Zombies and Sasquatches

Posted by: Kirk Sigurdson on April 3rd, 2014

Sasquatches all seem to have the ability to instill dread in humans that find themselves around these nocturnal giants of the night. At first, I used to think that the dread was simply because I had a fair idea of how big and powerful the sasquatches were, in conjunction with how close that I knew I was to them.

When one is alone at night in a remote location, or with a friend, particularly a woman, sasquatches are not terribly shy about making their presence known. To accomplish this task, they might walk louder than necessary, break brush or tree limbs, throw rocks, knock trees, knock rocks, and especially vocalize with chatter, language, or screams.

I will explore the subject of what I term “the dread response” in a later blog entry. Suffice it to say here that I was wrong in regards to my assessment that the dread was originating with me and my response to them. After spending a great deal of time around sasquatches (which remained visually hidden for the most part), I came to the conclusion that they possess a unique ability to instill dread upon a person. In other words, they can literally trigger a dread response if they wish to do so.

The response has a different effect on different people. Normally, it triggers the “fight-flight” portion of the reptilian complex in the human brain and causes the victim to feel the urge to flee the scene. If the victim is armed with a weapon, he (or she) will keep it near just in case it is needed. And, of course, the dread response triggers a boost of adrenaline.

Ghosts (or what I term non-human spirits that were NEVER human) often trigger the same response, stimulating the victim’s adrenals. This coincidence has not been lost on me, and I don’t think it is a coincidence entirely. It is certainly possible that sasquatches share a propensity with spirits to feed upon the psychological energy that is generated by extreme cases of terror, or, to put it simply, terrorism.

Sasquatches often fall under the category of being terrorists because they quite literally, through some diabolical gift, possess the ability to trigger a dread response seemingly upon command. Various armies and governments around the world must have taken notice of this skill set because it would definitely come in handy as a weapon of war. When the dread response reaches a fever pitch, all the victim can think about is running. In this way, the “fight flight” portion of the reptilian complex, when overloaded, becomes merely the “flight” portion of the brain.

Zombie programming is popular, but why? Why are people attracted to horror? Perhaps it is a primitive form of role playing in preparation for a confrontation with one’s enemy. Men gravitate more naturally to horror, or at least they did before our society programmed a fairly high percentage of females to take part in this role playing game. Hollywood is very resourceful and pays for quite a few “think tanks” run by the world’s foremost psychologists. Zombie horror films cause humans to anticipate a zombie apocalypse in their subconscious mind. It’s worth considering that the technology currently exists to literally create a zombie apocalypse that would greatly “cull” the human population of the planet.

Grendel from the tale of Beowulf is not only a terrorist, he is also an eater of human flesh. Of course, the eating of human flesh is also an extreme form of terrorism. In battle, warriors often would eat the flesh of their enemy. This act was explained in terms of “contagious magic” (eating the body of their enemy would somehow make them absorb some of the enemies magickal strength). More than likely, it was done to instill fear in the enemy, not unlike Vlad Tepish impaling thousands of his victims on huge stakes that were placed strategically to strike terror in the hearts of advancing armies moving to vanquish his realm.

Zombies also eat flesh according to most versions of the zombie mythos today. Traditional legends of vampires were much more akin to our present day versions of zombies, aside from the fact that these vampires rose from graves rather than being the victims of some hideously mutated modern virus. Today, in America, the Center for Disease Control knowingly experiments to create such viruses. The public is vaguely aware of this fact, but nobody seems to care. I do.

I think such experimentation is, in fact, a subtle form of terrorism, particularly when the CDC uses tax payer dollars to release a zombie comic book about surviving a zombie apocalypse that was caused by a “run-away” form of especially virulent run-away rabies. It is no secret that Oregon Health and Sciences University here in Portland, has been experimenting on monkeys to create a deadly form of herpes that could kill human hosts within a day or two.

What is the point of such experimentation? I question the motives behind it, just as I question the motive behind using infrasound “cannons” on a crowd of protestors to forcibly disperse them.

Read the rest on my website here.

Kirk Sigurdson About Kirk Sigurdson
Kirk Edward Sigurdson attended New York University, where he earned a Master's degree in English literature. His master's thesis entitled "A Gothic Approach to HP Lovecraft's Sense of Outsideness" was published in Lovecraft Studies Journal. After writing three novels while living in Manhattan's East Village, Sigurdson returned to his native state of Oregon. It wasn’t long before he began work on a fresh new novel that drew upon his knowledge of the sasquatch phenomenon. As research, he ventured dozens of times into sasquatch "hot spots" for overnighters, often with friends who shared some very unique experiences. He also drew upon childhood exposure to sasquatch calls and knocking that occurred during family camping trips to Horseshoe Lake in the Cascades mountains. Kirk Sigurdson is currently a Professor of Writing and English literature at Portland Community College.

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