The Legendary Japanese Kappa

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 13th, 2015

Scientists and experts discuss the discovery of mummified remains resembling the Kappa of Japanese folklore in this collection of scenes from “Creatures of the Deep.”

Ancient Aliens: Creatures of the Deep

Premiere Date: September 04, 2015

In August of 2014, Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station discovered something incredibly unexpected covering parts of the windows–living sea plankton. If sea life can thrive in space, might the reverse be true as well? Might there be alien life forms that inhabit our seas? Throughout history, there have been tales of strange creatures hiding in Earth’s waters. While many discount stories of sea monsters as purely mythological, it is estimated that Earth’s oceans are home to between 700,000 to one million species–and shockingly, two-thirds of those species still remain unknown. Considering the recent discovery that some sea life can survive in outer space, is it possible that tales of giant creatures like the Kraken and The Loch Ness Monster are evidence of extraterrestrial entities taking refuge beneath the seas?

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September 18, 2015 – 08:00-09:00PM ET
September 19, 2015 – 12:01-01:01AM ET

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One Response to “The Legendary Japanese Kappa”

  1. skeptik responds:

    If you’d like a more promising approach to the _Kappa_ folklore, let me suggest Jeremy Wade’s “River Monsters” show (E20, S03). Apparently, Japan is home to some huge salamanders. The kappa was related as “a gremlin-like beast that drags children underwater and devours their souls”.. The salamanders in Japan are certainly big and aggressive, as Wade finds out for himself.

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