Not Nessie, It’s the River Tay Monster

Posted by: John Kirk on September 4th, 2015

There may be something to this. The Provost of Dundee is the equivalent of Mayor anywhere else. I have seen video footage from the River Tay of an object very similar to this. It was animate and highly unusual.


There is a long history of the River Tay cryptid. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Loch Ness Monster. This is a separate entity that rises to the surface occasionally. There is footage of a similar animal here:

I have seen the Tayport Monster a few times and waited patiently for days to capture this very rare (or even unfilmed) footage of the monster. On asking locals of Tayport they seemed to be unaware that there is a monster in their river although rumours lead me to believe otherwise. I am glad that I believed the rumours and was rewarded with a rare sighting on THE TAYPORT MONSTER!!!!

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John Kirk About John Kirk
One of the founders of the BCSCC, John Kirk has enjoyed a varied and exciting career path. Both a print and broadcast journalist, John Kirk has in recent years been at the forefront of much of the BCSCC’s expeditions, investigations and publishing. John has been particularly interested in the phenomenon of unknown aquatic cryptids around the world and is the author of In the Domain of the Lake Monsters (Key Porter Books, 1998). In addition to his interest in freshwater cryptids, John has been keenly interested in investigating the possible existence of sasquatch and other bipedal hominids of the world, and in particular, the Yeren of China. John is also chairman of the Crypto Safari organization, which specializes in sending teams of investigators to remote parts of the world to search for animals as yet unidentified by science. John travelled with a Crypto Safari team to Cameroon and northern Republic of Congo to interview witnesses among the Baka pygmies and Bantu bushmen who have sighted a large unknown animal that bears more than a superficial resemblance to a dinosaur. Since 1996, John Kirk has been editor and publisher of the BCSCC Quarterly which is the flagship publication of the BCSCC. In demand at conferences, seminars, lectures and on television and radio programs, John has spoken all over North America and has appeared in programs on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, TLC, Discovery, CBC, CTV and the BBC. In his personal life John spends much time studying the histories of Scottish Clans and is himself the president of the Clan Kirk Society. John is also an avid soccer enthusiast and player.

6 Responses to “Not Nessie, It’s the River Tay Monster”

  1. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Wow ! Very interesting! Whatever it is is definitely a living creature.

  2. chewbaccalacca responds:

    I find the Tayport footage extremely interesting. To those who would dismiss it as either a log or (as one youtube poster suggested) a “sewage pipe that runs out into the sea,” please explain how either a log or pipe could dramatically change shape in the way that thing does.

  3. PhotoExpert responds:

    I appreciate the fact that this video is somewhat more interesting than the still photo of Nessie on vacation. However, this footage is inconclusive of it being a living creature. Yes, it is an animate object. But not all animate objects are living creatures. In fact, I argue that this footage is not of a living creature.

    John Kirk–I appreciate you supplying an interesting video along with your assessment. And I do agree with you on part of your assessment. You stated that, “it is animate and highly unusual”. I agree with that. But there are other things you stated that I take issue with. You stated some things that someone who is a “believer” would state and someone who is objective would not.

    Let’s start off with: “The Provost of Dundee is the equivalent of Mayor anywhere else”. What has that have to do with the video? So what? A title does not hold any water with making the object of this video a living creature. Are you implying that since a Provost is similar to a Mayor that they do not lie? That a Mayor or Provost can not be fooled? Your statement can be translated that politicians would never lie! Or that politicians always tell the truth! I think most readers here with an ounce of common sense know that politicians are infamous for their lies. That is what gets them into office. Governors are higher on the totem pole than Mayors or Provosts, and the Governor that saw the UFO triangle joked about it being aliens from another planet. Later he recanted and said it was no joke and what he saw was a UFO not from earth. So was he lying the first time or on his later statement? Either way, he did not tell the truth. And the Canadian Mayor, Mayor Ford, he never lied. I can think of numerous politicians that lie on a daily basis. So your statement there makes no sense.

    And after I did the photo analysis of the Provost’s photo, it clearly was a tree branch and not any living creature. Could the Provost had been fooled by wave patterns and bad eyesight? It is a possibility. But what is more probable is that the Mayor knew it was just a branch from a tree, took an ambiguous photo, and pawned it off as a vacationing Nessie. That is what a good Mayor or Provost would do, twist the reality to get tourism dollars coming to his city. I call that a good Mayor or Provost! But he certainly was not telling the truth. So his title means nothing in the effort to prove what he saw was Nessie. His own photo worked against him on that, showing the hole through the head of the proposed vacationing Nessie. Untruthful? Yes! Bad Provost? No! He did well to try to generate tourism dollars to his city.

    I also disagree with you that this is a living creature on the video you have supplied. Let me list my reasoning for that.

    First of all, there is no horizontal movement by the supposed creature at all! There is only vertical movement. Other than a new segment popping up to the left as a segment submerges to the right, implies that the object is stationary, except for vertical movement. I know of a limited number of creatures that exhibit this trait. Turtles come to mind. But I also know how an animate object that is not living can exhibit the same characteristics.

    If I took a long cylindrical tube, similar in thickness to a plastic trash bag and segmented it, it would float. I could attach it underwater in a upsidedown U formation. As the segments on the right fill with water, the weight of them submerging would pull the underwater segments on the left to the top of the water. Eventually, as segments are limited and run out on the left, we would see no more emerging. We would see the ones on the right continue to be submerged by the ever increasing weight load. This process would look identical to what we see happening here! Identical! And although it would appear animate, it certainly would not be a living creature. Yet you state you have been rewarded with seeing the Tay River monster. You jump to the conclusion of a “believer” when there are clearly many other explanations that would disprove it as a living creature. I take issue with that.

    Furthermore, for the sake of argument, let us say that it is a living creature we see in this video. It would have to be an air breather, rising to the surface for air, correct? What air breathing creatures, reptilian or mammal, do you know of that surface for air, only to expel it all before submerging? I know of none!

    Yet the video you supply, shows what only we can imaging as the head of the animal, surfacing last, then as it goes under, expels all the vital air and oxygen it will need to physically remain under water. That goes against all logic and against the principles of life for an air breathing animal. A believer would say the bubbling water is proof of a living creature. Guess what, submerging plastic tubing in my example would do the same thing we saw on video. In fact we would expect that to happen. What goes against all common sense is your belief that an air breathing animal would expel the precious oxygen, right after it took it in and does so underwater.

    Furthermore, this creature is not miles away as the videographer states. It is a good distance away. But something happens near the end of the video that tells me this supposed creature is not that big. Did you notice the seagulls flying in the background? They are behind the alleged creature. In doing photographic analysis, I concern myself with such details. The seagulls are much further away from the videographer than the alleged creature. The seagulls are at best maybe 2 feet from head to tail. Yet, they are bigger than the width of the supposed creature. Because of the aspect ratio of the video, I would give the width of the supposed creature of about a foot in width to no more than 18 inches in width.

    Lastly, if you are claiming the last segment we see submerge is not the head but the tail of the creature, then that is not expelled air we see bubbling!

    I agree with you on some points you make. It is an interesting video of something animate and highly unusual. But I stop there! The probabilities is that this is just segmented plastic tubing and behaves exactly the way one would expect it to behave as it takes on water and submerges with the final air in the tubing being expelled. The seagulls in the background help us get some idea of it’s small width. And it would go against the survival of an air breathing creature to expel air it had just taken in, I know of no known animal that does that!

    Believers will believe. Sceptics will doubt. And those of us that are objective an seek the truth will explore all the evidence and explanations to find that truth. Conclusion, extremely doubtful that this is video of a living creature we are witnessing!

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    lol… so why does it HAVE to be a “lake monster”???

    it can’t be some fish?

    some other mammal?

    salmon? otters?

    its supposed to be insane for salmon…. so who knows.

    it doesn’t move when it “goes under”… so thats a wee bit sketchy to me.

    it just drops.

    what about the other similar objects in the water closer to it?


    seems a bit sketch.

  5. PhotoExpert responds:

    dconstrukt–Exactly! Why does it HAVE to be a lake monster? Because “believers” will twist any evidence or data to MAKE their belief seem real. They will discard common sense, other more logical and viable explanations, and try to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

    And that is the problem I have with both believers and skeptics! And that is exactly the reason I call them out each and every time they try this unscientific reasoning!

  6. dconstrukt responds:

    PhotoExpert – yup… been saying this from day 1. you will twist whatever you can to fit into your beliefs.

    the thing just drops and bubbles form.

    seems odd.

    not to mention all the stuff you pointed out.

    until there’s CONCLUSIVE UNDENIABLE PROOF for any of these things, I can’t believe them.

    I just can’t.

    I’m sorry for having a brain and common sense 🙂

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