Missing in Alaska: Bigfoot/Sasquatch Abductions?

Posted by: Ken Gerhard on August 6th, 2015

Regarding last week’s episode of Missing in Alaska – I’d like to provide some insight about a possible link to disappearances and alleged Bigfoot/Sasquatch behavior in the upper Pacific Northwest:

* Virtually all Bigfooters are familiar with the story of Albert Ostman, a prospector who claimed he was kidnapped by a family of Sasquatches at Toba Inlet, British Columbia during 1924.
* Similarly, a Nootka man named Muchalat Harry stated that he was abducted and held by a group of 20 Sasquatches for a period of time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia during 1928.
* A Salish woman named Grandma Charlie alleged she was kidnapped by a Sasquatch in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia during 1871.
* More recently, a young Native girl was possibly abducted by a family of Sasquatches near Rampart, Alaska, according to an online article.
* In Kwakiutl (BC) folklore, Dsonoqua is a cannibalistic wild woman of the woods who catches and eats human children.
* The Haida people of Southeast Alaska perform a dance of the ‘Cannibal Giants’
* In Canada’s Nahanni Valley, there are tales of headhunting wild men known as Nuk-Luks.
* Globally, there are many similar tales. For example, the Sisimite of Central America is said to murder human men and abduct women.

Not trying to start a panic or infer that these creatures are blood thirsty by nature, just wanted everyone to understand why we investigated Alaska’s Hairy Man with regard to missing people. Allegations do exist.

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One Response to “Missing in Alaska: Bigfoot/Sasquatch Abductions?”

  1. wooddevil responds:

    What I think of as further proof of a BF connection to disappearances is Paulides’s book,Missing 411.In it are accounts of children that were abducted saying that they were taken by what they describe as bear looking creatures walking on two legs,which sounds alot like BF.

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