Megafoot: The Bionic Bigfoot!

Posted by: Monster Island News on March 17th, 2014

Source: Avery Battles

Remember when the Six Million Dollar Man fought Bigfoot in that epic prime-time television battle? Well, now it seems that the roles have been reversed and it is the legendary Sasquatch who has become bionic.

I present to you “The Six Million Dollar Sasquatch” … or Megafoot if you will.

Here is the skinny from Project MEGAFOOT (Via Indie Go Go):

“If you are reading this, then the Colonel has deemed you worthy enough to be entrusted with the information which we are about to share with you.

The concept – based on an original idea and story by Justin Martell (Producer of Troma’s “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volumes 1 & 2″) and with a screenplay by Rolfe Kanefsky (award-winning screenwriter/director of “There’s Nothing Out There,” “The Hazing” and “Nightmare Man”), who is also attached to direct – was to create the ultimate warrior using enhanced chemical and engineering technology. When it was declared that the end product would be used exclusively in conjunction with the U.S. military, Colonel Hankle and his team immediately took control. A research facility in the backwoods of the American Mid-West was built, and a top-notch group of scientists was dispatched – along with some healthy, willing volunteers – to commence the operation. Alas, the human subjects proved to be incompatible with the procedure. All seemed lost… and then we made the most incredible discovery.

A new type of creature. GIGANTANTHROPUS CRYPTICUS, more commonly known as a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. We thought it was a mere myth, a projection of Man’s fantastical imagination, but we were wrong. They exist.

Just the confirmation that these beasts inhabit this world would alone shake the foundation of Science across the globe. But we could not pass up this amazing opportunity: fate, it seemed, was smiling upon us. Our endeavors would not be wasted. These hairy mammals proved to be a far more accurate match to our program than mere humans. By combining a unique combination of Nature and Cybernetics, we will produce the most dangerous being on the planet. The quest to create the ultimate warrior shall continue. Project: MEGAFOOT.”

On second thought … it looks like The Borg assimilated Sasquatch!

PROOF! There are giant bionic-cyborg-creatures living at the edge of our civilisation.

See More Testimony And Video Evidence – Here

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2 Responses to “Megafoot: The Bionic Bigfoot!”

  1. Goodfoot responds:

    The Bigfoot in the episode of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN was played by the late, great Andre the Giant. And why so great? Any man, giant or not, that can drink two cases of beer and still go out and participate in a wrestling match (even a scripted one) is made of Greatness!

    He also holds the record for number of 12-ounce beers consumed at one sitting – 119. And yes, I believe trips to the bathroom were accepted as “at one sitting”; his bladder wasn’t THAT great! ;D

  2. hoodoorocket responds:

    Two things that make my head hurt…

    The bigfoot in the bionic man show was bionic.

    Second, why why why wouldn’t you name this movie with a “MECHA” instead of a “Mega”? Megafoot would be a captured bigfoot that was shot with a radioactive beam from an edwoodian 1940s photo enlarger, that grows to 50 foot stature to rampage through metropolitan Boise.

    “ATTACK OF THE MECHASQUATCH!!!”. Have the guys at Troma never seen a cheesy movie?

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