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Monsters of Legend: Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 28th, 2008

The History Channel, in conjunction with “MonsterQuest” via MSN, have been issuing videotaped interviews with myself and others. These vignettes are presented from the “files of The History Channel with cryptozoologist, author and lecturer Loren Coleman, anthropologist David Gilmore, biologist Richard Ellis and folklorist Adrienne Mayor” offering commentary on the legends of Bigfoot, the Loch […]

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The Summer of Cadborosaurus and Ogopogo

Posted by: John Kirk on July 28th, 2008

It delights me no end to see the recent interest in Robyn Holman’s Ogopogo sighting and the recent article in the Victoria Times Colonist enquiring about what has happened to Cadborosaurus. Along with the efforts of British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club vice president, Jason Walton, these articles may stir up memories of people who have seen […]

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Saigas, Mammoths, and Pleistocene Parks

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 28th, 2008

Travel with me today, from the concept of prehistoric trunked animals to the future establishment of Pleistocene Parks in Siberia and America. Regarding artist William Munns’ reconstruction theories about trunked dinosaurs, he observes, “In the matter of comparative anatomy with existent species, no existent skulls are identical, but two types do have nares at the […]

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Cadborosaurus willsi Revisited

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 27th, 2008

Due to the new sighting of Ogopogo, it was only a matter of time before someone would begin wondering what happened to Caddy, Cadborosaurus willsi, the Sea Serpent of Cadboro Bay, off British Columbia. Victoria’s Times Colonist ran an update today. According to Paul Leblond, a retired University of British Columbia oceanography professor and author […]

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Steller’s Sea Ape

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 27th, 2008

Steller’s Sea Ape, as drawn by Harry Trumbore, from The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates (2006: 64-65). A good overview of the expedition leading to the remarkable sighting of what has become known as Steller’s Sea Ape can be found in the November 17, 2005, article in the California Literary Review. The […]

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Pondering the Aardvark

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 27th, 2008

Why is the aardvark of some importance to cryptozoology, you might be wondering? In my revised slide show on the history of cryptozoology, I have one on the life of the “Father of Cryptozoology,” noting Bernard Heuvelmans, with the line: “Doctorate, aardvark’s teeth.” Bernard Heuvelmans’ 1939 thesis was dedicated to the classification of the hitherto […]

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Stratton Thrush: A New Hybrid Bird?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 26th, 2008

Bicknell’s thrush, Catharus bicknelli. Drawing by Liza. Veery, Catharus fuscescens. Drawing by Whatbird. The Vermont Center Of Ecostudies (VCE) files a new report, which could have implications for other studies of hybrids in high-elevation bird populations: The recent discovery atop Stratton Mountain (Vermont) of an apparent hybrid of a Bicknell’s thrush and veery, two closely […]

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Undeniably And Reliably Dead?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 26th, 2008

The rumor that Erik Beckjord is not dead seems to be dead. But is there that feeling in the back of your brain that he could be reading this, some place? “I wouldn’t put it beyond Beckjord to be dead and still want attention!” ~ Bob Rickard, founder of Fortean Times, remarked upon hearing that […]

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“Lions In Iowa” Exhibit Opens

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 26th, 2008

WHAT: “Lions in Iowa” traveling exhibit grand opening and celebration. WHEN: 2 p.m. Saturday, July 26. WHERE: Swiss Valley Nature Center, 13606 Swiss Valley Road, Dubuque, Iowa. COST: The event is free and open to the public. Ron Andrews, Iowa’s foremost expert on mountain lions, will help celebrate the grand opening of the “Lions in […]

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Beautiful New Manta Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 26th, 2008

The smaller manta. The larger manta, the new species. It truly is a tale of Beauty and the Beast. Dr. Andrea Marshall is shown on a beautiful new video, swimming with the recently discovered manta and discussing her discovery. The scenes remind me of the swimming ballet of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Dr. […]

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New Ontario Sasquatch Track Find

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 26th, 2008

In recent years, over 20 alleged encounters with Sasquatch have been recorded within the Northwestern Ontario region, including some accounts near Kenora at Coney Island. Cobalt, Ontario, it will be recalled, is the site of the reports of the old Sasquatch with blond hair on its head called “Old Yellow Top” in 1906, 1923, 1946, […]

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Has Beckjord Pulled Off A Hoax?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 25th, 2008

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle reported that Erik Beckjord died June 22, 2008. You have no doubt read the news here, and seen various individuals’ reactions to his obituary. However, according to a post on Wednesday, July 23, 2008, from Jeffrey A. Teagle, “representing Mr. Jon Erik Beckjord,” he says Beckjord is still alive. Both Craig […]

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Erik Beckjord, 69, Has Died

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 25th, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle is confirming, sadly, today that Eric Beckjord died June 22, 2008. On June 4th, Cryptomundo noted that Erik had taken a turn for the worst, in his battle with cancer. One of Erik’s proudest moments: His appearance on David Letterman’s show. Earlier in 2008, Jon-Erik Beckjord posted the following on his […]

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Greater Bamboo Lemur Discovery

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 25th, 2008

Greater Bamboo Lemurs (Prolemur simus). Recent discovery, Lemur, Primate, Madagascar. The Greater Bamboo Lemurs lives in a maze of bamboo in the rainforests of Madagascar. These primates are the only lemurs being able to crack the hard fibers of giant bamboo that are their favored food. Copyright: Jonathan Linus Fiely Scientists have confirmed the existence […]

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Loved To Tell Bigfoot Stories

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 25th, 2008

Charles Perkins has passed away. He loved to tell Bigfoot stories, his official obituary says. He was a logger for many years, it mentions as well. Did Charles Perkins have stories anyone has recorded? Was he involved with Wallace Construction? Sometimes obits like this one make me wonder what deeper tales are to be learned. […]

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