly, that outweighs any evidence you would try to establish to the contrary.

    Will Bigfoot eventually be photographed, filmed, shot or captured? Perhaps. If Bigfoot is a living creature, well then, perhaps. But I can assure you of one thing, it will not be by Rick Dyer.

    Chris, you are taking your belief or experiences and trying to prove them with evidence from a proven fraud. Do yourself a favor and associate yourself with someone else, any one else, if you want to gain credibility. Use their material, not Dyer as your source. And because you are using Dyer as your source, your evidence starts out on a shaky footing my friend. Use any YouTube video, a blobsquatch, or a photo or video you took. That has more credibility with readers. Your evidence is already flawed before trying to prove your point.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs. Perhaps I read too much into your post. Maybe you meant to say spoof instead of proof. Either way, spoof or proof, you had me laughing at this evidence.

  5. Craig Woolheater responds:


    Chris isn’t using Dyer’s images. He is using footage from Morgan Matthews’ film Shooting Bigfoot.

    None of the images came from Dyer.

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    Todd Standing is communicable, and here’s the proof. Excuse me, I feel an irresistible urge to go take a shower.

  7. SirWilhelm responds:

    Murder : the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.

    If Sasquatch is real, would they meet the definition of persons?

    Are they humanoid enough to be considered human beings, or, at least, perssons if they exist? If so, if Dyer did not commit a hoax, and if there is a body, then, isn’t he, at least potentially, a murderer? Shouldn’t this incident be investigated as a possible murder, and shouldn’t the law be demanding the corpse be turned over, or, the hoax be revealed, to prove there was no murder? If the video is not a hoax, the entity in the video is obviously no known animal indingenous to the Americas, and any hunter knows, you should not be shooting any animal you can’t identitify. And, I don’t know of any hunting that’s allowed at night. Only poachers hunt at night. The bottom line is, that whatever Dyer did, it was probably illegal, in some way, shape, or form.

  8. airforce47 responds:

    Just a few thoughts. Like most I believe Justin Smeja is an absolute hoax. However, Todd Standing has managed to convince Prof Meldrum and Les Stroud and Dr. Bindernagel that he’s onto to something. I would love to see what evidence they saw to judge for myself.

    Justin Smeja’s claims while false as proven by Dr. Sykes are in an area where the Sasquatch species does exist. I know this for a fact having had encounters with them both times I’ve gone into that area. So at least Hoaxer Smeja did pick an area where the species thrives to pull off his hoax.

    In the meantime on with the hunt and take your camera along. My best,

  9. eyeofstrm responds:

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, wheres the effing body!?!?!? This happened over a year and a half ago. These guys supposedly shot one of the most illusive creatures we know of and they are sitting on the body? Why? Why didn’t these other two Bigfoot tear these guys to pieces after their buddy just got wasted for no reason? Common sense tells me its all bullshit. What the other Bigfoot didn’t want his picture taken so he hit the guy filming and fled? Also if this was a Bigfoot that hit the camera man I’m sure it would have knocked the guys head off. This is the biggest baddest mother effer that walks the earth. From all account it could easily rip to shreds a gorilla. The recently discovered Bili Ape kills lions, the king of all beasts and this thing just bitch slaps the camera man for offing its father, brother or who knows what. Aghhhhh, sorry for the language, no common sense when breaking this down.

  10. cryptokellie responds:

    Well, it seems we’ve been down this path before, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, the old adage – “the proof of the pudding (not custard which is only called pudding in the States) is in the eating.” The only way any of these claims can be resolved and accepted is when a Bigfoot body, alive, deceased or part thereof, is presented to a reputable scientific or scientifically backed outlet for verification. Not in traveling sideshow hoaxes. Not on dubious and fictionalized television shows. Not on cheesy and amateurish video channels. Not on late night radio talk shows designed for insomniacs. And not on internet outlets for discussion and pontification – however sincere and heart-felt the narratives may be.
    A note on photography; pre-21st century, I would have felt that clear cine or video evidence would be acceptable as proof. Not anymore because some Johnny somewhere with enough skill, equipment and a little imagination could create an awfully convincing moving picture these days.

    I have stated before that I am 60-40 in favor of Bigfoot actually existing (all the footprints can’t be fakes) but I have a terrible feeling that only a dead one will provide the ultimate answer to the question. I have a hard time seeing how a full-grown Bigfoot could be captured alive/unharmed by the majority of people that are currently looking for it right now.

    I have an easy time imagining one being shot, wounded and or killed by slugs from a high-powered rifle.

  11. Dr Kaco responds:

    Noel on Dyer – ” Even though he’s a pathological liar and a sociopath…I believe this to be a genuine visceral reaction ” Really????!!! This is VERY entertaining stuff….WOW! Not to knock Noel as I been kicked off BFRO message boards back in the day for sharing sound clips of various animals in the wild to compare to Bigfoot vocalizations and was dubbed a ‘Skeptic’ by the board moderators…but yeah Funny stuff! ;p

  12. NMRNG responds:

    As far as I recall (I hit Cryptomundo sporadically every few weeks and may have missed a post), this is the ONLY time that Christopher Noel has ever really acknowledged that Rick Dyer is an altogether non-credible person.

    However, and this is a big however, he continues the practice, which he originally started in his writings, including his now-withdrawn-from-publication Kindle book Shooting Sasquatch, of failing to acknowledge that Rick Dyer is probably the most infamous bigfoot hoaxer in history and was behind the Georgia gorilla-suit-in-an-icechest hoax. Why? Why not be candid with everyone? Answer: because it substantially weakens his position that Rick Dyer shot a sasquatch. Chris isn’t interested in presenting an objective set of facts, he is desperate – hell, the man is obsessed – with trying to prove that he was right when time and again he posted here and time-and-again, rational, logical members of this website pointed out how fallacious his theories were.

    Chris, you keep overlooking one very obvious fact: if Matthews actually captured a real sasquatch on video (or even more impressively, if he captured footage of a real dead one), there is no way on earth that he would have been as low-key in promoting this film as he was. He would have made a major press announcement that he had the conclusive proof of the existence of sasquatch. He would have made millions of dollars licensing the footage to media outlets around the world. He would have made one of the top-grossing documentaries ever and would certainly be rivaling Michael Moore for the title of the most famous documentary maker on the planet. Instead, he becomes coy, vague and uninformative when questioned about whether the film shows a real sasquatch and has a film that is seen by some thousands of people, not millions. What rational reason could he possibly have for such reticence? I can think of only one reason: he wants to avoid being called a fraud (i.e. the film shows no genuine sasquatches).

    I can think of a few articulable, half-baked explanations for why Matthews did what he did that would support an argument that he filmed at least one real sasquatch and Dyer shot it, but honestly, they are no more plausible than the kind of really lame arguments one would expect from a pair of really mediocre high school debate team members arguing the much weaker side.

    I expect that within my lifetime, I’ll have comfortably arrived at an accurate conclusion about whether or not sasquatch is real. Within the next 20-30 years someone will come up with a really sharp, clear, reliable close-up set of photos or videos of a real sasquatch. Or if that doesn’t happen and no other conclusive proof comes to light, I’ll feel comfortable in concluding that sasquatch is only a myth and never existed. However, I am also confident that no proof of any sort that has even the most remote connection with Rick Dyer will ever be shown to be genuine.

  13. PhotoExpert responds:

    Craig–Thanks for the heads up. I admit, I never watched the video because as soon as I saw Dyer’s name, there was no need to watch it. Anything associated with Dyer and those that back him is a waste of time. I do not mind investing time in something worthwhile. However, if I can ever prevent wasting my valuable time, I do. I avoided wasting my time the minute Chris stated that Shooting Bigfoot shows actual Bigfoots.

    Bigfoot has never been a proven to exist and secondly, Dyer never shot one and is a chronic liar. Given those two parameters, I am not investing my valuable time in watching the video. So I didn’t.

    So Craig, thanks for letting me know none of the images in the supplied video were taken by Dyer. Because of that, I may actually go back and watch it.

  14. DWA responds:

    After reading “Christopher Noel” and “Rick Dyer” I actually scrolled through the comments. Must be a slow day.

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